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When I discovered how bamboo grows, I thought it an apt image both for how heart issues develop AND how they heal.

Knowing how heart issues are like bamboo may help you both understand the healing process and be more patient with it.

Bamboo's growth starts underground, where the rhizome system that supports the canes are developed. For three whole years, the plant establishes itself underground and there is no apparent growth. Absolutely nothing appears to be happening. For three years!

In the fourth year, shoots appear. The bamboo canes grow in height and diameter for only 60 days every spring. After the 60 days, that particular cane will never grow again.

However, because of the rhizome system, the next spring the shoots that come up will grow much taller and faster in those 60 days. After a bamboo grove has been establishing its rhizome system for 5 years, the canes that grow in that fifth year can reach as much as 90 feet (for certain species, in certain conditions)–all in 60 days!

This picture also applies to how heart issues form, and then manifest eventually in our lives in some health, relationship, and/or success issue.

Like the rhizome system that forms underground, memories and beliefs accumulate in the subconscious mind. If Read More→

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I visited my thyroid doctor a few weeks ago, and he insisted I get a bone density test. He was very concerned because according to the last couple of bone density scans, I was technically in the “osteoporotic” zone.

(Since my thyroid was partially removed a couple of decades ago, and the doctor saw fit to kill the rest of the thyroid off through medication–which I just discovered!–I have to be on medication. And apparently the medication can cause osteoporosis, so the thyroid doctor has to monitor my bone health.)

The results showed that I was no longer in the osteoporotic range. I went from a T-score of -3.4 to -2.3.

Thankfully, that puts me out of the range where he “has to treat me” with medications. As far as I can tell (and my integrative doctor and dentist agree), there is no good medication for osteoporosis.

When I mentioned how glad I was that my T-score had improved that much, the doctor stated that the results were “impossible.”

“You can’t improve bone health that much.”

It was the end of the day, past his closing time, so I did not feel like disputing the results he himself told me he saw. I guess he was concluding that the other places where I got the tests done were not accurate.

I tend to believe it’s more likely that the Healing Codes I’ve been doing, along with diet and exercise, have helped me build bone back (or prevented the medication from having such negative effects).

So here we go: yet another declaration from a doctor of an “impossible result.”

Two others stand out. The time I had a procedure done to close up a hole–PFO–in my heart, and by the time they got in there, after 4 months of doing Healing Codes, the hole had closed up on its own. That doctor shrugged and said he’d only heard of 3 or 4 cases of “spontaneous closing of a PFO in his career–and he was about the retire, and was the head of the Heart Hospital in Naperville, IL. The whole story is here.

The other was the lesion in my mouth that hung around for 6 weeks until I started intentionally addressing it with Codes. Then it cleared up in 3 days. My dentist couldn’t believe it; she had seen me on a Tuesday, pronounced that she was going to send me to a specialist to look at. Three days later I broke a tooth so had to go see her again. I asked her to check the questionable spot in my mouth. She said in astonishment, “Diane, it’s 99% gone!”

Remember, though, that my “impossible results” come from daily doing at least 2 custom Healing Codes for the “issues of the heart,” along with a healthy lifestyle of good nutrition, a few quality supplements, and exercise (walking every single day, and doing MELT regularly).

Heath is not an accident. It’s the result of intentional, wise actions. While these don’t guarantee good results, they do go a long way toward creating them.

I hope this personal testimonial will encourage you to start or, if you’re already using them, to persevere with The Healing Codes.

We HC Practitioners believe the Healing Codes are always working. If you have not had any results to date from regularly doing Healing Codes, I encourage you to check out my article on “7 reasons healing doesn’t appear to be happening.”

By the way, if you would like to see the last 3 medical test results that include Heart Rate Variability tests and more, just go here.

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Someone just posed a good question on the Amazon page for The Healing Code, and I answered it. I thought I’d share it with you as well.

Q: I have been using the Healing Codes for a couple of months. I am feeling much better. I have no idea how long I am supposed to keep doing the Codes 3 times a day. Do you ever stop?

A: The “much better” you have experienced can be “much much better” if you continue to do The Healing Code.

I have never stopped after 9 years.

First of all, I never seem to run out of “heart issues” to address. Besides, that, I just enjoy doing the Healing Codes. And I sure appreciate the results! The healing I’ve had in all areas of my life from doing Healing Codes at least twice a day for 9 years now is phenomenal. Physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, financially–every area of my life has improved. (For the medical report tracking my progress in 2012,2014, and 2016, go here.)

When the heart issues are out of the way, I am open to more of God, more of life, I’m finding. Life is just … fuller.

I think of The Healing Codes as more like brushing my teeth, or taking my daily walk: It’s something I do to keep healthy. As opposed to, say, an antibiotic you take to address an infection.

If you run out of “heart issues” to address, you can use The Healing Code to instill more of the positive in your life: more love, more joy, more kindness, etc. Then if something negative pops up, you address the negative. When that goes down to 0 or 1, you go back to instilling the positive.

Hope this helps! There’s lots more at Healing Codes Coaching and this Healing Heart Issues website.

Truth about Cancer weekend replayYou’re going to love this … but it’s only available for THIS weekend only. (April 23rd and 24th)

The 48 hour replay marathon is happening right now!

You can now watch all 9 episodes of the “The Truth About Cancer: A Global

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Just click the “play” button here to watch all 9 episodes right now.  (Link expires Sunday night (4/24) at midnight.)

Now with over 4,000,000 views, you’ve likely seen and heard all the buzz online these last couple of weeks…

And up until now, you had to register (by entering your name and email) in order to watch the docu-series…

But not anymore.

For the next 48 hours (probably even less by now, depending on when you’re reading this) you can simply visit this page, and just click on the episode you want to watch during this replay marathon.

It’s that easy.

No registration required, no commercials, no annoying advertisements — just life-changing information made available to you and your family.

This is one of the most powerful series ever created about preventing, treating, and even beating cancer.

I highly encourage you to check it out before they take it down.

I’ll see you there 🙂

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If you haven’t seen this excellent documentary, “The Truth about Cancer,” you must! It could literally save your life.

If you missed any of the episodes, know that this weekend, April 21-22, you can watch all 9 episodes for free!  Plus, they are doing two Q&A sessions over the weekend.

Why is this must watching? Because it exposes just what it says: the TRUTH about cancer. All of of are touched in one way or another by this disease. What you will get from this documentary could well save your life or the lives of those you love.

On April 12, 2016 the free viewings of the series started. You can view each two-hour segment for free for 23 hours, until they change to the next episode at 9pm Eastern Time each evening.

Sign up here so you can get the link to the documentary as well as some wonderful bonuses you will learn about once you sign up.

Here’s what each episode covers:

Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly (April 12th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 2: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils (April 13th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 3: Cancer-Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMOs, Juicing & Eating the Rainbow (April 14th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 4: Excitotoxins that Fuel Cancer, Nature’s Pharmacy and Healing Cancer with Sound & Light (April 15th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 5: Cancer Causing Blindspots, Toxic Vaccines, Homeopathy & The Power of Emotions (April 16th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 6: The NOCEBO Effect, Healing Vaccines, Advanced Detoxing & Going Inside A German Cancer Clinic (April 17th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 7: Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight & Combining Superfoods (April 18th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 8: Cannabis, Nature’s Epigenetic Switches, Peptides & Healing with Micronutrient Therapy (April 19th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 9: Cancer Conquerors & Their Powerful Stories of Victory (April 20th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Q&A with Ty and Charlene: Part 1 (April 23rd 12:00PM Eastern US time)

Q&A with Ty and Charlene: Part 2 (April 24th 12:00PM Eastern US time)

Sign up before it’s too late, and be sure to keep an eye out for emails coming from The Truth About Cancer. Their emails will continue to keep you up to date  on how to prevent , treat, and beat cancer.

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Last Tuesday we buried my sister-in-law, Connie, who died from Stage 4 melanoma.

What breaks my heart about this, and frankly, also makes me angry, is that it may well have been prevented …

if only she had known and acted on the information you will be able to learn from The Truth about Cancer documentary, which will be aired for free starting tomorrow.

What angers me is that one of Connie’s doctors admitted to her caregiver that the oncologists were basically experimenting on terminal patients like her with their fancy drugs.

This doctor was the one who had to deal with the side effects of the chemotherapy and radiation, to “bring them back” when they were at death’s door from the “treatment.” In Connie’s case, she nearly died after her second treatment with the chemotherapy drug, the only one that Medicare approved. Radiation effectively rendered her unable to walk again.

Yes, the doctor said what he said, apparently in a moment of frustration. Good doctors are often just as frustrated, just as much of a victim of the system, as you and I.

What frustrates me is that, last November when I first watched the series, I learned that frankincense has been known to help people with cancer. I told this to Connie, bought her a bottle. She started to take it.

Then, some “knowledgeable person” from the medical establishment–probably one of her hospice nurses, though Connie would never say–convinced her that the frankincense is “dangerous” because “it’s not regulated by the FDA.”

This is the what we’re up against, folks.

We all need to know the TRUTH about cancer … and it won’t come from the medical establishment.

Please, I beg you, for your sake and the sake of loved ones, watch The Truth about Cancer videos that will begin airing on April 12, 2016.

Go here to see the trailer and get access to this FREE series, which starts on April 12 at 9pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Send the link to this post to anyone who might be interested.

Do it for yourself. Do it for a loved one. Do it for me.

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One day in church–it was  Good Friday, as I recall– I was sitting in the back of the church and a dad was quietly explaining what was going on to his young son.

I thought, “I never did that with my kids. No wonder they say they don’t believe in God now.” I felt guilty, and confessed my failure as a parent.

Guilt and a sense of failure is something I hear a lot from clients. It’s one of the “heart issues” that few people can get away from.

God’s reaction to me that Good Friday took me by surprise. Very distinctly in my spirit, I sensed him say, nonplussed, “Of course you failed.”

He added, “I don’t expect anything else. That’s why I died. And remember, I rose, and it’s all okay, because I’M the one who makes it okay.

“You are forgiven….”

I realized it’s my own perfectionism (and pride) that make me think I can be anything but a failure. I’m not beating myself up by saying this; quite the opposite.

I’m free to fail, as a parent or in any other way, because I am a sinner and Jesus is the one who took care of sin, once and for all. So now I’m forgiven and can stand in the truth that he can redeem anything.

If only I believe … but even then, if I don’t believe “enough,” that’s okay, because I can’t do that either, and Jesus believes for me.

Isn’t Jesus wonderful?

That was my personal Good Friday sermon.????

The whole Law of Attraction was real big a few years ago with the movie and book, The Secret, and I know many people still believe in it.

I think there is some element of truth in it. What you focus on will tend to increase in your life. And you do “sow what you reap,” by and large. (This by the way is no “secret.” Ancient manuscripts tell of it openly. It’s all over the Bible, for instance.)

Here’s what I observe, though: a strong belief in LOA seems to produce fear. I have clients who are blocked in terms of dealing with their heart issues, because they’re so afraid that acknowledging anything negative at all will attract more of the negative into one’s life.

I maintain that it’s only when we acknowledge the negative–that there are things to be healed–that in fact we can heal those things.

In a Psychology Today article, “Why Optimism Can Be Bad For Your Mental Health,” Clifford N Lazarus,Ph.D, distinguishes between false optimism and realistic optimism: “The difference between false optimism and rational optimism can be captured by two different statements. ( 1 ) ‘There’s nothing to be concerned about, everything will be just grand.’ [Or, the LOA version: “If I just visualize everything being fine, it will be.”] That’s false optimism. The second statement reflects realistic optimism: (2) ‘We’ve got a real mess on our hands, things don’t look too good, but if we tackle it step by step, we can probably do something about it.'”

In terms of healing heart issues, you have to acknowledge that there are some things that need healing. You’re not perfect. The negative things that happened to you, the lies you’re believing, the feelings attached to memories–these things are real, but they don’t have to define you. You don’t have to be afraid to face them.

The only way to heal heart issues is to tell yourself the truth about where you are now, and then heal the heart issues with The Healing Codes and prayer. You replace the lies with truth, the negative with the positive.

Facing the negative and healing it will do the opposite of attracting more negative.

It is the only way to get to the positive you want to attract. It’s a step that can’t be skipped.

If you’d like some help dealing with “heart issues” using The Healing Codes, go to to check out how Healing Codes and Healing Codes coaching work.

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Is it ever dangerous to do a Healing Code for someone else?

I never used to think so, based on the marvelous results so many have had doing Healing Codes for someone else.

For instance, if you’ve never read the story on this blog of Vinny, the boy with the inoperable brain tumor that went away after his grandmother and people reading this blog who did Healing Codes for him, please be ready to be amazed.

However, I have realized there are instances when it certainly can be dangerous to do a Healing Code for another person.

Read my article about when you should NEVER do a Healing Code for someone else–and what to do instead.


Frustration or … Fireworks!

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fireworks-useThe very first moments of the new year gave me a wonderful gift.

I was ready for bed by midnight. Just as I was about to climb into bed after giving my husband a big hug and kiss, I noticed the alarm clock.

"12:00 am. Jan 1"

I thought it looked cool, so I grabbed my iphone to snap a picture.

"Cannot Take Photo

There is not enough available storage to take a photo. You can manage your storage in Settings."

Oh well, so much for that. I consciously let go of the frustration, all too familiar, of not being able to do/have/get what I want because I didn't make time to do something that would make it possible. The daily frustation of technology again blocking a good idea and desire.

I got into bed. Comfort! Warmth!

Then I saw the lights flashing outside the bedroom window. Heard the boom. Fireworks!

Was it worth it to get out of bed to look?

Probably won't be able to see them anyway because of all the trees. Don't bother.

Still … I love fireworks.

I got out of bed, went to the window, peeked through the curtain.

Fireworks exploded right in the one place between all the trees that was clear. Unexpected bursts of color and light. Unexpcted beauty.

What are the chances of someone setting off fireworks in some place where I could see them so perfectly through my bedroom window?

I enjoyed the display then went back to the warmth and comfort of my bed.

It occurred to me that those few minutes capsulize the choices I will face throughout this next year.

I can either let the frustations of not getting/having/doing what I want get to me. I can rail against technology when it doesn't work (what-maybe 40% of the time?).

I can "stay in bed" and not bother to see if something wonderful might be beckoning.

Or I can make a little bit of effort, and be greeted by beauty and light breaking through when I least expect it.

What about you? What "fireworks" might you see if only you are aware they might be out there, and make a little effort to investigate?

And if you want any help healing the "heart issues" that are holding you back, check out my resources at Many are free!

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Joy and Peace Despite Crisis?

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Every so often in life, it seems one is hit with not just one, but several devastating crises.

It might be the unexpected death of a loved one. Job loss. Health issues. Financial pressures. Dashed expectations. Hassles of all kinds, such as things breaking down, technology not working, being the victim of injustice, etc., etc.

Unexpected transitions and losses can take many forms. All are challenging.

If you are in such a season, as I am aliong with so many, I would like to offer you some of the things that are allowing me to face a number of such challenges with relative peace, and even joy.

Read More→

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