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Give Thanks for–Bee Stings?

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Several months ago, I posted about the incredible stresses my family has experienced all at once.

That was back in December.

Things only got worse after that. Much worse. And they’ve continued until … now.

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without The Healing Codes during this time. That, and the things I mentioned in that earlier post.

It’s been a life-lab showing me exactly how The Healing Codes help you deal with stress.

The Healing Codes don’t do anything to prevent the kinds of outward stresses I’m facing (death of a loved one, financial pressures, major upheavals in schedule and living, technology hassles, betrayal by friends, legal issues, blah blah blah).

What they do for me is keep me current with reality. Because so much has already healed, I wasn’t “triggered” as much as I would otherwise have been.

When I was triggered–when something bothered me way more than the situation warranted–then I looked for the “heart issue” to heal.

When you’re healed, you have much more energy to deal with current reality, and you’re dealing ONLY with current reality.

So, for instance, if you’re rejected by someone (or you perceive you are), if you have unhealed rejection memories the recent rejection will feel like you’re being stung by a hive of bees. Each “bee sting” would be an unhealed memory of rejection.

But when those memories are healed, that recent rejection will be just like one bee sting. Unpleasant, but you can deal with it.

As these multiple stresses come at me, I can tell which ones are triggering an unhealed memory and which are not. I go to work on addressing the unhealed memories that get triggered. And before long, I am back to dealing just with the current stressor.

The one bee sting.

And either way, I thank God.

I thank God when I am able to deal with just an issue at hand. I thank Him for the healing I’ve received already in that area.

When I do get triggered, I thank God for the stressor because it is uncovering an issue that can now be healed.

Gratitude is a beautiful thing. I speeds healing. I encourage you to add it to your healing work.


How to “Feel Good in Your Body”

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MELT Feel Better Now"I feel so good in my body!"

This is what people have reported to me after they do MELT, and I concur.

For me, it's a new feeling.

After doing just some of the MELT techniques for a couple of months, I feel better, enjoy more energy, and have seen some symptoms abate. I had begun to experience headaches and neck pain, no doubt from sitting at a computer all day. (Sitting, it turns out, is pretty hazardous to your health.) These symptoms are drastically improving the more I use this technique.

So it's time I told everyone about this method that I believe is a perfect complement to The Healing Codes.

It is called the MELT Method, developed by Sue Hitzman, in her book by that name. It is "a breakthrough self-treatment system to eliminate chronic pain, erase the signs of aging, and feel fantastic in just 10 minutes a day!"

OK, maybe that sounds too good to be true?

That's why I took a while to tell you about it. Even though I got immediate results the first (and every) time I did it, I wanted to read the book, give it time, hear from other people who have tried it. But the results are so wonderful, I had to tell you about it now.

So what does MELT do? Simply put, through some gentle techniques using special balls and/or a roller, it rehydrates the connective tissues in your body.

Read More→

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I wrote this on Mother's Day, but you can do this custom healing Code for "mother issues" any time.

Whether or not you're a mother yourself, you had a mother.

And, because no mother is a perfect mother, very likely you have "heart issues" connected to negative memories of your mother.

In addition, if you're also a mother yourself, you may have heart issues connected to your own mothering. Again, because none of us is perfect, we can all look back on things we wish we'd done differently.

So I would like to give you a custom Healing Code for any and all negative memories you have concerning "mother issues," whether they concern your mother or your own mothering. Read More→

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The Two (Amazing) Extremes of Healing

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Healing can happen slowly, over a long period of time.

Or it can happen suddenly.

Two true life stories illustrate.

First, there's Vinny.

Back in July 2010, Vinny's grandmother got in touch with me about her grandson, who was 9 at the time. Vinny had an inoperable tumor on his brain stem. It was benign, but still very dangerous.

I began getting custom Healing Codes for Vinny then. I also reached out to this community to ask other people who felt led, to pray and do Vinny's Healing Codes for him.

The full story is here.

I knew I was taking a risk putting the story and updates out there. What if Vinny's tumor got worse, not better with The Healing Codes? What if it all failed? Read More→

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I got a call from a friend who asked me to pray with her about the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut this morning. I hadn't yet heard about the tragedy. We prayed, and then I got caught up on the news.

This is so tragic, so traumatic. Certainly for the families of the victims. But we are all, in some ways, traumatized by this. Over and over I heard people say on the newscasts, "School is supposed to be a safe place."

Just yesterday I had given someone a custom Healing Code for this very issue of not feeling safe. The traumas from childhood still haunt him today.

And so they will for so many people from this tragedy, if healing does not take place.

I have developed a custom healing code that anyone who is traumatized by this incident can do for yourself and/or  release to others. (If you don't know how to do a Healing Code, please visit to learn how to do it. This is a custom healing code specifically for the collective energy of this trauma.) It will be updated as needed, so please make a note of expiration date and come back for the updated Code. It is: Read More→

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Triggers and Tuning Forks

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When something happens in your outer world, it can rock your inner world in unexpected ways.

That's what we call "getting triggered."

Anything can be a trigger, but certain events and times of the year can be triggers to many people.

For instance, Superstorm Sandy triggered all sorts of things for my clients. I have a whole family who had  experienced a car accident years ago. The suddenness of Sandy triggered memories of the accident, which made it even more difficult for the family to weather the actual storm. Read More→

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I just got back from getting my yearly physical with my doctor, who has an MD and a DO.

Dr. Collins gave me a Heart Rate Variability type test, among others. This is the same test Dr. Alex Loyd used to validate The Healing Codes, because it shows the stress in the autonomic nervous system and whether the body is in balance. The HRV showed that I have low physical stress, borderline high mental stress (yes, it has been a very stressful season, with the kitchen issue among other things). But my stress resistance was even higher.

She tested my heart and said I "have the heart of an athlete." She asked me twice if I have ever been one. (Answer: no. I do walk for 20-25 minutes a day, no matter what. That's it.) The various things the test measured were either in the normal or optimal range. The DPI (Differential Pulse Wave Index) that "represents the overall health of the cardiovascular system" was well into the "optimal" range.

All other numbers from the blood work are perfect. (My cholesterol used to be a little high, though the highest numbers were the "good" cholesterol.) Recently I had other blood tests done for my thyroid. That too was now normal.

My doctor concluded, "You are healthier now than when you first started seeing me (5 or 6 years ago)."  (I started seeing this doctor shortly before I had my mini-stroke and subsequently was healed of a PFO, or hole in my heart. You can view a video of my story here. So I went from a "hole in the heart" to a heart operating in the optimal range. I would have to say, I think the physical mirrors the state of my nonphysical Heart as well.)

Her conclusion was, "I really think it's The Healing Codes."

Her attributing this good report mostly to The Healing Codes is accurate, I think, because that's what The Healing Codes do: they increase your resistance to the harmful effects of stress. You may have high mental stress, but if the stress resistance is higher, you won't have the negative effects of the stress on body, soul and mind. The Healing Codes also help you "heal the holes in the heart" spiritually.

Of course I was very pleased with this recent report. I am most grateful for this wonderful tool God has put in my path and the path of many others who have also benefited. 

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Rediscovery of “The Heart”

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The name of this blog is, of course, "Healing Heart Issues."

The Heart is what controls everything we do. The Heart is what we need to heal, if we're to find wholeness.

But … do we really understand what "the Heart" is?

I know I didn't. Not until I met Larry Napier and sat under his teaching for a number of years.

(Larry Napier is Dr. Alex Loyd's spiritual mentor. I interviewed both Larry and Alex on the spiritual underpinnings of The Healing Code. You can hear that interview at

Larry Napier uses the image of the Ox and the Lion to help you grasp a whole new way of approaching life … from the Heart, not just the Head.

The Lion is the right-brain Image Maker, and is meant to lead us. The Ox is the Head, the left-brain, linear thinker that has its place.

The problem is, our culture is so totally left-brained, "Ox-dominated" that we miss at least half of Reality.

That is what Larry Napier is out to correct. Read More→


Are You a “Highly Sensitive Person”?

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┬áRecently, I attended a retreat for “highly sensitive persons” with Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person and numerous other books. People with this trait, which Dr. Aron discovered and put on the psychological map in the late 1990s when her book was published, make up approximately 20 percent of the population. The distinguishing trait is that their nervous systems are more finely tuned than the rest of the population. As a result, they process emotions and experiences differently than most people.

Although only 20 percent of people have this trait in the general population, a much larger percentage of my clients–perhaps even 80%–seem to have this trait. I think this is for three main reasons: Read More→

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Emotional Development 101 taught by emotional development expert, Pamela LevinI want to tell you about a wonderful course on emotional development that is taught by a real expert whom I've known for years, Pamela Levin. Her course on "Emotional Development 101" will, I believe, complement your healing of heart issues.

I took her course a couple of years ago and plan to retake it again now (you can revisit it at any time once you have completed the course). It deepened my understanding of my own emotional life and has helped me in countless ways in my relationships and emotional well-being.

You will learn how we cycle through definite emotional stages every 13 years and what the specific emotional tasks of each cycle are. When you know this, you can then use her suggestions along with The Healing Code to heal whatever blocks that may be keeping you from successfully growing and deepening your emotional life in that area.

Other things I believe this course will do for you: Read More→

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