Rediscovery of “The Heart”


The name of this blog is, of course, "Healing Heart Issues."

The Heart is what controls everything we do. The Heart is what we need to heal, if we're to find wholeness.

But … do we really understand what "the Heart" is?

I know I didn't. Not until I met Larry Napier and sat under his teaching for a number of years.

(Larry Napier is Dr. Alex Loyd's spiritual mentor. I interviewed both Larry and Alex on the spiritual underpinnings of The Healing Code. You can hear that interview at

Larry Napier uses the image of the Ox and the Lion to help you grasp a whole new way of approaching life … from the Heart, not just the Head.

The Lion is the right-brain Image Maker, and is meant to lead us. The Ox is the Head, the left-brain, linear thinker that has its place.

The problem is, our culture is so totally left-brained, "Ox-dominated" that we miss at least half of Reality.

That is what Larry Napier is out to correct.

Once I really “got” what Larry Napier is teaching about the Lion and the Ox … once I learned to live from the HEART … every part of my life has taken off. It’s a never-ending  adventure into ever deepening and widening circles of effectiveness, connection in relationships (God, self, others), and deep fulfillment.

Larry Napier is offering his curriculum in a "Lion-oriented format" that is like nothing you've ever seen. If you allow yourself to experience it … if you open yourself up to a different part of your mind (the Image-Maker that feels truth, rather than just thinks it), you too will begin this journey of fulfilling transformation.

Larry calls it, "Releasing the Lion."

You can find out more here, and access a full year of curriculum that you will not just process intellectually, but with your Heart …

which you will begin to understand, and live from.

What I also love is where this information comes from … Hebrew root-words from Scripture. This is  TRUTH. Your Heart feels it, your “Lion” knows it. When you live TRUTH from the HEART, it truly opens a whole new dimension of living.

I know this post is "different" from what I usually write … that's because I'm trying to communicate to the Lion in you.

When the Lion awakens, watch out! Reality becomes much deeper, richer, and more amazing than you thought.

(If you know C.S. Lewis's works, think about Aslan. Why did Lewis choose a Lion for Aslan? Why, for that matter, did he choose to convey Truth through "children's stories"? Lewis, too, was trying to "awaken the Lion" and point to Truth.)

"If we learn WHAT the Heart is, WHERE it is and how to get there, we can know freedom from the past, how to be Real, and how to experience Peak Performance," Larry says.


Find a year's worth of rich curriculum, that you can access whenever you want, here.

Take some time to explore the videos and other free material. Then, if you want to learn how to master this "living from the Heart," enroll as a student to access the curriculum.

The training started on Tuesday, November 20, at 9pm Eastern. But you don't have to attend live; once you're a student, you get access to the curriculum whenever you want. Each session will be recorded and available within 48 hours for your viewing at your convenience.

Larry Napier is out to start a movement of people who learn how to live by the Heart. He has created a way for you to participate and be rewarded. Be sure to read the Frequent Questions document for how to participate and get your tuition paid for.

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