Looking Back: 9 Years of Healing Codes …


It’s been 9 years since the Labor Day weekend that my whole life began to turn around completely. And all because of The Healing Codes.

I had started doing The Healing Codes in 2007, way before The Healing Code book came out. I had heard about The Healing Codes in 2004, told a friend about it, she bought “the big package” for $700, and started raving about all it had done for her and her family.

For three years I listened to her rave about The Healing Codes. Still I couldn’t afford the package.

(How fortunate that now it’s available for so much less–free for the universal Code if you view my video and take advantage of my free ecoachng, or you can get the various Manuals downloaded instantly for a third of the original cost.)

Anyway, my friend eventually sent me her Healing Codes Manual, and in June 2007 I started doing The Healing Codes.

Three months later, on Labor Day weekend, I had a TIA (ministroke), from which I recovered quickly and apparently completely.

But doctors wanted to know what caused the TIA, so they did tests and said it was due to a PFO (hole in the heart).

You can read the story here, or watch the video of what happened, how The Healing Codes verifiably healed that PFO.

What I want to mention here is that, as I experienced, sometimes when you do The Healing Codes, things can temporarily get worse, or seem to get worse. I want to emphasize this, lest you give up prematurely and miss out on the wonderful results you can experience.

When I first started working through the 12 Healing Codes categories, as is suggested in the Healing Codes Manual, a few days into it I had what I now know was a massive Healing Response. I thought at the time it was food poisoning. As I recall, I was working in the Peace category, and had some major issues there.

Then there was the TIA–another Healing Response?

In the year that followed, as I did my Healing Codes very regularly, all kinds of symptoms would pop up–then in a few weeks, resolve.

Until I caught on to what was happening, I kept running to the doctor for every little thing. They would find something, watch it for a while, retest, and it would be gone.

It’s a little personal to share what all the symptoms were, so I’ll just say that eventually I got to the point where I’d wait a bit before I went to the doctor.

I wanted to share this with you to encourage you. It’s very scary to be hit with a health crisis. It can also be a stretch to understand how Healing Codes can heal, until you really grasp that the unseen is truly the parent of the seen. Physical symptoms are manifestations of what is going on non-physically, in what we call “the heart.”

We focus on healing these unseen issues first. These unhealed memories and wrong beliefs are sending out negative stress signals into the body and causing problems.

When we change the frequency of those “cellular memories,” the body is able to begin to heal itself, by the wonderful mechanisms God has put in place in the body.

If someone you know is skeptical about The Healing Codes, you might consider sending them to this article and encouraging them to click on the links for the various proofs from my own life that this simple healing approach works. (They can also read the testimonials of others, and see visual proof of a remarkable healing of a little boy with an eye problem.)

I am researching two things that I believe also explain what The Healing Codes do, so stay tuned for more on that. Exciting research is coming out all over that I believe sheds light on what exactly happens when we do Healing Codes.

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