A Beautiful Story Of Healing


A reader whom I’ll call Joyce has been sharing her healing journey with me over the past couple of months. Recently she wrote to me about the major breakthrough she experienced on two fronts.

The first breakthrough is too personal to share, except to say that for all her life (Joyce  is in her eighties) she suffered from a childhood trauma she couldn’t really remember. After doing The Healing Code (from the book) diligently, she had many breakthroughs from the beginning.

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When she started with The Healing Code, all she wanted to do was escape in sleep. At that time, she told me, “With the help of The Healing Code I am now finding the courage to face my guilt and anger – but there is a titanic battle raging between my subconscious and conscious.  The former wants me to get back into bed, stay there 24/7, be safe, but lose.  The latter wants me to stay awake, however hard it is, do the Code and win.”

I encouraged her to stick with it, and she did, step by step. She is definitely a fighter!

She shared about her strange physical responses after doing The Healing Code (“yawning, passing wind non-stop, itching non-stop, coughing, eyes streaming . . .”). I assured her these were good signs of nervous system release of trauma.

Some days all she could do was sleep. I encouraged her to do so; her system was processing the healing. I also suggested she slow down on doing the Code as often or as long, when she felt like all she could do is sleep.

Joyce carried on.

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Then one morning, after only about two months of doing The Healing Code, she wrote to me to share a true breakthrough. Her heart had been healed enough that she was able to face the truth about what happened to her, which was revealed in a dream. Joyce was able to forgive herself (she’s working on forgiving the ones who harmed her, but it sounds like she’s almost there). And—she feels free!

She also shared a dream she had the very same night. It was the kind of dream I call a “progress dream,” in which the Heart reveals something that was healed, that you might not have realized was healed.

Joyce writes:

I had a dream last night in which I and a friend were driving along a coastal road through beautiful countryside overlooking a tropical sea. As we passed a hotel, a boutique, not a ghastly highrise, I turned to my friend and said, ‘My mother would love this. I’d love to bring her on holiday here.’

My friend looked at me in surprise and said, ‘But I thought you and your mother didn’t get along’ and I said, ‘We didn’t.  We had what my aunt called a love hate relationship. She was proud of my achievements, so I bent over backwards to be the big achiever,  but she criticized me, jeered at me, and never supported me.’

When I woke from my dream I realised what a terrible shock it was for her when my father died very suddenly in the middle of the Blitz of London, leaving her with two small children. She had had such a wonderful life with a man she deeply loved.  In every photo of her before he died she is smiling, laughing, happy. After his death she became angry, bitter, furious with God for taking her husband. She was the one who needed love and support but my brother and I were too young, too deeply grieved ourselves to give it.

So, I turned to my friend and said, ‘Yes, we did have a poor relationship but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love her.’

So little [Joyce] has brought out into the open another trauma. And I forgive and want to be forgiven. And it is wonderful to be free of it.

I love so many things about Joyce’s story.

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I love the way she worked with her little inner children along the way, first with the baby, then older children who showed up: “Incidentally, Little J, as I call her, has joined me in saying the prayer and healing code. She just sits alongside, hands folded in prayer, mouthing the words in silence. It’s very comforting. Then, the other day, ‘Bigger J’ joined us. She’s about 10 years old. We’re supporting each other and, more importantly, giving each other the courage to be free of the past.”

I love how honest she was with herself, how courageously she overcame her fear and faced the feelings she had run away from all her life.

I love the way she pursued forgiveness—toward herself and others.

And I love the way her dreams played into her healing, showing her along the way what was going on, where she needed more healing and—in this last dream she shared—how her heart had already forgiven her mother, and how she is able to embrace the truth that despite the poor relationship with her mother, she did love her. Joyce’s healed heart extended compassion to her mother, while at the same time not negating how little Joyce had felt.

All these are hallmarks of healing.

And all are possible, as Joyce’s experience proves, when you use even just the generic Healing Code (with a little added coaching), and change the energy of those memories.

And if you want some extra help for your own healing, check out HealingCodesCoaching.com for current coaching programs. Sign up for the Healing Heart Issues Digest. There are also many helpful articles on that site, and of course on this blog.

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