A Healing Love Picture


In my healing work with clients, a key practice is to focus on a Truth Focus Statement or a Love Picture that counters the negative pictures in the heart and/or the lies that have lodged there. (By “heart” I mean the inner person–conscious and unconscious parts.)

What we are doing is replacing the false, negative images and beliefs with true, positive ones. It’s a form of meditation that is part of doing a Healing Code.

You don’t have to do a Healing Code, however, to benefit from Love Pictures.

To me, Love Pictures and Truth Focus Statements are a form of prayer and meditation. Prayer is not just about saying words. That uses only one part of the brain. Dr. Alex Loyd teaches that words are the language of the mind, while images are the language of the heart. Both the mind and the heart need to be healed.

Images go deeper, because images are what we had as babies, before we knew words. Using healing images will heal the deeper parts of us.

Here is my favorite Love Picture, which many of my clients enjoy using as well. I believe it heals many of the deepest hurts and fears. It speaks to the sense of being insignificant. It speaks to fear. To feeling like “it’s all up to me.” It speaks to insecurity, to feeling unloved, to worry.

If it resonates with you, use it. Let God change it for you. Listen to what he may be saying to you personally. Take it and make it your own:

Picture yourself as a child, crawling up on Jesus’ (or your Heavenly Father’s) lap. He welcomes you, and holds you securely with one arm–his left arm.  With his right arm he is conducting all the affairs of your life and indeed, the whole world, as a conductor would conduct an amazing symphony.

In this picture he is also singing. With you on his lap, he is singing about how much he loves you, how delighted he is with you. He is singing, “You are my beloved son/daughter, with you I am well pleased.” He tells you to rest, since he has done everything that needs to be done. All you have to do is receive all he has for you. He is bursting with joy at all the gifts he has for you..

He also rejoices in his own ability to conduct the affairs of your life and the whole world, how he will make sure everything is OK. Every atom in the universe is subject to him, and he is Love, and wisdom, and he is the mighty warrior who has conquered everything and will one day finish what he started, to make all things right and all things new.

He has already begun that work, in you. He is shining his light into all your dark places, he is working all things together for your good, he is straightening out the bent places and smoothing out the path before your feet. His life-giving light shines all the time, and it brings complete healing, peace, and right relationships with him, with yourself, and others. His life-giving light brings peace, and joy, as he fills you with his love.

Listen to him singing; feel his love and delight in you, as well as his quiet confidence in his ability to save and to conduct the affairs of the whole universe. From the smallest subatomic particle to the details of your life to whatever it takes to keep the heavenly bodies in place, he is quietly confident in his ability to take care of anything and everything and to work it all into a beautiful harmony.*

*This Love Picture is based on many scriptures, but especially from Hebrews and my favorite verse in the Bible, Zephaniah 3:17. The Bible is so full of beautiful “love pictures” that I believe will have a very healing effect as we meditate on them. That’s why they were given!

For Truth Focus Statements based on the Bible, visit www.ChristianHealingFromTheHeart.com.

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Hello Diane, Thank you for a wonderful post! The Healing love picture is such a wonderful tool to use. Can I please ask you a couple of questions related to it? 1. I just started using Healing Code, doing my best to learn and have patience with myself. I am going through very rough time right now  and most of the time I am in a state of panic, urgency, confusion and restlessness. Does it pay of to try and pry even if my inside is full of havok and turmoil, my thoughts running wild OR do I need to… Read more »


Hello Diane,
The first love picture Father reminded me of when I began to do the Healing Codes from the book is found in Isaiah 61:10 "I am overwhelmed with joy in the Lord my God! For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation and draped me in a robe of righteousness." Perhaps this will help someone else to picture the beautiful garments of salvation Jesus provides for us, and the robe of righteousness he wraps us in as he holds us in his everlasting arms. What a beautiful picture to hold in our mind.

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