A Sure-Fire Way of Pinpointing Your Heart Issues


"Whatever is in your heart determines what you say."–Matthew 12:33b

Our words matter–perhaps eternally.

We will “eat” the fruit of our words—and so will others. (In my work as a Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner, I regularly deal with the destructive effects of words on the hearts and even bodies of my clients. Words can leave invisible wounds that destroy lives.)

Words are a barometer of the heart’s condition. Jesus went on to say, "A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart.”

Want to know what’s in your heart? Pay attention to your words. Are they critical? Perhaps there is unforgiveness or pride in your heart. Do you use foul language? There may be anger lurking inside.

Pay attention to your words, and deal with any heart issues they reveal. Notice other people’s words, too, as indications of what is in the heart.

Words can also heal. With The Healing Codes, we replace the unhealthy beliefs–the lies we've come to believe–with the truth. (For my Truth Focus Statements based on Scripture, visit and scroll down on the left.)

(Note: This was an expanded version of one of my Abundant Gifts from the Word devotionals. To subscribe to these daily email messages for free, sign up at

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I appreciate all your e-mails and words of wisdom Please keep them coming.  I am still working on my issues. The Book has been a real eye opener and the Codes have been helpful.
Thanks Earlene   


Thank you for your words of insight and I believe it is right on and truly important and since words are energy that affect us and others we need to be aware of the effects of our words.

Francis Harvey Davids

What marvelous insight.  We know that words are the voice of our thougts, but very few of us give it a second thought.  Now that you have brought it to our attention, I shall take notice of my words and deal with the issues of my heart.  Thanks for that insight, you are a gem.   Knowing the heart issue gives direction.  The medical community calls this diagnosis; the Church calls it discernment; a time to treat and/or pray for the healing.
Blessings on you


Diane, thanks for sharing this blog.  The Healing Code has been helpful to me and I have purchased many of the books and given them as gifts.  Others have also been helped by the Healing Code and my mentor was able to uncover issues that she has worked on for many years.  We employ the Healing Code along with tapping.  The combination works wonders and she continues to help me heal along with the help of my ascended masters and angels. 
love and Light 

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