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There’s a simple path to healing any health, relationship or success issue—by healing the SOURCE of your issue with the latest healing and transformation techniques.

Have you tried every healing approach—therapy, alternative medicine, conventional medicine, energy healing—yet STILL find healing elusive?

Chances are, it’s because none of these approaches get at the SOURCE of all issues.

It’s the unconscious negative images, unhealthy beliefs, and painful memories that are the true source of those stubborn issues you can’t seem to heal, no matter how hard you try.

King Solomon, 3000 years ago, called them “heart issues.” He said, “Above all else, guard your heart, for from it flow all the issues of life.”

Did you get that? ALL the issues of life have the same source—the heart!

Of course, he’s referring not to the physical heart (although there’s fascinating research about the electrical and energetic output from the physical heart), but to the spiritual “heart.”

Modern science tells us that these memories, images and beliefs are stored not only in the brain, but in every cell of your body.

And if these memories carry a “negative charge,” they are sending stress signals into your cells.

And that can lead to all kinds of problems. Estimates vary from 80-98% of illnesses are somehow related to stress.

THAT’S why you haven’t been able to heal some of those stubborn issues—you haven’t been using the right tool to deal with the real problem!

Now you CAN have the right tool, and know how to go to the right problem—and finally experience true healing of just about any health, relationship or success issue.

Because when you heal the source, you finally, truly heal!

What are The Healing Codes?

The Healing Codes are a powerful healing* mode discovered in 2001 by Dr. Alex Loyd after a 12-year search for relief for his wife’s clinical depression.

Not only did The Healing Codes heal his wife’s depression in a matter of days … as Dr. Loyd used it with his other clients (he holds a PhD in psychology and was a therapist), they began to report healing from MS, Lou Gehrig’s, cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses.

Dr. Loyd spent the next year and a half researching what made this new healing mode work. Through Heart Rate Variability tests, Dr. Loyd verified that The Healing Codes remove stress in the autonomic nervous system. When such physiological stress is removed, the neuro-immune system does its work of healing the body.

His discovery is outlined in his book, The Healing Code, for which I was the editor and publishing coach. Dr. Loyd has since trained dozens of Healing Codes Coaches around the world to work with clients to develop individualized custom Healing Codes that target specific “issues of the heart,” which are overlooked by most healing approaches. A growing body of research indicates that these “heart matters” may well be the true source of all health, relationship, and success/performance issues.

Coaching for Quicker Results

The Healing Code in The Healing Code book is the “universal Healing Code” that works for most people for most issues. Many people report  remarkable results from just using that Healing Code, which is based on 10 years of testing by Dr. Alex Loyd to determine that this Healing Code works for most people and most issues.

However, you may have an issue for which you want/need faster results. Or your problem is more serious or urgent. Or you feel stuck and don’t seem to be getting the results you desire.

Working with a Certified Healing Codes Coach can be just what you need in these cases.

I quickly and easily help you pinpoint the memories, images and beliefs that truly are at the source of what’s bothering you, whether it’s a health, relationship or success issue. Often there are hidden or even generational memories that greatly inhibit healing until they are found and healed.

The more specifically we can pinpoint your issue, and the more specific a Healing Code is to your issue, the faster–and deeper–the healing.

I will develop a custom Healing Code for you to do on your own at home. You will get a Healing Code that is specific to your exact issue, how long to do it, how many times per day, and how long the code will be very strong for you. (Custom Healing Codes do “expire,” usually within 10-14 days. That’s because the code is so specific to your issue, that as your issue heals and shifts, the code sort of “goes out of register.” It’s actually a good sign–your issue is changing!)

I will also train you in the several “tweaks” I have developed, one of which is especially good if you are a Highly Sensitive Person. This one technique will release any negative energy that you may have taken on from others.

I can also even do with you over the phone what’s called a Coach-Guided Code. I am one of the Coaches who has been certified to do these powerful, “streaming” Codes in which I guide you step by step as we do the process together for getting your pressing issue down to an acceptable level. Then I will get you a custom code-to-go to continue working on the issue. (Coach-Guided Codes can be ordered on their own, or if you’ve gotten a package, they count as 2 Codes from your package.)

Besides developing Custom Codes for your issue, I will also help you get the most out of using the Healing Codes and my other methods, so that you will confidently know how to use these powerful healing methods for the rest of your life.

I can also develop Custom Codes for you to use for or with other people, or even a pet.

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Healing Codes Coaching.

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