Activate Healing “Magic”


People always want to know how to speed up the healing process.

Yes, there is a way. And it’s the crucial first step you must take if you truly want to heal. 

The difference between those who heal and those who don’t boils down to one word: Commitment.

Ah, you may not like that word. But deep down, you know it’s true.

Think about any time you’ve gotten any result in your life. Wasn’t the first step commitment?

You got uncomfortable enough with the way things were to want to change. You desired to change. And the discomfort and desire combined to overcome that tendency we all have to resist change.

Change can feel scary. It hurls us into the unfamiliar. That little voice (some call it the Super-Ego Voice) sounds the alarm, tells you it’s not safe to change. And you feel the Resistance rise up.

Until . . .

Until you just can’t stand The Way Things Are anymore, and instead of resisting the discomfort, you (grudgingly) allow it.

When you do, a strange thing usually happens.

Desire begins to gather energy.

The Discomfort and Desire say to the Resistance, “We are going to unite and make a Commitment to change, no matter what you say.”

And that, my friend, is where the “magic” begins.

It’s not really magic, of course. But it can feel that way because when you make the Commitment and start to release those old programs, those lies you previously believed, the healing truly begins.

And more than healing happens. Transformation happens.

Are you ready to Commit to your healing?

When you do, you are really simply saying YES! to your healing.


If you are ready to commit, to say YES to growth, I have some options for you.

Option 1. If you’re not already consistently doing The Healing Code (consistency = commitment), then I suggest you take my free email course, “Getting Started with The Healing Code” and commit to reading the lessons (there are 5), and start doing The Healing Code at least 6 minutes, at least twice a day.

These lessons are designed to help you not only understand The Healing Code (the book does that too), but to implement it. One of the lessons, for example, includes FAQ that many have asked over the years.

Option 2: If you are already doing The Healing Code, albeit sporadically, consider joining the Healing Hearts Circle.

Key benefits:

  • Ongoing healing. You get 2 custom, Coach-Guided Healing Codes per month, so you will always be using strong custom Healing Codes for your issues. You will get the recordings afterward, so even if you can’t be on the live call, your issue will be included.
  • Lowest cost way to get custom Healing Codes.
  • Synergy of the group experience. There is something quite wonderful that happens when we first get connected energetically, then do the group Code. The healing is amplified. When one person does that group Code, everyone gets some benefit.
  • Live coaching with me. As I “go around the room,” I test energetically for hidden memories.
  • Personalized Healing Code II positions. I test for your customized Healing Code II position, so that as I say the Prayer of Intention for all, you will be adding healing energy for your particular issue.
  • Added teaching and resources. I often share, as do others, what I am learning. This piece is not recorded, and is always relevant to participants’ issues, so it’s very personalized to the group and to what is happening in the moment.

Go here for details and to sign up.

Option 3: Get custom Healing Codes. If you have worked on your own and feel stuck, or like you’re not healing as quickly or permanently as you’d like, get a custom Healing Code or package of Codes. (Getting at least 3 will establish that momentum and consistency, and is what I recommend.)

If you are new to The Healing Codes, and/or want to be guided by me, choose the Coach-Guided custom Code. You will get the recording and it will truly be “plug and play.” More about Coach-Guided Codes here.

Option 4. Gain real traction with a Healing Momentum Monthly or Intensive program. If you truly want to commit to your healing, consider getting 3 months of ongoing coaching with either the Healing Momentum Monthly (2 sessions/month) or Healing Intensive (12 sessions, weekly) package. With either option, you may also upgrade to getting a Coach-Guided custom code.

In addition to the coaching and custom Healing Codes, these programs include a number of other healing tools that I have developed.

The Momentum and Intensive packages require you to fill out an application first, since I have limited slots and I want to make sure we’re a good fit. Those in this program get priority in my calendar, and get all the extra tools currently available. Go here for details on Monthly Momentum, here for details on the Healing Intensive.

No matter what level of support you need for your healing, once you Commit to your healing, you can almost guarantee that healing will happen. It may not happen just as you expect (or even want), but you will heal as you are meant to heal.

Which means bumpily, thrillingly, often in unexpected ways. It’s definitely a journey, taken one step at a time, and best taken with a Guide. A Guide will cheer you on, help you know what’s “normal” about the journey, and support you when you feel like giving up.

As your Healing Journey Mentor, I want to be your Guide. So take step one, Commit, and choose the best level of support for you now.

Don’t let fear of change hold you back. When you commit to your own growth, change becomes a beautiful, exciting thing. Like the changing of the seasons.

Next time I’ll tell you about step two—the thing that will greatly enhance and speed your journey.

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