Are The Healing Codes “Woo-Woo”?


Some people feel uncomfortable using something like The Healing Codes because they don't understand how this new healing mode works. How on earth can pointing your fingers to specific points on the body have anything to do with healing issues of the heart?

The Healing Code book explains it to some extent. The Healing Codes discovered by Dr. Alex Loyd in 2001 is a new healing technology that incorporates "energy medicine" which, as the book points out, has been predicted by the best scientific minds for decades. Almost a century, in fact.

It is a new healing technology as superior to our current technologies of drugs and surgery as a garage door opener is superior to having to open your garage door by hand. And in fact, it works on pretty much the same science:quantum physics.

Do you understand how your garage door opener works? Or, if you have the kind of opener where you punch in a certain code, how that allows the door to open? (Just think of how all this would have seemed to someone living in 1692! If you could time travel to back then and you pulled out a cell phone and started talking on it, what do you think would have happened to you in Salem, Massachusetts?)

I was pondering these analogies today because I accidentally left our garage door opener in a car that is being repaired. I have no clue how pushing a button on a little device can cause my heavy garage door to open up. But the electronic door opener is very convenient, easy, fast and effective, so I use it. I could still open the door by hand, then pull out of the garage in my car, get out of the car to close the garage door, get back into my car and go on my way. I can always choose to do it that way. (After doing it today, though, I know I would never choose to. What an inconvenience!)

There is no moral issue with either choice. I am free to choose either the easier way, which relies on something I don't understand, or the "old-fashioned" mechanical way, which I understand a bit more. Either way, I get the same result: the garage door opens and closes. (Though with ours, there are actually issues with the manual way, it sometimes doesn't engage correctly, for some reason, so it all works much better electronically. Analogous perhaps to the way some people are supersensitive to medications that don't work the way they're "supposed to.")

So the choice is yours. If you have a physical issue, you can certainly stick with the Western medicine approach of drugs, surgery, or some combination thereof. I certainly would not advise NOT doing those things. If you have an emotional issue, you can still go to a counselor or therapist and work on coping strategies.

I believe, however, along with many others who have tried The Healing Codes, that this is a new healing technology that gets at the source of an issue, not just treats the symptoms.  It costs nothing (aside from the book that teaches you the how, what and why of it all).

You can learn it quickly and use it forever for yourself or your loved ones.

And the beauty is, you can try it and prove to yourself whether it works. It's a self-validating tool. You can test it out, and unlike other things you can try, there are no known side effects. The worst that could happen is you've wasted a bit of money and time, and nothing changes for you. (Though in my experience and the many testimonies Dr. Loyd received, healing can happen and you don't feel it. Other people may notice a difference, or the doctor comes back with test results that prove healing has taken place.)

It's your choice. Garage door device or manually open and close. Remote control for the television or get up and push the buttons on the TV itself. Email or snail mail. Print photos on paper and mail them or send them via cell phone or computer. The source or the symptoms. Energy or chemicals.

Einstein or Newton…..


If you're curious about the philosophy behind The Healing Codes, here are several resources to check out.

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Thank you so much for starting your blog. Your comments always seem to answer  or explain things I've been questioning or wondering about.  I know that Christ is working through you and that is very reassurring comforting to me.
God bless you,

Francis Harvey Davids

          The garage door technology was and ideal way to explain the relationship between conventional medicine and energy medicine.  You have made excellent analogies;  Newton or Einsein.

mary milazzo

Hi, Diane,   I love your analogies using the garage door opener and cell phone, especially in Salem. (:  How many times I have told my massage clients I would have RUN from me if I had met who I am now about 18 yrs ago, before I started studying energy medicine!   Thank you for all your emails and invitations about the Healing Codes; I am still trying them out and using several of my other "tools" (like essential oils, and the I-9  infratonic machine) and selecting which to employ using muscle testing.  As long as God is given… Read more »

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