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Nature’s Delights

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I have always been a nature buff.

As a child, growing up in a somewhat rural area in New England, I was outdoors as much as possible, soaking up the sun, reveling in the wind in my face, delighting in the sights and sounds of nature: birds, squirrels, bunnies, flowers, trees, and even bugs.

It’s probably what saved me in some ways, immersed as I was in a rather joyless environment otherwise. Nature constantly regulated my otherwise chronically disregulated nervous system.

This morning I was again immersed in many of nature’s delights, and I thought I’d pass on some of the joy.

In the warmer weather, I like to stand outside first thing in the morning in the sun, doing a grounding exercise I learned from Dr. Elizabeth Stanley.

This morning as I stood there in “mountain pose,” I was distracted by four squirrels racing around the yard, up and down our magnificent red maple tree, and then in the driveway, heading straight for—me! I thought one would crash into my leg, but it abruptly sensed me and turned around. I watched their antics as they got their morning exercise/play time, chasing each other all over the place.

Then I saw my bunny.

I normally love bunnies, but this pair that is probably nesting under our big pine tree–these bunnies have chomped down to the soil all my parsley plants, and even my petunias! I didn’t know they ate petunias. I had to put cayenne pepper on the soil and plant leaves to try to deter them.

view from my porch chair

Today, “my bunny,” (whom I’ve dubbed “Patty Bunny,” because somehow she seems female), came almost up to me as I sat on my porch among the flowers, writing my morning pages.

I was curious whether she would dare approach the petunias in my containers.

She did not. Still too shy. Maybe she picked up on my mental signals: Don’t you dare!

Then I saw a chipmunk on the bush near the porch. Yesterday from my window, my friend saw probably the same chipmunk fall from a branch to the ground, upside down!

After morning pages and breakfast, it was time for my walk. I had just discovered a new bird identification app, Merlin, that allows you to record the surrounding sounds, and it will pop up a picture of the bird making the sounds the app picks up. I learned today to identify a cedar waxwing, house sparrow, house wren, and swallow.

I had been trying to identify the birdsong that I now know is the Baltimore oriole for some time. Its song is very melodious.

Then there are the cicadas. Oh my, the cicadas!

Here in the Midwest, especially in Illinois, we are witnessing a once-in-several-lifetimes phenomenon: two broods of periodical cicadas, the 17-year and the 13-year, have all hatched at the same time.

My state, Illinois, marks the boundary between the two broods, so it’s even more of a phenomenon. These two brood hatchings only coincide once every 221 years! I am in the midst of an extremely rare biological event!

These cicadas are big, beautiful, harmless, and LOUD! Their noise hits about 90 decibels, roughly equivalent to the volume of a lawn mower or motorcycle. They are deafening! Take a listen.

Since I’m into sound healing and frequency, I can’t help but wonder: how is the constant vibration of this natural phenomenon affecting my body and the rest of nature? (Actually, it’s not constant. The bugs are quiet at night, and slowly “tune up” as the day progresses. Thank God!)

And why now?

I learned that “late spring and early summer in the forests of the eastern half of the U.S. have been eerily quiet for the past two years. In most years, long-lived periodical cicadas thrum through the region, but a quirk of timing means these insects have been sparse since 2021. This year, though, they’re roaring back.” Is there some purpose of God for having this rare occurrence happen now?

Who knows?

From what I witnessed this morning, it seems like nature is happy. I suspect the birds at least are very happy by the unusually bountiful feast of cicadas.

At any rate, this is an “abundant gift” that I will take deeply into my highly sensitive soul.

May you also be blessed and your nervous system regulated by nature’s delights.

This is an experience I will definitely add to my Gifts Journal. Recording the delights of the day at the end of the day puts me in a state of gratitude, joy, and a sense of being loved by a God who loves to give good gifts. If you haven’t taken up this practice, I encourage you to start. Here’s how.

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Mitigate a Key Factor of Disease

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One thing that happens when your focus is living Aligned with your Divine Design is you often get “messages” that seem tailored to you. It’s just what you needed to hear, and often, for emphasis, you may hear the same type of message or information several times within a few days.

One message that has come up for me again and again in the last few days is: the importance of not suppressing emotions.

One source was the book, When the Body Says No by Gabor Maté, M.D. He shows how many diseases have their roots in suppressed emotions. One study that struck me was about lung cancer. Smoking in itself wasn’t as much of a risk factor as smoking along with habitual suppression of emotions, especially anger.

“Heart issues” + lifestyle are the two co-factors that determine your health.

man wearing black shir t

Photo by Antonino Visalli

You’ve heard plenty about lifestyle, and it’s certainly important for staying healthy. But as Gabor Maté has found, it is not the only key factor.

Heart issues must be dealt with, if you want to heal. That is my unequivocal opinion. Difficult feelings need to be felt and processed.

A recent study, published in the journal NeuroImage: Clinical, co-authored by Farb and Segal, along with Ph.D. student Philip Desormeau, found that “suppressing or blocking out physical sensations related to emotions such as sadness can hinder recovery from depression symptoms and may cause a relapse into depression.”

And, the study found, we have to feel the emotions in the body: “blocking out sensation is related to a greater risk of depressive relapse. . . . Our research explains why working to keep feeling is so important. It lays the groundwork for seeing that emotional stress actually robs us of sensation—and to undo stress, one must counter this inhibitory effect.”

I find it fascinating that in the Bible, more than one-third of the book of Psalms are “Psalms of lament”–more than any other category of psalms. Clearly, Aligned Living includes examples of how to express a full range of feelings, including such “negative” feelings as anger, despair, sorrow, revenge and hatred. (The Maker knows how we are made and what we need to stay healthy!)

If you grew up with Childhood Emotional Neglect, or had any other kind of Adverse Childhood Events such as death, divorce, neglect or other traumas, you are much more likely to suffer from a variety of chronic diseases and behavioral challenges, including obesity, autoimmune disease, depression and alcoholism. The greater the number of ACEs, the greater the risk for negative outcomes, according to the famous ACEs study.

However, the very good news is that you can heal these things. The traumas live in your body as cellular memories, and these have a negative frequency, and The Healing Codes address all that and neutralize or even change them to positive.

a woman sits alone against a wall holding her head

Photo by Tammy Gann

The first step is to allow yourself to identify and feel the negative emotions. You might want to turn to some of the Psalms of Lament as examples of how emotions can be expressed in the presence of God.

I have also written several articles on how to process your emotions. If this is something you struggle with, check out any of these articles to get started–especially the first three.

Another benefit of processing negative emotions is that you increase your capacity to feel all emotions, including the positive ones!

I vividly remember the day I was talking to my mother on our weekly calls in which I’d give her a custom Healing Code. She had always told me she “couldn’t remember” her childhood, and that she had no positive memories from childhood.

After she’d been doing my custom Healing Codes for maybe a couple of years by then, and that one day she started telling me all about how, when she was a child, the family used to go to her uncle’s farm and have the greatest time.

I stopped her and said, “MOM! Do you realize this is the first happy childhood memory you’ve ever told me?’’

She said in a surprised voice, “Really?” and then nonchalantly went on to recount more happy childhood memories.

That’s the power of healing heart issues.

And if you want to heal your heart issues and align with YOUR Divine Design, check out my program and fill out a Clarity Questionnaire.


On Dealing with REAL HUMANS

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This week I had several occasions to contact companies’ customer service departments.

Of course, you always have to start out with AI (Artificial Intelligence), or some other automated way of contacting them.

a computer generated image of the letters AI

Photo by Steve Johnson

With one company in particular, I had to go through their AI Chat to ascertain what the problem was, check this, check that—things I’d already thought of and checked, but you know, THEY have to be convinced you’re not an idiot, and/or won’t waste some actual human’s time with a dumb question.

I get that. But as I said, I’d already thought of those things, and not only did I not make much headway, but I LOST THE CHAT a couple of times, and had to start over.

I caught on and copied the chat into a text file, so that the next two times I tried (or was it three?), I had something to copy and paste into the chat.

When it became clear the chat wasn’t getting me anywhere, I discovered how to contact a REAL HUMAN BEING. (You often have to search hard for that.) Usually I choose a phone call, but this time, the Live Chat made the most sense because then I could bring the person up to speed about the hoops I’d already jumped through.

Within a couple of minutes, HUMAN BEING Peter G. got up to speed on my issue, and found the problem. It took a REAL HUMAN BEING who actually had eyes to see and a brain to match, to find the source of the problem, which I then was able to fix within two minutes.

In my line of work, there’s a lot of talk about AI, how it will make things like writing this newsletter so much faster. I admit, the AI Chat responses were lightning quick. But were they better? NO!

I want you to know that this newsletter is always written by me, personally, with you, my dear readers, in my heart. AI can give facts, but it has no heart, no energy.

man in grey shirt using grey laptop computer

Photo by Desola Lanre-Ologun

In contrast, I connected with Peter G in the live chat. We joked around. He was very kind. It was a satisfying encounter.

AI, like all technology, has its place. My daughter, who is a physical therapist, told me there’s an app in beta stage that would enable her to record her sessions with clients, then it creates a report that she can edit. That would save her a ton of time and eliminate a lot of the not-so-fun part of her job.

ANDmy daughter is looking into what further training she can do so that what she offers cannot be done by AI. Some kind of hands-on work, she figures. No doubt many industries have to ask the same question, or be wiped out.

No doubt AI will reshape our whole culture, and probably very shortly.  As I said in my article about “goovil, it’s all about whether we master technology, or technology masters us. When Elon Musk and others in the tech field warn against the possibility of AI surpassing humans, it’s more important than ever that we make sure WE master IT.

As for me, I will always prefer human beings to machines, no matter how “intelligent” the machine is supposed to be.

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In a recent post I shared about how the HOLOS [“Be well”] Balance devices help with pain. You can read that review here.

HOLOS Balance also helps with sleep, which is one of the foundations of optimal health. Poor quality sleep can lead to a host of health problems, from cognitive issues to immune system issues.

The HOLOS Balance devices help sleep in three main ways:

1. The Automatic Personalized Programs’ built-in, intelligent, automatic scanning every 21 days and vast array of individualized PEMF programs for each user lays the foundation for better sleep and better overall functioning.

2. The automatic 7-day programs comprehensively support all 12 Chinese Meridians, 24/7 Body Clock-Circadian Rhythms, Sleep-Wake Cycles and general programs for energy, stress, EMF, brainwave balance and earthing/grounding.

3. Of the 16 User Activated Boost Programs, several help sleep specifically, either directly or indirectly:

  • The Calm Boost, which is great for calming stress and anxiety anytime, anywhere. Also, if you wake in the middle of the night, you just press the button for this program and, at least for me, it works like a charm to get me back to sleep quickly.
  • The Sleep Boost prepares the mind and body for a great night’s sleep.
  • The Peace Boost, which can help you throughout the day to stave off anxiety and worry.
  • The Emotional Shock Boost if your nervous system has taken a hit. (I find this incredibly helpful at such times.)
  • The Ease Boost if you have pain, which can certainly interfere with sleep. Also Tissue Repair and Inflammation will support you if you have any of those issues.
  • The EMF Boost helps the body be resistant to harmful EMF radiation. It does not shield the body from EMF. It more aids the body to deal with the presence of EMF and reduces its harmful effects. The Travel Boost also helps with EMF and is a godsend if you are traveling and dealing with jet lag.
  • During the day, the Energy Boosts and or the Perform All Boost can help with building energy in the mind and body, especially the nervous system. The nervous system needs to be strong in order for sleep to be strong as it serves to regulate sleep.
woman sleeping on blue throw pillow

Photo by bruce mars

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I hardly recommend any products. Most of them are all marketing hype with little or no real science behind them.

The HOLOS is based on NASA research on PEMF, how it affects the body, and what the optimal frequencies are for health. Redhealthwear has incorporated these guidelines into its devices, providing the ultimate in wellness devices. 

image of black and white HOLOS Not only is this the easiest and most effective wellness device I’ve come across, it’s also one of the most affordable, given that you can expect it to last up to 5 years with the latest battery iteration (which you only need to charge once or twice a month for a few hours).

Amortize the cost over 5 years, and subtract any money you’d otherwise spend on sleep (and/or pain) meds, and you’ll see why I think it’s one of the best investments in your well-being you can make.

And Debbie Hart has made it ever more affordable right now, with a 20-30% off coupon (UPLIFT20 for 20% off one Balance Plus device, or UPLIFT30 for two or more devices). The Balance Plus is what I use because it has the PTSD/Depression automatic program cycle plus extra Boost programs, which is what I need. Sleep and circadian rhythm disruptions always lead to depression for me, so this support is crucial to preventing depression.

NOTE: This sale ends at midnight Mountain Time on April 30, so if you’ve been on the fence about it, now’s the time to act to save a good chunk of change.

Full disclosure: I am an enthusiastic affiliate for this product, so I get a commission if you buy through this link. I would appreciate that, but either way, you can get at least 20% off if you get this before the sale runs out (April 30). I have recommended only a handful of products, and this is the only wellness device I recommend now. (Here are my criteria for recommendations.)


The Hidden Danger of Doing Healing Codes

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If you do Healing Codes, why do you do them?

Obviously, you want to heal something in your life. Have you ever stopped to ask what is the underlying belief that motivates you to do The Healing Codes (or any other self-help practice, for that matter)?

Often, it’s the belief that “there’s something wrong with me that needs fixing.”

a close up of a person with a frowning look on their face

Photo by engin akyurt

Now, this is a tricky thing. Because if there weren’t something “wrong,” you wouldn’t feel any need to take action, right?

However, there are two little words in that statement that may actually be a subtle lie that could block you from complete healing.

Can you guess what those words are? Read More→

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My husband came in after walking our son’s dog, and said his back hurt.

“What was it that you do when you have pain?” he asked.

I showed him how to use the Ease Boost on his HOLOS Balance Plus device. All he had to do was press a button a few times.

Five minutes later, we sat down to eat lunch. 

“How is your back now?” I asked.

“Fine,” Gene answered. His pain was completely gone!

Holos Boost screenThis was no surprise to me. I wear the HOLOS Balance every single day, and use the Boost programs often.

I especially use the Ease Boost whenever I’m hit with one of my sudden headaches, which often happens when I enter my kitchen. (Still trying to figure out why. EMF? Dirty electricity? Some allergen?) I will press the Ease Boost and within seconds, the headache is gone.

So many people experience chronic pain, and gulp dangerous pain medications to deal with it.

A 2014 study estimated that the total cost of prescription medications for pain management was around $17.8 billion annually [Source: Lewin group study].

This cost breaks down further into three categories:

Read More→

In my last blog post, I talked about how you can influence the healing of others as you focus on healing yourself.

I know many of you are concerned about, and involved in, doing Healing Codes for others. I’ve spoken with several people who seem to possess a gift of healing others, and some common themes have emerged that seem to optimize healing.

So I thought I’d expand on the do’s and don’ts of healing others.

The Right Energy

Being in the right energy is the main requirement. Your energy can either enhance the healing of another person, or impede it.

Characteristics of the right energy include:

  • No attachment to the results. This can be a difficult one if you’re wanting so badly to see a loved one healed. However, it seems that God works best when we get out of the way.

    One thing that struck me in Mary’s story of how she released her healing to a young man with MS, was that she hardly knew the person. She’d met him once, and felt led to pray for him and release her Healing Codes to him. Pure joy accompanied that practice.

She wrote, “That joy seemed to come from somewhere deep inside me and it would spring up with a noticeable little burst each time I released the effects of my Codes to Dave.   I do think that was an important element.  (I know it is difficult to “manufacture” joy, particularly when you are really worried about someone.  In this case, I believe that it was easier for me to feel true joy as I included Dave, because he is not a close friend or relative; so that element of fear and sadness that one might feel with a close relative/friend was not present.}”

Another friend, who felt led to pray for a stranger in a doctor’s office when the person confided she had cancer, also said it was easier to pray because she didn’t know the person.

  • No ego attachment. Part of not having any attachment to the results is to keep your ego out of the picture. I didn’t need to know whether this person was healed or not,” my friend told me. “I wasn’t looking for any kind of affirmation of any gift or power on my part. I just felt led to ask her if I could pray for her and touch her; I prayed, and then left it in God’s hands.”

  • Faith. Knowing that God is the Healer, and you are just an instrument in the moment, can also release healing power—and free you from that ego attachment.

If it’s not you who is really doing the healing, then you have no responsibility for the results. Your only responsibility is to be available for God to work through you, as he leads. And then to leave the results in his hands.

Faith also helps the doubt that can so easily creep in. “What if I pray and nothing happens?” You might feel like a fool. You might worry you led someone toward false hope.

Again, it’s not up to you. You don’t know what God is doing in that person’s heart or body. Your job is to simply be available.

The joy that Mary and others feel (I’ve felt it too) is a great sign that your ego is not attached. As Mary says, you can’t manufacture it. However, I find when I focus on my faith that God will do something through my prayer and Codes, even if I never know what, the joy wells up.

  • Compassion. Dr. Mark Virkler points out that in the Gospels, when Jesus healed He was moved by compassion (e.g., Mark 1:41-42). Compassion for another person speeds the flow of healing, and is THE main energy to be in. Not fear, not even hope, but compassion—a focus on the need of the other person.

By the way, the above applies to the best energy for healing yourself, too.

If you can detach from the results, trusting God for the outcome, and apply self-compassion, you will heal faster as well.

Don’t Do This

The main energy NOT to be in is control. If you are trying to change another person, I need to warn you: Not only will the person you’re doing a Code for NOT be healed or blessed, but it can do great damage–to you and, perhaps, to the other person.

If you desire to do a Healing Code for someone else, honestly check your own motives. If there’s any hint of desperation on your part for them to heal, or desire to change them, do not do a Healing Code for the other person.

Instead, do the Healing Code for yourself, on your own desperation, control issues, or whatever is going on in that relationship. After doing your own Healing Code, you may certainly release the healing to the other person, saying, “I release the effects of this healing to [name], in love, insofar as this issue affects him/her.”

That is the best, most effective, and safest way to do a Healing Code for someone else when you can’t do it out of pure motives.

I hope this helps you become a healing agent on earth for others, if you feel so led.

Emphasis on being led. If you’re still too deep in your own pain and healing to think of others, that’s OK. Often a client will come to me to get a Healing Code for someone else, but it’s clear to me that they need some healing under their own belt first. Such people often find it difficult to focus on themselves first, and that’s one of the issues they need to attend to first.

If this is you, I hereby give you permission to focus on your own healing first, and simply release your healing to others you’re close to “insofar as this issue affects them.” You will still be an agent of healing. In fact, you’ll be a more effective agent of healing if you focus on your own healing first, because, again, your “need” to put others first could actually impede the flow of healing for them.

Be healed, and pass it on, however you are led! Let joy be your guide.

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Heal Yourself, Heal Others

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Personal note: When I sit down to write a blog, I always pray for God to guide what I say. Today, what came forth was very surprising to me. A whole new idea, maybe a whole new approach to my work!

And, possibly, a way for you to contribute to the healing of the world!

In my recent series on Learning to See, I’ve been talking about the quantum field and how we are all connected on an energetic level.

Now I want to share something very exciting.

Because we are all connected, what we do for ourselves touches others, and can even help heal others and contribute to healing in the world.

This concept isn’t actually all that new. Many people have had an intuitive sense of it for a long time.

You’ve heard that your level of success will be on a par with that of the five people you’re closest to.

Women’s menstrual cycles tend to synchronize with either the moon or those with whom she lives.

a group of white and grey objects

Photo by Jacek Ulinski

Explanation? We attune to other people energetically, and tend to move toward a collective synchronization. It’s like when you have a bunch of tuning forks in the same room, and you strike one, the others will begin to vibrate at the same frequency.

What is the “tuning fork” for us? The body.

And the “language of the body” is frequency–vibration. Which is why energy medicine works at the source. The Healing Codes in particular change the frequency in the cellular memories you’re trying to heal, which frees up more energy in your body to work on healing whatever is out of balance—which is the body’s main goal.

time lapse photography of water reaction

Photo by Jackson Hendry

When you heal yourself, that healing energy ripples out to others, whether you’re aware of it or not.

And when we get very intentional about our healing helping others, it’s even more powerful.

We can get intentional in two ways.

1. Release your Healing Code to others with a simple prayer at the end. “I release the full effects of this healing to [names], in love, insofar as this issue affects them.” (More on this here.)

2. You can intentionally do Healing Codes for other people. I have published a number of articles on this as well as a video.

Doing Healing Codes for others, or even just releasing your Codes to those closest to you, can be a wonderful ministry. I remember one woman in a church I went to said excitedly, “You can start Healing Codes Circles where the group prays and does Healing Codes for others!”

group of people near bonfire near trees during nighttime

Photo by Tegan Mierlepra

I thought that was an excellent idea. Sadly, she was the only one in that church who had that vision. I now attend another church, and so far I haven’t found anyone in leadership who supports that kind of thing. As I mentioned in my last article, most people in the Christian churches are steeped in the Newtonian view (which is not really biblical), and consider quantum physics off limits (or at least, this application of it).

But if you have people in your circle who both pray and are open to the Healing Codes, what a wonderful ministry that would be! I would also include doing a Healing Code to “push hack the darkness” in the world in general, and send that out.

If you do start a Healing Codes Circle like this, let me know! I’ll get you a custom Healing Code for the general “push back the darkness” intention. Even if you meet with just one other person, it can be very powerful.

And if you’re interested in doing an online version of this together, let me know!

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Learning to See–Part Four

I promised in Part 3 of this Learning to See series that I would talk about a paradigm shift that can change everything for you.

a man holding a camera up to his face

Photo by Tri Vo

It can change your belief in your ability to heal, and ignite healing.

It can help you understand our medical and other institutions better, and make more informed decisions about your health and other matters.

It can change how you experience the world, yourself, God, other people.

It can change the way you vote.

It can open the way for miracles to happen so often that they can seem commonplace.

AND—it will cause you to swim against the current culture.

However, that will be a bit easier because you will understand more of what’s underneath the current forces of culture and develop a strong sense of agency, that you can create change and make choices. Read More→

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I have a pine tree outside of my office window.

From the outside, the tree look rather unsightly. People have told me I should cut it down. “It’s ugly.” “It’s too near the house.”

However, as I sit at my computer and look out at the tree, a whole world of nature opens up.

The branches, and blue sky between.

I enjoy seeing the birds that often come to sit in the branches and chirp away. Or the squirrels that climb up the limbs. Occasionally I’ll even see a chipmunk racing up the trunk, or picking off the berries in autumn.

I will not cut down that tree. It offers me too much joy. My perspective “from the inside” is completely different from someone who sees this tree from the outside.

Playing with perspectives is a fun way to gain mental agility and even develop more compassion.

rain drops on clear glass windshield

Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty)

For instance, how often were you cut off in traffic? What were your first thoughts?

“What an inconsiderate person. They could cause an accident.” Anger and judgment rise up as you clench your teeth and your blood pressure rises.

What if you noticed this automatic way of thinking, and deliberately shifted to non-judgmental curiosity about what else might have caused the person to rush and cut you off?

What if that person just got bad news that a loved one is in the hospital, and they are rushing to get there before the person passes away?

What if they got delayed at work, and are rushing to pick up their child from school so the child does not feel abandoned?

How would those thoughts color your feelings and even, how your body responds?

Our perspective colors and even creates our reality.

person holding crystal ball

Photo by Nadine Shaabana

To test this out for yourself, I invite you to think of a common scenario in your life that annoys, frustrates, upsets you. Perhaps it’s that you have to remind your spouse yet again to take out the trash, and it’s 10pm and you’re tired and you just want to go to bed?

Your thoughts might be: Why can’t he remember? Trash day is always on Tuesdays, and here it is, 10pm on Monday and he’s still watching TV, oblivious.

Notice your thoughts. Notice what’s going on in your body as you think these thoughts.

Now, what if you shifted your thoughts to review the day from your spouse’s perspective? What did he actually do that day? Was his day particularly busy? Did he seem stressed? Did he mention that he had a tough day at the office?

How might that color your perspective? Your feelings? What’s going on in your body?

Our thoughts are energy, and our thoughts help to create our reality. Especially our emotional and physical reality.

Getting back to the Bates Method of vision improvement, he talks about how we can easily create tunnel vision. “Poor vision habits” is one of the three causes he cites for declining vision. Bates encouraged people to use their eyes in various ways, such as following the outline of a window or a painting on the wall, or shifting your gaze from near to far. This both rests and exercises the eye, and widens the ability to see in a wider range.

a man standing on top of a mountain with his arms wide open

Photo by Ryan Hoffman

One hundred years later, when we’re all staring at screens, tunnel vision is probably even more of a problem. The antidote is to get up, move your eyes as mentioned, gaze at something very near, then very far.

Dr. Liz Stanley, in her book Widen the Window, says that slowly moving your head and neck to gaze at neutral objects in the room calms the “survival brain” and allows the “thinking brain” more access to solutions and insights.

The physical ways to change perspective point to more metaphorical ways of “widening our window” to allow for several perspectives.

When you can begin to “see” from different perspectives, different points of view, it deepens your ability to be more compassionate, with other people, and even with yourself.

This is very good for your nervous system. The fear response does all kinds of nasty things to your body, when it becomes chronic. A neuroscientist, Dr. Jim Wilder, once told me that the circuit in the brain that’s associated with fear is the same one that curiosity rides on. So, if you consciously get curious about something that scares you, you interrupt that fear response. Your nervous system is not activated, and your higher functioning “thinking brain” can take over.

gray owl on brown wooden fence during daytime

Photo by Josh Mills

Curiosity, by its very nature, counters fear. It encourages us to explore and understand rather than avoid and fear the unknown. It is a great antidote to the uncertainty of these unprecedented times.

Next time you feel anxious, worried, or fearful because you’re facing uncertainty (possibly in the next two minutes), notice those feelings and then switch to curiosity. Try on different perspectives, as mentioned in my examples and the suggestions below. Train yourself to “see” multiple viewpoints at the same time.

Not only will that quell fear and anxiety, but it’s a whole lot more fun. It’s akin to the eye exercises Dr. Bates suggests retrain your eye muscles to their proper functioning. You’re training your “neurological muscles” to “see” in different ways, thus opening you up to new possibilities and countering the rigid thinking that locks you in fear.

Here are some fun things to try.

1. At different times of the day, check in with yourself and how you are seeing. What is my current perspective on what’s happening? Is this current way of seeing helpful? If it is not helpful, ask yourself: Can I shift my perception to a different way of seeing this? If you do shift your way of looking, evaluate: What changes? What changes in your experience of yourself (thoughts, feelings, body sensations), of others, of the world around you?

2. Like trying on different pairs of glasses, you can also “try on” different ways of seeing very deliberately.

man holding eyeglasses

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Some different “glasses” to try on and play with:

  • different emotions (anger, anxiety, shame, sadness, joy, tenderness, etc.)
  • a hurried, running-late person, or a sleep-deprived person, or a stressed person
  • some role(s) you hold (e.g. parent, child, spouse, professional role)
  • some identities you hold (e.g. your gender, race, age, ethnicity, nationality, religious identity)
  • open, spacious awareness
  • a person of faith, or a person with no faith

As you try on these different “glasses,” notice how you feel about yourself, what you notice about your mind state, body sensations and energy level, body posture, values, thought patterns, emotions, voice, and behavior.

You can also notice where your attention and awareness are drawn. With these “glasses” on, which cues are most prevalent about yourself and about the world around you? Notice how that way of looking affects your actual experience of yourself and others and the world.

3. Finally, you can start noticing the way others are perceiving the world, themselves, and other people. As you consume news, social media, and talk with people, notice their default ways of looking, and how that may be creating their experience of reality.

Does being able to see from their perspective open up new ways of understanding them for you? Does your appreciation of their perspective shift the way you perceive and relate to them? Can you bring non-judgmental curiosity to their ways of looking, even if they’re different from yours? Why or why not?

I hope you have fun with these exercises! In Part Four I will talk about a paradigm shift that can change everything.

If you would like more, ongoing help in healing and transforming your perspective (a.k.a. your whole life), check out my Align with Your Divine DesignTM program.

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