Best Healing Focus While Doing a Healing Code


I‘ve often thought that one of the reasons The Healing Codes work so well is that you spend the bulk of your time focusing on something very positive. It’s this meditative aspect that makes them work, I believe, possibly more than the technique itself.

Yes, you identify the negative “heart issue” to be healed (in your prayer of intention at the beginning). But then when you point to the Healing Center positions of a Healing Code, you make the energy coming out of your fingertips positive because of your positive thoughts.

(This may sound “woo-woo” but it is actually a quantum physics thing. The energy of your intention actually makes something happen in the world of matter.)

Knowing this, the question becomes:

“What is the most positive thing I can focus on while

doing a Healing Code?”

There really is no formula. It is whatever positive thing you want to. Whatever works for you. Experiment.

Having said that, I know some people want some specific tips. So . . .

If you’re visual, you might want to recall a happy memory, or a favorite place that makes you feel peaceful and as if all is right with the world.

If you’re more of a word person, you can pick one or more Truth Focus Statements that resonate with your heart.  (Get free ones from my website here.)

There is another focus that I believe is more powerful than anything.

Appreciation Moments

There is great positive energy in appreciation and gratitude. So one extremely effective focus is to recall something you deeply appreciate. It can be a special time with a significant other, or a conversation that touched your heart.

It can also be a time when God seemed especially real and near, especially personal. Recalling those appreciation or “God-touched” moments can be speed your healing exponentially.

On a practical note, if you’re focusing on such “God moments,” be prepared to have God take you further in. You might want to make sure you have some kind of timer going, so you can change positions with your Healing Code without having to break the flow of the meditation. (You can use the timer from my site, or you can use Elio’s Music for The Healing Codes with the prompts.)

With clients who want to, I do a Coach-Guided Code using this approach. It’s called Immanuel Prayer (Immanuel means “God with us”), and I have been trained in how to do it since 2012. I have developed a way to use it with The Healing Codes that is very powerful. If you are interested in exploring this, send me an email and I can give you more information.

So here are some ways to make the most of the Healing Codes. Try them and see what works for you.

For more on this topic, go here:

Feel free to comment and share your favorite focus while doing Healing Codes!

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It was an great article. Thank you.

Please explain about the condition when we can’t love yourself and others, especially when they bother us!

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