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We can’t align with our divine design unless we’re in good health.

Therefore, I will selectively start including resources to encourage better health, on this blog and in my newsletter.

Some of them will be summits, which are usually open to view for free for a limited time. I will keep this page updated on which summits are current.

Some of my resources will be products. I will link to the product reviews on this page as I add them.

I have pretty strict criteria for recommending products, which you can review here. Once I can recommend a product, I usually become an affiliate for it. You pay the same amount if you use my affiliate link, but I get a small commission. That helps pay for my time offering free information to anyone who cares to access it. I thank you for using my links if you decide to order a product.

Products to Help Mitigate Toxins

If you haven’t yet read my series on Hidden Stressors, I encourage you to do so. In Part 4 I talk about hidden physical stressors, such as toxins, that tax the nervous and immune systems without our really being aware of it. 

Here is a list of things I use to either mitigate the effects of toxins, or support the immune system.

To deal with toxins around the home: Truly Free

You can get all kinds of non-toxic products from this company, from dishwasher soap, laundry products that don’t leave any residue on your clothing, hand soaps, cleaners of all kinds, and more. Right now they’re having a sale on their Dishwasher Machine cleaner, which to be honest, I haven’t yet tried. I love their Dishwasher soap, laundry products, Aloe hand soap, and the Fruit & Veggie Wash. My experience has been that their cleaners work better than anything else: they get things cleaner and are non-toxic.



To Clean the Air: Air Doctor

Air Doctor products While there are many other good products on the market to clean your indoor air, I personally use Air Doctor. I have one on each floor, and it’s been interesting to discover that it turns onto high often when our gas stove is going. I’m learning that gas stoves can release carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other harmful pollutants into the air. The fact that the Air Doctor turns on high when I’m cooking confirms that. I’m glad I have an Air Doctor! Not only does it clean the air well, it’s one of the most cost-effective air filters out there. (I looked into other options before I settled on the Air Doctor.) 

To filter your water: Berkey Water Filter

What I love about the Berkey:

  • it uses gravity, not electricity

  • the water tastes great

  • it removes just about everything 

For a while the PF2 filters, which is all I know that can take out fluoride and arsenic, were not available. Happily, I just ordered some, so I’m hoping Berkey was able to solve their distribution issue.

I also have a water distiller, which gets out everything but I don’t like the taste. Also, it uses a lot of electricity. I go back and forth between the Berkey and the distiller. I also treat all my water with the Halo: you first “structure” the water by shining the Water Structuring vial into the water, then can add the other chemistry by simply shining the light in the water with the vials in place. In this way I can add back vitamins, mineral, EFAs and much more, and continually “drink my medicine.”

Products to Support Healthy Functioning

The products below, among many others, are all based on the emerging field of biofield science, a paradigm that, in contrast to a reductionist, chemistry-centered viewpoint, emphasizes the informational content of biological processes; biofield interactions are thought to operate in part via low-energy or “subtle” processes such as weak, nonthermal electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or processes potentially related to consciousness and nonlocality. (Here is an interesting review of  many successful research studies that clarifies the potential of frequency-based devices.)

The Holos devices (next generation from the c.Balance)

Perhaps you’ve heard of PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies—not to be confused with the damaging EMF radiation). What I love about the Holos devices is:

  • they’re  wearable

  • gives 24/7 personalized energetic support

  • works on all systems of the body to bring everything into balance

  • no complicated programs

  • “boost” programs offer personalized support as needed

  • and much more!

Click to learn more about this amazing device.


  1.  This device provides immediate relief with NO SIDE EFFECTS for any kind of discomfort: headaches, digestion, joint/muscles/spine/neck pain.

  2. Use coupon code EBLE15 for 15% off any product (excepting #3 below).
  3. If you currently have a c.Balance (the first generation of Holos) and want to upgrade to a Holos Balance or Balance Plus, contact me for a special discount code for your order.

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