Birth, Trauma–and YOUR Healing


Every so often, a particular topic/theme/image comes up several times in one day, and I can't help but pay attention.

One day recently it was babies, and birth. And it occurred to me that this is something that affects each one of us, because each of us was born and the before, during, and after birth experiences might be the very thing that blocks our healing.

Here's why all this struck me.

First, in the morning I got a delightful email from a client in Denmark who just had a baby the week before. This woman had lost several pregnancies and really wanted to get pregnant. We did custom Healing Codes before she conceived, and all through the pregnancy. That morning she sent a photo of her new baby girl. She is absolutely gorgeous and perfect–one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen (aside from my own two, of course!). The mother says she's already very sweet and settled–"a true Healing Codes baby!" You can actually FEEL this just by looking at the picture of this adorable baby girl.

Then, in working with two different clients that day, a birth trauma presented for each of them. On the Healing Codes Cutting Edge program, Tom Costello talked about what birth is, and how traumatic it probably is for most of us, and how to use The Healing Codes to clear such trauma.

Finally, a client sent me a document she wants to work through about praying for an unborn baby, to clear generational issues.

So you can see why the topic of birth and babies was on my mind that day

But why am I sharing this with you?

Because it is a good idea to do a Healing Code for any cellular memories from the time when you were in utero, and another one for your actual birth. I suggest doing

the Universal Code (from the book; there is also a video demonstration on my site).

In the prayer of intention, you can ask God to heal "any negative images, negative entanglements, and destructive generational cellular memories, as well as any wrong beliefs or traumas absorbed from the environment and other people" while in utero, or from the birth experience. If you do this and you KNOW either your in utero and/or birth experience was likely traumatic, and you're not experiencing relief of your key issues after addressing them with The Healing Code, you might want to consider coaching. I can test to see if there are other issues, such as generational issues, that may be affecting you.

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, or someone you know is in this position, doing Healing Codes for the baby is a wonderful thing. You can go one step further, and regularly pray blessings on that baby's spirit.

(I say spirit because I believe that the spirit exists at the moment of conception, whereas the soul is more tied to the body and develops later, as the brain and nervous system devleop. The spirit has a 10-month lead on the soul, and you can begin nurturing a baby's spirit right away. Arthur Burk has several teachings on this, and an album called "Baby Blessings: Names of God." which is free. You can also listen to these for yourself.)

I think Tom Costello is right: Birth was probably traumatic for all of us. And in the womb, isn't it likely that we picked up on some negativity, from our mother or others we would have heard? One client has been working on healing the trauma of a bitter argument between herself and her husband while her son was in utero; she intuitively feels it was very damaging to her son.

There is another thing to address, and that would be what's passed down between mother and child through nursing. Arthur Burk has a fascinating teaching on that, called The Sound of Light. That is another free teaching.

Clearing up these "foundational" memories just may be the turning point for you in your healing. I hope so!


  1. Kathy Knebel says:

    Hi Diane,

    That's interesting that you would mention Arthur Burk.  I did Prayer Ministry with a couple who have a ministry called Places in the Father's Heart.  I don't think a lot of healing took place though, and that was five years ago.  Could you tell me a litte bit about what working with you is like? 


    Kathy Knebel

    • diane says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I meet with clients via phone or Skype, we discuss their issue, and my goal is to get at what their heart/spirit is telling me needs healing. Then I get a custom Healing Code to neutralize the negative frequency of their issue (which is what the Healing Codes do). When that is healed, it seems to free up the spirit/heart to be open to receive more of God and also to express more fully who the person is. I believe that, unlike therapy which deals with the soul (i.e. conscious memories and wounds), what The Healing Codes do is heal wounds of the spirit/heart, which is deeper and more unconscious. Thus Arthur Burk, with his many insightful teachings on the human spirit, has been a huge help for me in understanding the human spirit/heart and what it is we’re healing with The Healing Codes. More about how I work can be found at

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