Breakthrough in Healing


I had a recent breakthrough in an issue that I’ve been trying to heal, off and on, for a number of years.

It healed me on all levels: relationally, spiritually, and physically.

The breakthrough came through a total shift in perspective toward a particular person. It felt like God was breaking through, showing me how He sees this person. What resulted was nothing short of miraculous, at least to me.

The peace that had eluded me finally came in–and has stayed with me, even as things in my outer world became turbulent.

The relationship improved at least 80%, and just in time: a crisis hit almost immediately. Without my new perspective, I would have responded very, very differently. Now, I am in the crisis still with this amazing peace, and able to truly be a support to this person in the crisis that affects both of us.

In fact, I’m feeling nothing but peace, love, hope, and even joy in the midst of a lot of uncertainty in our outer world.

This, my friends, is what healing from a heart issue looks like.

It’s not that things are perfect on the outside. They are not. A few weeks ago, I might have felt like my world was falling apart. But now I’m able to be fully in the present, without the overlay of memories of the past coloring the present. In the present, I am finding grace to deal with what is, now.

Interestingly, a nagging physical issue also seems to have healed.

A few years ago, I started getting headaches. I researched all about headaches, and these didn’t fit ANY kind I read about.

I made changes. I learned from The Healthy Back Institute that I had been doing exercises that kept strengthening muscles that were already strong, and further weakening weak muscles, leading to a muscle imbalance. I quit doing the wrong exercises and that helped.

Then I went to physical therapy and learned exercises to strengthen the neck muscles. That helped even more.

I started doing the MELT Method, and that also helped a lot. Overall, MELT has been wonderful to getting rid of the “stuck stress” on a daily basis (mostly from sitting all day in front of a computer).

Still, I would get the headaches occasionally. I kept doing Healing Codes for whatever issue was bothering me, addressing this relational issue every so often. I suspected the headaches did have something to do with the relational issue, but I never kept addressing it until it resolved. Perhaps I didn’t really believe it ever would resolve. Perhaps other things needed to heal first.

When I finally had my breakthrough 3 weeks ago … the headaches have not come back.

To me, this is a picture of how healing happens. Sometimes you have to keep at it and keep at it. Other things you do (exercises, MELT for instance), help a lot, but you need that final, spiritual healing of the heart issue for healing to be complete.

It also points out that a relationship issue can be a big factor in even a physical challenge. I encourage you, especially if you have an issue that isn’t healing, to explore whether there’s a relational component to it. There are several assessments on my Healing Codes Coaching freebies page to help you pinpoint what it is.

Don’t underestimate the importance of addressing relationship issues, whether it’s a relationship with some other person, yourself, or God. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a relational component of some kind to every physical or success issue.

And if you would like personalized coaching to identify and get a custom Healing Code for your particular issue, visit my site at www.HealingCodeCoaching.com to get your custom Healing Codes.

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Thank you Diane for your wonderful site – I find it a most useful resource. I was interested to read about headaches and relationship issues as I think I am in a similar situation. My (much trusted) energy healing therapist is very positive about the Healing Codes and believes them to be powerful. But – for me – she is concerned about the process of singling out separate memories to work on as I have a lifetime from a very difficult family background. She feels that this process is just too overwhelming and exhausting, and suggests simply doing the codes and focussing on… Read more »

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