Breakthroughs vs. Microsteps


We all want breakthroughs, don’t we?

The sudden insight that leads to a whole new way of thinking and being.

The Healing Code that turns everything around. (This happened to me only TWO OR THREE TIMES in the 16 years I’ve been doing Healing Codes.)

You know in your heart that, despite the wonderful testimonials of people experiencing a great transformation from whatever X product or modality they’re using, it rarely happens that way.

(The rarity keeps the hope alive, though, and that’s not a bad thing. I’ll explain in a moment.)

What actually happens is that, as we consistently practice whatever effective modality we’re doing (yes, it does need to prove efficacious), microchanges happen.

There’s a scientific explanation for this; it has to do with the brain, and bypassing the amygdala, that part of the brain that activates the fight/flight response of your nervous system:

“Small, easily achievable goals — such as picking up and storing just one paper clip on a chronically messy desk — let you tiptoe right past the amygdala, keeping it asleep and unable to set off alarm bells. As your small steps continue and your cortex starts working, the brain begins to create “software” for your desired change, actually laying down new nerve pathways and building new habits.” –Dr. Robert Maurer, One Small Step Can Change Your Life

Photo by David Cain on Unsplash

So do not despise small changes! They are actually the building blocks for those possible breakthroughs.

Every time you do a Healing Code, you chip away at your issue. You lessen the stress in your autonomic nervous system and allow your body’s natural processes to grow stronger and to heal you.

Every time you make a small change in the direction of that new energy you have set for yourself, you add another brick to firm up your foundation of transformation.

Notice the small changes. Celebrate the small changes. I heard that noticing and celebrating even very small successes does much to counteract the natural negative bias of the brain. You begin to veer more and more in the direction of that change you wish to see.

And perhaps, one day, you will experience a breakthrough. But make no mistake: it was built on your microsteps of staying in the energy of your desired intentions.

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