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As I write this, many people from all over the world have been “sheltering in place,” to one degree or another, for at least a month.

In that time, we have all been thrown into collective grief and shock, because the changes have happened so swiftly, so totally.

Every aspect of our lives have changed—forever.

Things will never be the same.

We need to grieve that. There are some days when grief looms large indeed for me.

Grief not only for what I’ve lost, but as a Highly Sensitive empath, I also feel the pain of countless others who are suffering.

Suffering the loss of loved ones. Loss of work. Loss of a business into which they have poured themselves.

And I can’t even think of the children who are abused, trapped in homes with parents who formerly could not bear the stress, and who now are at the breaking point.

Or other victims of domestic violence.

For everyone, a way of life has been changed forever, more or less, in one way or another.

How do we cope? Is there any way to come out of this crisis stronger?

I believe there is. If we can embrace the hidden invitations of this strange time, we will develop strengths that we can bring into the “new normal” we will soon, we hope, be able to forge. 

What we need is resilience. Here are two steps  to develop your resilience.

Step One: Find the Joy Amid the Suffering

The first hidden invitation, and a big part of the healing process, is to learn to find joy even in the midst of the suffering.

Joy? In the midst of suffering? Is that possible? Read More→

Last week we celebrated Easter–Resurrection Day. When I went outside in my garden, the hyacinths were in bloom and there was even a butterfly on the blossoms. Spring was coming! After such a long winter, I was more than ready. A gardener friend told me it was unusual to see a butterfly this early in the season.


On my walk, I reveled in the robins bobbing along the ground, the magnolia bush with its delicate blossoms.


This was the world before COVID-19. Full of hope, full of life, expecting spring to come. (I speak metaphorically, as obviously COVID-19 hit well before April 12.)

Then, on April 15: SNOW! And on April 17: even more snow!

Here’s our home after the snowfalls.

Snow in the middle of April is NOT “normal,” even in the Midwest.

It felt like, “When will spring ever come? What will happen to the daffodils and the hyacinths?”

(It feels like, “When will this tiresome shelter-in-place ever end?)

And yet . . . when I went on my walk, I was struck by the unusual beauty of snow on green plants and daffodils, and on the tree branches.

I don’t have a video or a picture of what happened next, because it happened too quickly.

As I walked along the side of our tree-lined street, suddenly the wind blew, and big blobs of snow from the trees rained down all around me. It was not like regular snowflakes; these were much larger, and they were beautiful.

It was a magical moment, especially as I lifted my head to look up, and the snow blobs gently fell on my head and face. Somehow it felt like a blessing.

I would not have experienced this magical moment apart from this unwanted snowstorm that came when I was longing for spring. I’m so glad I didn’t miss it!

I didn’t miss it because I did not hole up inside, pouting about the snow, sighing over what it might do to the flowers. I was present. Present to whatever the moment would bring.

I went out to experience and discover whatever was, rather than what I wanted it to be.

So I got my magical moment. A moment in time when the unexpected happened–an unusual snow shower, exquisitely beautiful, at a time when it “shouldn’t” have been snowing, according to “normal” expectations.

Now, during this unprecedented shutdown of spring 2020, there is no “normal.” We are in an unusual time, an exceptional time, a perplexing time, even a fearful time. A very “not normal” time.

But I’m convinced that even in this unusual, exceptional, perplexing and even a fearful “not normal” time, there are gifts. Gifts that wouldn’t be possible in more “normal” times.

What “magical moment” might be there for you, right now, right here, even in this time of not normal shutdown?

Grab them. Look for them. Write them down daily. Savor them.

And remember–this too shall pass. By the end of the day on the second day of snow, the several inches of snow were melted. We did not have to shovel the driveway.

And the daffodils, heads bowed in peaceful submission, still showed strong and beautiful.

This unusual, exceptional, perplexing and fearful time will not last forever. We will get through this. There will be a new “normal.”

What “magical moments” have you experienced, even in the midst of the “not normal”?

Share your stories below, or on my Facebook page!



Note: Although this was written on and for April 11, 2020, the day between Good Friday/Passover and Easter, I believe it is also very applicable to this “in between time” of What Was (before COVID-19) and What Will Be once we get through this pandemic.

This week is Holy Week in my spiritual tradition, the week in which we walk through the last days of the life of Jesus, especially his death on a cross. And tomorrow—the Resurrection!

Yesterday was also Passover, the remembrance among the Jewish people of the liberation from slavery the Lord God brought through Moses.

Normally, Holy Week means several church services: Maundy Thursday, with a focus on Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, when we also wash each other’s feet and celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

Then, different services for Good Friday. And today, our church usually holds an Easter Vigil, where through song, dance, drama and music we walk through the entire Redemption history. It will culminate in a joyous celebration tomorrow, with ringing of bells as we make a “joyous, holy noise” and children and adults alike (pastor as well) dance around the sanctuary.

This year, of course, Holy Week is completely different.

This year, we huddle around computer or phone to follow along with the Livestream worship services from our homes, isolated from the congregation. (Join us, if you don’t have a great church!)

This year, only my husband and I washed each other’s feet on Maundy Thursday.

But you know what? There was something ineffably sweet about that foot-washing between Gene and me in the intimacy of our own home, with the strains of “Spiegel Im Spiegel” coming through the phone.

And I was reminded of some words that came to me awhile back, which I wrote about in the context of grief back then.

“Just because things are different, doesn’t mean they

still can’t be good.”

We are all in a collective grief. Nothing is the same. Almost overnight, our whole way of life has been stripped away.

So many losses. For some, tragically, it’s actual loss of life. For most of us, it’s a loss of the way of life that we once knew.

And why?

All because of an unseen foe—a novel virus we don’t understand yet—that has the power to induce death and destruction of life as we knew it.

And yet . . . I believe that there is another Unseen Force that has the power to overcome this foe.

Actually, it’s not a force, it’s a Person.

This is what we remembered in the holy day that just passed. Passover: protection from the angel of death via faith and the blood of a lamb, and the liberation from slavery. It took the mighty hand of God, overcoming the forces of nature and the power of man, but it happened. The Jewish people were set free from their bondage in Egypt, and God led them through the wilderness eventually, to the Promised Land. (It would have been sooner if they had believed he could do it. Hmmmm…..)

And Good Friday, that day when Jesus, the Son of God who had taken on our flesh, also took on our sin (read: that force that pulls us down no matter how hard we try to be good) and suffered the effects of it fully in our place. The day he spilled his blood, and in that act, made it possible that we can be protected from true and final death–separation from God.

That is where we are, today, April 11, the day between Good Friday and Easter. That is where we are, today, April 11, huddled in our homes like the Israelites of old while the angel of death passed over, killing all the firstborn except in homes where the blood of a lamb was smeared on the doorposts.

Today, we grieve like Jesus’ disciples, perhaps feeling, like them, that all is lost.

Today, Jesus’ body was in the tomb, but where was his spirit? I believe it was facing down evil, as I saw in my vision. (If you haven’t seen my video of “King Jesus Faces Down Evil,” you can view it here.)

But tomorrow—tomorrow we will celebrate Easter. Easter, which is not about bunnies and colored eggs and new clothes. These things seem so trivial now, don’t they?

The true meaning of Easter–the Resurrection of Jesus–has not changed. Easter is about New Life springing from death. It is about death and all its effects being conquered.

Have you ever stopped to think what a mind bender it would have been to Jesus’ followers to have him appear to them alive? THAT is what turned the world upside down. To have a person actually rise from the dead was unheard of. It ushered in a whole new paradigm, a whole new way of thinking and living and understanding. There really is a God who cared enough about human beings to become one of us, to live our lives from the inside, to die the death we were meant to die, and then to rise from the dead, ever living to offer a whole new life in which the unseen world is more real than the seen.

We have been faced with the unseen foe, and it is very real. Let’s remember the unseen Victor who first tasted death for us, then conquered death and evil.

Tomorrow, let’s remember that the Unseen Victor is truly alive. He lives now in the hearts of everyone who receives him. And what he does now, is to make all things new (Revelation 21:5).

He is Lord of everything in heaven and earth, and that means coronavirus as well. In his Word, he promises that he will make all things work out for good for those who love him, who personally call him Lord (Romans 8:28). He promises that “neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation including coronavirus!], will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:38-39).

THIS is the promise of Easter. This promise does not change. Hope is still alive, because the Source of all hope is alive.

And just because Easter will not be the same this year as it was in years past, doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Doesn’t mean it can’t be a time of rebirth into a new life for us. Doesn’t mean we can’t have joy.

Perhaps there can be more joy, because it’s based on what does not change, even as everything else has changed.

There is a movement afoot to go outside and “raise a Hallelujah” at noontime on Easter, wherever you are, by ringing bells, banging on pots and pans, and shouting, “He is risen! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!” for one minute.

You will see me outside “raising my Hallelujah.” I will not have lost my mind. Only my clinging to “the way things were” to be embraced by this Love and to embrace whatever Love will bring.

I know it will be good, in one way or another.



The real threat of the current pandemic may not be the virus itself, but the pandemic of fear, worry, anxiety, even panic that many feel.

And the real cause of the fear is that nobody really knows enough about this virus. So what we’re dealing with are the feelings of fear of the unknown, uncertainty, and a lack of control.

For some of us, the current state of affairs may be triggering memories of other times in our life when we felt that way. This only amplifies the negative emotions.

These emotions definitely can suppress the immune system. Most of the people who contract the coronovirus survive it—unless their immune system is compromised in some way.

So it seems to me that if we can regain a sense of perspective and a sense of control, and if we can do everything we can to keep our immune system strong, then even if we come into contact with this or any other virus or pathogen, our bodies will be able to fight it off.

I offer two things to help you with this. The first is for perspective, to address the fear, and  the second is something that will strengthen your body’s energetic system so it will be at its best.

For perspective, read my article, “What is FEAR–Really?” It will give you a practical way to grab hold of any fear etc. and harness the resources available to heal and help you get through this tough time.

The second is a free, Coach-Guided Healing Code to address any fear, anxiety, worry, or “no control” issues that are surfacing for you, not just because of CoVid-19 but because of other times in your life when you’ve felt that way. When we clear those away, your immune system will have more internal resources to fight viruses and indeed, any pathogen or toxin that comes your way. That is how The Healing Codes work: while they don’t address any physical issues directly, they neutralize the negative frequency of unhealed negative memories, images, feelings, and beliefs that send out stress signals to the cells in your body, causing the cells to go into a closed, disease-prone state. Change the frequencies, and you stop the stress signals, and your cells can move into open, healing mode.

To access this free, Coach-Guided Code, I ask that you sign up here to get properly oriented and receive the access information. It was a live call on March 31, 2020, but the recording is now available for anyone who signs up.

People have written to thank me.

Nadina L  said: “Dear Diane, I want to thank you from my heart for sharing this strong healing code. Thank you so much for your loving action. For the first time in weeks I slept a deep refreshing sleep and feel much calmer and protected and of course I will keep on doing it.It means so much to me that people reach out to others these days. God bless you, Nadina”

Becky M. said, “Thank you so much. I was able to finally listen to the replay tonight after my son went to bed. It was exactly what I needed to hear and do tonight. Parts had me in tears because it was so spot on.I appreciate all that you are doing.”

May this special Coach-Guided Healing Code also bring you healing and peace. 💕

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Think Small for Big Changes

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At the beginning of a new year, lots of people advise us to “think big. Don’t let limiting beliefs hinder your big dreams.”

I wrote recently about aligning yourself with God’s dream for your life. He’s the one who can think big. “Beyond all we can ask or imagine. . . .”

Big is God’s realm.

CC BY-ND by Shutterbug Fotos

And we certainly can limit ourselves from achieving God’s big dream by our own limiting beliefs.

Yet . . .  I don’t know about you, but when I think too big, I get overwhelmed. And that triggers the old “fight or flight” response to kick in, I’m in stress mode, and things do not flow.

When I get a glimpse of God’s vision for my life, what usually comes next is some small next step to take toward that vision.

CC BY-NC-ND by Etolane

What works for me is to think small, in the sense of “baby steps.” (Remember Bill Murray in “What about Bob?”) Small changes are what seem to lead to the biggest results.

Small, but let me add, consistent steps in one direction yield the best results. I love the title of one of Eugene Peterson’s book, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. That is what a good life looks like: a long obedience–step by step, day by day–in the same (good) direction. Small, daily choices. Things we can do: smile at someone, express appreciation, choose the vegetables over the pastry, get up and move instead of watching yet another episode of your favorite Netflix show.

As God sets the direction and offers you the vision, he also gives you the next “baby step.” He shines a light on just the next step, lest you get overwhelmed. Isn’t that kind of Him?

That’s a sign to me, actually, that you’re in touch with God’s vision–when the vision excites you but doesn’t overwhelm, when the next small step is revealed and feels very natural and right, when you are peace with “creating as you go” rather than having to see the end goal clearly.

What’s the next “baby step” in God’s vision for your life?

If you don’t know it, there’s probably a block of some sort. If you would like assistance in finding and removing the block, consider getting some coaching from me at






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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I hardly ever promote products (other than summits). 

That’s because, frankly, I have to get that “click in my spirit” that tells me there’s something really special about this, before I can really get behind it.

That’s only happened a few times in my life. Each time, the results have been significant–for me and for others.

It happened when I first heard about The Healing Codes. Result: thousands of people helped to heal through the book I helped Dr. Alex Loyd publish, and the clients I’ve personally coached.

 It happened when I heard about Immanuel Prayer, and got trained. Result: an ongoing, unbelievable personal connection with Jesus Christ, and many people I’ve facilitated experiencing the same thing.

It happened with the Halo. Result: I and many of my clients who bought it got healthier.

It happened when I signed up for a coaching program for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs. Result: business miracles are already happening for me, as I’m learning tools to move me toward using my HS strengths (and developing some of my own–for you!). Side note: If you are Highly Sensitive and self-employed, or want to be, sign up here so I can keep you posted on resources that will help you, too, thrive.

It happened when I signed up for Julie Bjelland’s course and Sensitive Empowerment group. Result: the skills I’m learning to use to move from HS coping to HS thriving have been life-changing—for me and my clients.

These are the few products that have produced a “click in my spirit.” As I come across more, I will add them here.  If you have signed up for my Healing Heart Issues Weekly Digest, you’ll hear about them! Here are my further, more objective criteria for what I recommend.

I’ve been writing lately about aligning yourself with God’s dream for your life. As I work with clients to do this, we are finding God gladly is leading the way. It’s been practically miraculous.

God apparently is more interested in connecting us with his dream than we are. How encouraging is that!?

As I reflect on this for my own life, I can remember times that were key turning points for me. Times when I got what feels like a “click in my spirit.”

Could that click be my spirit aligning with God’s Spirit and dream for my life? You know, when something seems to fall into place, and just feel right, down to your very toes?

Seems so, as I look back.

When my father told me, when I was young, “If you love reading, you will never be bored,” I realize now there was a click in my spirit. I’ve been a reader ever since, and I’m never bored.

When an elderly friend once said, “Cultivate a lot of interests when you’re young, and when you’re old, you will have that to fall back on,” that clicked in my spirit as being a word of wisdom. I have lots of interests and trust they will help me continue to connect with life as I age.

When I fell in love with publishing in college, it was another click. Even though people told me “it’s impossible to break into publishing,” that is what I wanted to do and I knew somehow it would happen. And you know what? My very first job out of college, was in publishing. And I secured that job even before I graduated (a downright miracle back in 1978, when English professors were driving cabs because there were no jobs for English majors). That first job out of college, producing a radio program for a publishing company, remains one of my all-time favorite jobs. (I was doing what would now be a podcast, way back then!)

I look for that “click in my spirit” before I do anything, these days. The more you pay attention, the more you can recognize it. The more you heal the blocks to your own spirit and to God’s Spirit, the more you will feel it.

If you would like me to assist you in aligning with God’s dream for your life, it will produce a “click in my spirit” to do so. Sign up for coaching at

If you would like to know what few products I recommend that have produced that “click in my spirit,” go here.

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A Meditation for Forgiveness

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We all know how important forgiveness is, but in my experience it’s one of the trickiest things to do.

For one thing, you may think you have forgiven someone, but somewhere in your heart is a hurt little child who has not forgiven. The adult you forgives. The adult you can understand that your parents, for instance, didn’t give you what you needed because they themselves didn’t get it. Your adult you can forgive your parents.

But somewhere inside there may be a 4-year-old part that still doesn’t understand why mommy didn’t take the time to notice that big sister would always bully you. That four year old feels sad, confused, hurt and angry. The adult you can forgive all you want, but unless those feelings from the four year old part are addressed and healed, the trapped energy will remain in your body.

If you have an illness or disease, it’s worth exploring what unaddressed “heart issues” might be under the tip of the iceberg. The tip itself could be resentment, anger, frustration or hurt toward someone. If you find it hard to forgive someone, or even if you’ve made the “decision” to forgive but haven’t really explored and healed at a deeper level, then it’s worth taking some time to address that issue.

I have a meditation I and others have used that works very well with this. (You can even use this with someone who has passed away.)

Steps to Forgiveness Meditation

The first step is to make a list of the people toward whom you still feel any resentment. Include what each person did and how it affected you.

You will need to do the meditation for each person on your list. Start wherever you want: either the person you resent the most, or the least.

Imagine that person is sitting in a chair opposite you. There is a chain connecting the two of you, and a big hook in your heart and the other person’s heart as you are connected by the chain.

Read your list, aloud if you like. After each harmful action of theirs and how it affected you, say while “looking” at them: “And I forgive you.”

Once you’ve gone through your list, sit quietly, eyes closed, and imagine Jesus (or God) standing between you, a little off to the side of the chain that hangs between you and the other person.

Turn to God and ask him to cut the chain that connects you. This is an act of humility and faith. You acknowledge that this is something you really can’t do for yourself; you need God’s help. Know that God is very happy and quite able to do this for you.

Instead of cutting the chain, however, what he does is come to you and gently remove the hook from your heart. He lays his hand on your heart and heals the wound from the hook. Take your time with this. Allow yourself to feel that healing grace flow from his hand to heal your heart wound. You might even lay your own hand there. Feel the warmth.

Next, watch as Jesus goes to the other person, and gently removes the hook from his or her heart. Watch as he lays his hand on the other person’s heart and heals just the way he healed you. Let yourself feel compassion for the other person. He or she also had been wounded. And now you’re both healed.

Jesus throws away the whole chain into a vast abyss, hooks and all. There is no sign of any of it.

Now Jesus is inviting you both into a three-way embrace: you, the other person, and Jesus. Let yourself feel how everything is made right.

I believe that if you are willing to try this, and open to God actually doing something, you will be able to truly forgive.

I suggest you do this meditation outside of your Healing Code sessions. You may need to do some Healing Codes just to get to the point of doing this meditation.

After this meditation, if you still feel any residual resentment, keep doing Healing Codes, perhaps focusing as you do so on some aspect of the meditation:

  • the fact that there is a painful hook in each of your hearts that you really want removed

  • your desire for Jesus to remove the hooks and chain

  • seeing/feeling him lay his hands on the other person’s heart or your heart

  • seeing him throw away the chain

  • the moment when the three of you embrace

When you are able to feel that the embrace is “true,” and there is no “charge” when you think of that person, no resentment, you will know you have truly forgiven–from the heart.

Get ready for a new chapter in your healing, and perhaps in your relationship! Because when you truly forgive, you free yourself from one of the most destructive energies there is, and open yourself up to receiving more grace than you knew was possible.

For a printed version of this meditation, go here. For further help in healing your heart issues, visit and check out my coaching and the freebies there. For more on how Diane can guide you in healing connections with God through Immanuel Prayer, go here.

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Here is a question that is often asked in some form,  especially by those who are just starting out with The Healing Codes:

“The terrible feelings and thoughts are not going away, and even when I’m doing The Healing Code, unwanted thoughts get in the way of my positive focus.”

Read the whole question and my answer here.

More FAQ about The Healing Codes.

‘There are far, far better things ahead than

any we leave behind.’ C.S. Lewis

I wrote this on New Year’s Eve, 2019. But this process of evaluation and aligning yourself with God’s Dream for your life can be done any time.

I love this time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when everything slows down and there’s time for reflection.

I’ve seen some excellent suggestions for reviewing the past year/decade and welcoming the new, such as this “Simple Guide to Reviewing 2019 and Creating Your Dream 2020.”

But as I was thinking through my own answers, I realized that I don’t only want to pursue my dreams.  I want to align myself with God’s Dream, God’s plan, God’s purposes. My dreams may or may not come about. But God’s dream . . . God’s dream for me will always happen, as long as I listen and cooperate rather than get in his way.

What I’ve done over the past decade (help people heal their heart matters)–that was God’s dream. I was an editor and publishing coach who was, frankly, burned out on the whole publishing industry. I desperately needed a change. I had no idea that I had any gift for helping people heal. NO IDEA. I “happened” to listen to an interview about The Healing Codes, eventually got the Healing Codes Manual, did the Codes, had the mini stroke (TIA), went through the procedure to close up the hole in my heart, only to find it had already “spontaneously” closed up in the 4 months I had been doing The Healing Codes. I contacted Alex Loyd, he asked me to work with him to get The Healing Code published, and the rest is history. Thousands of people helped, and a whole new direction launched for me that has proved wildly fulfilling.

It was God’s dream. God, “who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us . . .” (Ephesians 3:20). I had no idea any of this was even possible.

Now, I feel on the cusp of discovering a new dream he has for me. And I’m very excited about it.

How do we get in touch with God’s dream for us? Below are some steps to take. Everything starts with Connecting. Once were are connected to God, we can receive his messages through our own spirit, as informed by prayer and His Word, as well as our own past experiences with God. I can also ask my body, through the subtle energy testing I’ve learned to do.  The spirit and the body tap into an intelligence that goes beyond consciousness, I believe.

Then, we do the next thing. Take the next step that is clear. God’s leading me to my new direction more than a decade ago happened when I kept taking the next natural step.

The very first step is to Connect with God.

This may not be as easy as it seems. Many of us don’t really know who True God is. I say “True God” because I believe there is a true God that exists whether we believe in him or not, and he is beyond any distorted filters that cloud our vision. These filters stem from how our parents treated us. They were, after all, God to us as babies and young children. If we were not treated as if we mattered, if we were abused or neglected, then it’s hard for us to emotionally connect with God.

However, I suggest you keep trying. Ask True God to reveal himself. He desires to do so. Keep an open, humble heart. Learn about who he really is from the Scriptures, which is where he revealed himself. (You may need a little help with this. Get a modern translation, such as the English Standard Version, that is still true to the original language. Just read with an open heart, starting with the easier books: Psalms, and/or the Gospels. My experience is that Scripture is a living Word, if we open ourselves to God communicating to use through it. Remember, he’s seeking you more than you’re seeking him!)

Once you connect with God, however imperfectly, here are some questions you can use in this process of asking God to reveal his perspectives, his plans, his goals. Because I am a word person, certain words have come to mind as a focus point. I also like to address God by the many names and images he has given us.

  • Release.  Lord God, what do you want me to release from my life, things that no longer serve me or your purposes for me?
  • Restore. Heavenly Father, is there anything that was lost, stolen or taken from me, that you desire to restore to me?
  • Renew.  Creator God, is there anything that has gone into hibernation or even died, that you want to renew to new life? Is there anything brand-new that you want to create, that is beyond anything in my awareness now?
  • Heal. Jesus, what would you like to heal in my life? What old wounds that get triggered, what negative patterns do you desire to apply your power to heal? (I have realized I cannot do this on my own. I need God’s knowledge, wisdom, and power to find, open and heal deep-seated wounds. I get hints, through the things that triggered me. But only God knows the true source of my issues.)
  • Infuse. Holy Spirit, which of your wonderful qualities would you like to infuse into my spirit, that will flow to body and soul to continue the healing? (Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, trust, gentleness, humility, hope?)
  • Align. Heavenly Father, what actions do you want me to take that would best align me with what you want to Release, Restore, Renew, Heal, and Infuse in me? Are there particular people you want me to connect with, or causes that will move me toward your dream for me? (There’s a time for waiting on God, but when he gives you the next step, it’s time for action. “Nothing happens until something moves.”–Robert Ringer)

These questions excite me. I plan to spend New Year’s Eve and/or Day reflecting in my journal on these, and talking to my husband about them.

We are heading toward the year 2020. My prayer is that you will see with clear, 20/20 vision, God’s Dream for you. Or at least the next steps, which is often all he reveals at any given time.

I think I already have hints of what God intends for me.

Once in Immanuel Prayer, I got the image of Jesus and me sitting on a potter’s bench. He was behind me, his arms around me, his hands on mine guiding my hands on the lump of clay. I know nothing about making pottery, which is just where Jesus wanted me: totally dependent on his guiding me. At the time, I had no idea what we were making. I was to just yield to the process, to his guiding me. Yield to the intimacy of his closeness, arms around me, hands on mine.

A few days later, he did reveal what we were making: “A vase for flowers (beauty). Two mugs–one for just being present and enjoying a hot drink, one for holding your pencils and pens, because you are a writer. And a bowl for fruit–I intend you to be fruitful. Finally, a pitcher for water–to offer a cool drink to those who are thirsty.”

I look forward to finding out in the coming year all the ways these symbols will be manifested.

Ways to go deeper:

  • If you would like help in Releasing, Healing, Infusing or Aligning with God’s purposes, his Dream for you, contact me for some coaching at my site.
  • For more spiritual perspectives on healing go here.
  • Or, learn more about Immanuel Prayer, a process in which you can connect with Jesus directly to discern his dream for you.

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