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Resisting Medical Fear-mongering

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I listened to one of Pam Popper’s video clips on “How to Address Health Anxiety,” which got me to thinking and noticing the kinds of things doctors and the “medical world” are telling me.

(I recommend you listen to Pam’s message here.)

Examples . . .

Email from Medicare, subject line: “Are you at high risk for developing glaucoma? Find out.” Uh-oh, I’d better click on that link . . . (I did not.)

I saw an ophthalmologist for the first time last year. Is that why I got that email? Or is this just something they send to all us old people, to scare us?

The past few months I’ve seen several doctors, as I was due for “routine” medical tests, like a colonoscopy and DEXA scan. (I was warned by a doctor not to miss my annual Medicare checkup. She missed hers, and was told she had to start over as a new patient, even though she’d been seeing that doctor for 30 years! What gives here?)

Colonoscopy/endoscopy results: no cancer, some inflammation in esophagus. Diagnosis of GERD. Doctor says I must go on Omeprazole for 3 months. That’s to reduce the acid in my stomach. But my research and symptoms indicate that I might possibly have low stomach acid.

Why do I need to be treated? GERD can lead to Barrett’s esophagus and cancer” is the rationale given for medications to reduce stomach acid and treat GERD with the medications. But my research has brought up that “the number of people who develop Barrett’s esophagus is relatively small. . . . In the absence of Barrett’s esophagus, there is no strong evidence that GERD is a risk factor for developing cancer.”

These acid-blocker medications also likely increase the risk of hip fractures, possibly by 44% according to one study, if taken long term. Three months is not long term, and it may be good to try the acid-reducing meds. But I’ve had this issue ever since I was pregnant with my son, 32 years ago! It hasn’t seemed to do any long-term damage yet.

I have noticed that the healthiest people I know take few medications, and the unhealthiest people are on a lot of medications. Of course, you could argue that they take the medications because they’re unhealthy.

But I can’t help but wonder if the medications to treat symptoms are the actual cause of other symptoms, which then are treated by yet other medications. And before you know it, you’re a walking medicine cabinet!

Besides all that, I’m cautious about doing anything that may compromise my bone health.

Which brings me to the osteoporosis scare.

First, some background.

Decades ago I had surgery by an endocrinologist, who took out half my thyroid because of a cold nodule (that wasn’t cancerous). Of course I then had to take thyroid medication for the rest of my life. I respected this doctor (he’s now retired), because over the years he showed that he took a broader view of medicine, e.g. would prescribe supplements, talk about exercise, and prescribe things “he wasn’t supposed to,” such as Armour thyroid. He seemed to look at the research carefully, and he usually explained things to me. I think he got more open-minded as he got older (I saw him for something like 35 years!).

But he also told me, years after the surgery, that he deliberately gave me higher doses of the thyroid medications “to kill off the thyroid so we can control the Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.” So you destroy the thyroid before the Hashimoto’s can? What kind of medicine is that?

Osteoporosis in human bone illustration

Osteoporosis in human bone illustration
Image by brgfx on Freepik

He also told me that the reason he had to do a DEXA scan every year or two was that the thyroid meds harm my bones. And that I needed to go on Prolia, a shot to strengthen bones, to prevent fractures. He shrugged off any potential side effects when I asked, saying, “My patients do very well on it.” He did tell me if I broke a hip, that would be the end of me. “Most people die within a year of a hip fracture,” he said.

In those DEXA scans over the years, the hip scores would remain on the line between osteopenia and osteoporosis, but would fluctuate: now the right hip was osteoporotic, then that would be OK, and the left hip would be. That happened a number of times. The doctor said, upon seeing the improvements, “You’re on Prolia, right?”

I said, “No.” He repeated again, “You’re on Prolia, right?” As if that was the only explanation for any improvement.

Again I said no. When he said nothing, I said, I guess I should keep doing what I’m doing, right?” He had no answer.

More recently, after my latest DEXA scan, I visited a nurse practitioner specializing in bone health for followup. After questioning me about a number of things, including whether I take drugs like the one my gastroenterologist is prescribing for the GERD, she showed me a chart. (She didn’t ask about thyroid, but my research uncovered this: “Too much thyroid hormone or an overactive parathyroid or adrenal gland can bump up your risk.” The endocrinologist, in giving me too much thyroid hormone,  likely contributed to the osteoporosis.)

The chart depicted a continuum from healthy bones, to osteopenia, to osteoporosis. “You are off the chart low in the osteoporosis zone,” she said. (Actually, on the chart here, I’m still on the chart.)

She immediately recommended Tymlos. Fortuitously, I had received an email just the week before about osteoporosis meds, the pros and cons, and I knew that this was a drug that you could only stay on for 2 years because of the negative things it does to you. After two years, you had to go on the bisphosphonates like Fosamax for the rest of your life, presumably.

Not only that, but the potential side effects were scary. Two of them would have made my other issues worse: “ulcers of the esophagus” and “upper GI irritation.” (Why don’t they scare us about the right things?)

The nurse practitioner didn’t acknowledge this, but she did add that it’s not covered by insurance and it costs about $1000-1200 per month. I said that wasn’t an option, so she moved on to Prolia, which is covered by insurance (at $2000/shot, twice a year). Here we go again. I asked about side effects. She gave me a brochure about Prolia, adding, “Don’t let what they say about it scare you.”

What they said in the brochure, and actually emphasized, was that you can’t go off it or even delay the timing of the shots, or else you’re at greater risk of vertebral fractures. (And my spine is fine, it’s my one hip that’s osteoporotic.) So I’m not supposed to pay attention to the clear warnings from the drug manufacturer itself, or the research?

And I need to be on it for life, given the risk of stopping it? Sounds like a great business model to me (for the drug companies, that is).

I could actually go on with examples. You may well have your own stories of medical fear-mongering and entrapment into taking medications for the rest of your life.

I should also say fear-mongering does not only come from the world of allopathic medicine. Plenty of people touting alternative approaches also use fear.

Here are three subject lines from emails I just got today:

  • Could mineral deficiency be holding you back? (find out with big savings today)”

  • Olive oil’s dirty little secret”

  • “Scared of losing your ever-loving mind?”

Why use scare tactics? Because it works. Our survival brains are geared to look for danger and avoid it at all costs. It does sell products.

What’s the answer?

I turn to some words that were dropped into my mind out of the blue several months ago. All perspectives exist in the quantum realm. Choose the perspective that keeps you in gratitude, joy, and peace.

As I prayed to know the truth about the root causes of my symptoms (I was told by allopathic medical people that “you can’t know the root causes”), and opened myself up to new perspectives, it’s been remarkable how I’ve been led.

Re: the acid reflux, several different things surfaced for me to try before I start taking the meds (which I may do; I’m not categorically against all medications).

I feel led to do more bone-strengthening exercises, including dance and resistance training.

I have a device I’m exploring that scans the body and sends out frequencies to balance the imbalances in the body. It found all of my issues, by the way.

And I’m exploring a whole new perspective, Meta-Health/German New Medicine, that has a very different take on symptoms: they are part of the healing sequence, and actually a sign of healing. As I reread the article I wrote before on this, it fits my experience to a T. I believe I’m in a healing response to the triggering event of settling my mother’s estate and dealing with my family of origin and the unhealed issues that whole experience dredged up for me.

Meta-Health talks about introducing “Regenerative Triggers” into the mix to foster the healing responses. I’m doing that, with The Healing Codes and the other methods I’ve been led to develop. (Email me if you’re interested in my new program that will coach you in these new methods.)

I sense I’m moving from Regenerative Phase A (where the symptoms flare) to Regenerative Phase B. It comes in waves, they say, and that’s been my experience.

I refuse to fall into the fear mindset. In the energy medicine models, fear is a major cause of illness and disease. And I remember research saying that fear of getting COVID-19 is actually one of the biggest risk factors of getting very sick with it.

I choose the Meta-Health/German New Medicine approach, and I’m doing interventions that make sense to me, addressing things not only on the physical level but on the energetic/spiritual level as well, to resolve the “conflicts” that are the actual sources of my physical issues. When I’ve done this in the past, it’s always been successful. It even closed up a hole in my heart!

I seek medical intervention when it makes sense (for instance, when I broke my foot), and I encourage you to, also. But I also embrace the view that the body is intelligent, knows how to heal itself when given the right support (which may include medications at times), and that a number of modalities and approaches may need to be tried. (I find my energetic testing to be invaluable here, to discern which modalities would be best to try.)

How about you? Will you trust your body’s and your heart’s innate intelligence, and look to heal the SOURCE of whatever bothers you? Will you open yourself up to a number of modalities and not give in to fear-mongering of any kind? I hope you will.

And if you want to know more about The Healing Codes and the tools I’m using to trigger the regeneration response, send me an email: diane at

Medical disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and this article is not meant to provide anything other than my experience and perspective. You are encouraged to seek the help of a licensed medical professional for any medical condition you have. Just remember: You are in charge of your own health.

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Nervous System Rx

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I woke the other morning with two words in my mind: calm focus.

The words themselves had a calming effect. I often wake up feeling anxious, not sure why. Emotional inflammation? Maybe. Some of my other clients (especially the Highly Sensitive ones) report the same issue.

But this morning, those two words immediately seemed to override the anxiety.

I’ve been using them all day, returning to them again and again, especially as I begin a new task. Just saying the words to myself, calm focus, seems to bring that very thing into my being.

The word calm is calming in itself. Once I feel the calm, the question becomes, “How can I bring calm focus to this task?” That’s the mental part.

What words bring peace and calm to your nervous system?

It’s worth thinking about. More and more, I’m seeing how central the nervous system is to our health and well-being. I believe one of the reasons people heal from so many different ailments with The Healing Codes is that it displaces stress in the autonomic nervous system. Perhaps it strengthens the vagal tone of the vagus nerve, that all-important nerve that runs from the back of the ear (Jaws position?) all through just about every organ in the body (except the adrenal and thyroid glands). It’s the longest nerve in your body.

I’ve always found it intriguing that the test Dr. Alex Loyd used to validate The Healing Codes—Heart Rate Variability or HRV—is the same test that’s used to measure vagal tone.

Also, when the vagus nerve is stimulated, different maladies from Parkinsons to depression to addictions to rheumatoid arthritis tend to resolve. When “vagal tone” improves, everything in a person’s life improves: their health, their mood, their overall sense of well-being (just like with The healing Codes).

That’s why my theory is that The Healing Codes improve vagal tone–for a whole lot less money and hassle than the vagal tone stimulation provided only by some researchers. Perhaps because it’s a form of meditation, which is one of the ways to stimulate the vagus nerve and improve vagal tone.

Calming your nervous system by stimulating your vagus nerve can play a key role in your mental and physical health. As clinical psychologist Dr. Arielle Schwartz said, “By developing an understanding of the workings of your vagus nerve, you may find it possible to work with your nervous system rather than feel trapped when it works against you”–such as when you feel stressed.

One thing researchers also find is that when you don’t regularly stimulate the vagus nerve, any gains you had before tend to diminish. I’ve seen this happen too with clients who slack off on their Healing Codes. It needs to be a daily practice. Doing Healing Codes regularly and finding ways to keep in a calm state most of the day will lead, I believe, to long-terms healing.

Calm focus. That de-activates stress for me. What might work for you as you go about your daily business? It doesn’t have to be complicated!

I have developed several tools for calming and healing your nervous system. If you would like to know more about those tools, and a program to not only help you heal but Align with Your Divine Design(TM) so that every area of your life is transformed, contact me for more information.


Adrenal Cocktail Recipe

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A naturopath friend of mine, Jeanne Wilson, gave me a simple recipe for an “adrenal cocktail” that gives you the right balance of potassium, sodium, and Vitamin C.
She says it can play a critical role in replenishing and balancing mineral levels, hydrating, reducing fatigue, and increasing overall health.
Since I’ve been drinking this twice a day on an empty stomach, I have felt terrific! I mean it. I can hardly believe it. My head is clear, I’m sleeping well, and my energy level has skyrocketed. Many of my recent symptoms that have been flaring off and on (headaches, cough, digestive issues) are mostly gone.
Here’s the recipe:
  • 4 ounces of organic, pulp-free orange juice (not from concentrate)
  • 3 ounces of organic coconut water (make sure there are no other ingredients, such as citric acid)
  • 1 generous pinch of good sea salt
Mix together and refrigerate. Drink a cup 2x/day on an empty stomach.
Let me know how it works for you!
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Breathing Technique to Stop Anxiety

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Recently I watched a video presentation by Ari Whitten, on “Breathing for Energy” (replay here), which was, as is usual for him, excellent. (I have his Energy Blueprint program.)

Ari shared a number of breathing techniques, along with the surprising news that deep breathing is actually not good for you. Deep breathing does not oxygenate the blood, as is commonly believed. Ari explains the interaction between carbon dioxide and oxygen, and how oxygen actually gets delivered to your cells.

He also explains why we must breathe through the nose, rather than the mouth. Nasal breathing activates nitric oxide, which provides multiple health benefits, including killing virus particles that can lead to respiratory infections.

Most of us over-breathe. Optimal breathing is actually: Read More→

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Anti-Radiation Energy Restoration Bath

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The following “recipe” comes from a Healing Heart Issues Digest reader from the UK. Thank you, Cisela Wildes!

Bath Ingredients:

  • 1 pound sea salt, regular
  • 1 pound baking soda (used for cooking)


1. Fill tub with warm, not hot water (if too hot you can become dizzy and faint).

2. Soak in tub with dissolved salt and soda for 5-20 minutes immersing entire body occasionally.* You can also cover hair and pour water over head rather than immerse.

3. After soaking, do the following things in this sequence:

  • Get out of tub
  • Do not dry off (you can put a towel around for
  • Drain the tub and when empty you MUST shower or bathe. (The soak  water is lovely and soft. The reason to bathe or shower is to seal the energy field again.)

The bath should be repeated every day for seven days with no more than 36 hours between baths or the sequence must begin again.

*This should happen ALONE and in SILENCE, nobody else in the room, no music or reading.  The soak opens the energy field totally so it is very sensitive to any negative or uncomfortable energy vibrations.

Optional Exercise after the bath while tub is draining:

  • Stand with feet, ankles, knees and fingertips touching with eyes OPEN (can faint if closed)
  • On the inhale push fingers together toward palms.
  • On the exhale relax the fingers, maintaining fingertip contact.
  • Repeat 10 times.


Tip for those who have a Halo: You have to try a Halo bath. Shine the light with the WS vial into the water for about a minute, and then any other vials you need. (DB, CBD or MD are amazing.) Then add the ingredients the Cisela recommends. The water feels like silk!

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Simple Stress-Reducing Technique

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In a seminar for caregivers of people with dementia, I learned of a new (to me) technique that switches the nervous system to the parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode.

I’m thinking it would probably be especially helpful for those of us who are Highly Sensitive. (Take the quiz if you’re not sure you are.)

It’s called 5-4-3-2-1 and it only takes a couple of minutes.

When you feel yourself stressed or overwhelmed, stop, notice, and name (actually say the words out loud):

  • 5 things you can see.
  • 4 things you can feel.
  • 3 things you can hear.
  • 2 things you can smell.
  • 1 thing you can taste.

This will ground you in the present and send your nervous system the signal that you are safe. It will turn off stress and allow healing to happen.

You can also do this with children, or your partner, or a friend who is in distress.

And if you’d like more help in ways to alleviate stress so that you can heal, check out the free resources and coaching at


Buddy the Cat–Part 2: Lessons Learned

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In my last blog post, I wrote about how we lost Joey, our cat of 16 years. And how I had my eye on a new cat, Buddy. The writeup said he was ready to save a new human with his unconditional love.”

I did end up learning lessons from Buddy the cat. Not about love, but about the Heart, grief, and the power of the Halo.

It all started when the foster mom for Buddy called on Monday to offer to bring the cat to my house. I thought, “Why not?” But I didn’t really pray about it or check in with my Heart.

Well, the foster mom for Buddy called on Monday to offer to bring the cat to my house. I thought, “Why not?” But I didn’t really pray about it or check in with my Heart.

On Tuesday foster mom Rita brought Buddy by. He was very shy, but we finally coaxed him out of his hiding place. He rubbed up against our legs and allowed us to pet him. Read More→


Heal Yourself As Well as the Collective?

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I am seeing an interesting phenomenon with my clients and friends, especially those with the trait of High Sensitivity: it seems like somehow we are all taking on a bit of the overall energetic “spillage” from all that’s going on in the world right now.

How this shows up in clients varies, but many of us are feeling things like “heartache, anxiety, grief” as well as the fear, loss of control, etc.

Some clients are finding that issues, including physical issues, that had been healed before are now showing up again. Others are finding it hard to pinpoint any memories of their own, but they nonetheless feel some sort of generalized and/or anticipatory negative feelings.

I believe what’s happening is we are experiencing what authors Dr. Elise Van Sustenan and Stacey Colino call “Emotional Inflammation.”

There may be a very positive side to this, though. I think that as we heal ourselves, we are also in some way contributing in a very real way to the healing of the collective. To the extent that we’re tapping into that, is the extent to which our own healing will help the world.

If all you feel you can do right now is focus on your own healing, that’s OK. Doing just that is making a contribution that may be much more than more “concrete” acts of service.

And if you would like some personalized coaching, check out The Healing Codes and Immanuel Prayer are exactly what is needed for this issue.


5G is Coming: For Better–or Worse?

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The 2019 5G Crisis Summit was possibly the most important summit I ever attended or bought. It educated me on the preponderance of research about the dangers of this new technology that is rolling out all over the world without any testing whatsoever on its safety.

Well, I somehow received an email that had nothing to do with that concern. No, this was an investment letter, talking about what 5G is going to do for us. How it will totally revolutionize the whole world. How it will make all our current smartphones obsolete because they won’t have the special chip needed to link it to the amazing new 5G network. (Get ready to spend another $1000 for a new phone if you want to buy into the whiz-bang of this new technology.)

The letter was actually a sales letter for an investment newsletter that tells you how to invest in this upcoming technology. You can get the full scoop here. (Mind you, I am NOT advocating this in any way, but if you’re curious about what advocates of 5G are saying, you might want to take a gander. If you don’t want to view the video, you can choose the transcript and just skim it.)

They are saying that “by year’s end, nine of the ten largest cities in America should have 5G wireless service.” (It’s already in Chicago and Minneapolis.) By Christmas, nearly all 328 million Americans will be able to use wireless 5G. And that’s just in the United States.

Now here’s the part that made me say, “Whaaat?” They say that this revolutionary technology with revamp the healthcare system. Not only will you be able to wear technology that can monitor your heart rate and rhythm, your blood sugar, and much more. (Hmmm. I wonder who will be able to gain access to that personal information?) They are saying that “Hologram technology would let a doctor visit you right in your home, without going to the hospital” and that “5G would let us do robotic surgery with zero delay, even from thousands of miles away.”

Hmmm. It will also shave off a lot more time from, say, downloading a movie. Instead of the current 2 minutes it now takes with current technology (which, by the way, is 4G in most areas), it will take ONLY 3.7 SECONDS! Wow! You can save 116 seconds! It will only take .6 seconds to download an hour-long playlist instead of the 20 seconds it currently takes. (Click the image below to see the cool animation.)

You can save more than 19 seconds on that download with this amazing technology that may cause you untold health problems! (But that won’t matter, because you can contact your doctor any time without having to get into your car, which very soon will be driverless thanks to 5G.)

Well, you might want to watch that investment letter pitch after all. Then you can maybe invest in the revolutionary technology that will for sure revolutionize our lives and, if the scientists and other experts interviewed in the 5G Summit are correct, wreck our health.

There’s real concern here, and if the concerns are real, then the time is short–we must act now! That’s why I’m go glad they will re-air the entire 5G Crisis Summit–with updating material–for free viewing June 1-7.

Sign up for the 5G Crisis Summit here, and get started on reading and listening to the registration gifts. I bought the seminar package last year, and was blown away by the breadth and depth of experts, and what I learned. I was also impressed by the positive focus. It’s not all gloom and doom, but we do need to educate ourselves and act!

I recently saw a chilling video report from Nick Penault, author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF, about how most of the current (affordable) meters are blind to high-frequency radiation including 5G and satellites. If you were depending on your EMF meter to know whether you were safe, you were probably wrong. View the video here.

And if you think that this 5G concern is just a rant from “conspiracy theorists,” check out this Scientific American article entitled, “We Have No Reason to Believe 5G is Safe,” published on October 17, 2019.


Gifts from My Mentors

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From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I like to acknowledge the people who have enriched my life during the past year.

This includes, of course, my personal friends and colleagues. But you don’t know them. You can know and benefit from some of my “virtual mentors,” and those are the ones I want to tell you about.

As I reflected on those whose work has enriched either my spirit, soul, mind or body through sharing their expertise, several people came to mind.

Spirit. The most influential–and healing–approach I have ever come across is the Immanuel Approach, developed by Dr. Karl Lehman, a psychiatrist and the author of Outsmarting Yourself and The Immanuel Approach (which we Immanuel Prayer ministers, and he, refer to as “the big lion book” because it’s exhaustive at 759 pages!). From Outsmarting Yourself, I learned about “implicit memory” and how we get triggered, and how to calm body and mind. Dr. Karl Lehman’s work is all about how to let God come in and be with you in the pain, and thus heal it.

I was trained by Margaret Webb and Jessie Handy from Alive and Well in Immanuel Prayer, and continued with training from Dr. Karl Lehman through his Advanced Training seminar and monthly meetings in which local prayer ministers gather to watch and discuss a video of Dr. Lehman facilitating someone in Immanuel Approach. I also meet every other week with other prayer ministers to give and receive Immanuel Prayer. Read More→

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