Custom Healing Code for “Mother” Issues


I wrote this on Mother's Day, but you can do this custom healing Code for "mother issues" any time.

Whether or not you're a mother yourself, you had a mother.

And, because no mother is a perfect mother, very likely you have "heart issues" connected to negative memories of your mother.

In addition, if you're also a mother yourself, you may have heart issues connected to your own mothering. Again, because none of us is perfect, we can all look back on things we wish we'd done differently.

So I would like to give you a custom Healing Code for any and all negative memories you have concerning "mother issues," whether they concern your mother or your own mothering.

This custom Healing Code will be good for 7 days after you begin it. Look for all memories with any kind of negative feeling in them: guilt, anger, abandonment, fear, disgust, anxiety, worry, grief, to name just a few.

Start with the strongest negative feeling. Then look for other "mom" memories with the same feelings in it. When those, say, guilt memories don't bother you anymore, look for the next strongest feeling, the memories attached to them, and heal those with this same Healing Code. (If you don't know how to do a Healing Code, please watch my video at to learn how to do a Healing Code. You would substitute the positions below for The Healing Code in the video.)

Here is the prayer of intention I suggest (pray at the beginning only, before you do this or any Code):

 "Dear God, I pray that you would find, open, and heal all known and hidden negative images, unhealthy beliefs,  negative entanglements and destructive cellular memories of any nature or source,  and all resulting physical issues [can name them: “especially …”], related to [issue] from [name memories]. Please replace all negatives with the love, life, and light of your presence. Please also  magnify the effectiveness of this healing to the maximum level for my highest good, at an optimal pace, and restore everything in mind, body, soul and spirit to your intended design. Thank you, Lord, for your willingness and ability to do these things."

Here is the custom code:

  • left Adam's apple, right temple
  • both hands jaws
  • left temple, right bridge
  • both Adam's apple
  • left temple, right jaw
  • 5-10 minutes, 1-3x/day
  • strong for 1-2 weeks after you start

I also suggest, when you are done with this Healing Code, that you release it to your mother (if still living) and any children you might have, after each session. Simply say, "I release the full effects of this healing to [name(s)], in love, insofar as this issue affects them."

The healing will continue to those affected by your issue. We are connected energetically to those we are close to, so we can use that to spread the healing (one of the wonderful things about the Healing Codes).

Happy Mother's Day–even to you men!


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  2. jerry wellik says:

    I find your healing code to be one of the finest customizing of words to help release
    blocks, particularly emotional blocks.
    Thank you.

  3. jeanpol casanova casaverde says:

    Hi DIane why you suggest to pray just once? and just at the beggining? praying in the middle of the usage of THC has a difference? thanks..

    • diane says:


      You pray at the beginning to set the intention for healing. You can pray while doing the Healing Code, certainly. But when doing the Healing Code, it’s best to NOT focus on the problem, but to have a positive focus. So your prayer during the Code might be something like, “Thank you, God, that you have the power to heal me, and I believe you are healing me.” Prayers that are affirmations based on faith, during the Code, are excellent.


  4. Jay says:

    …..if you found the one and had to send her away so your heart would not shut down 

    but it is can. ….he codes heal a heart that doesn't seem to want to go on….. they stented me and I'm moving on but my heart is shutting down. 59 and finally found her and had to send her away and I can't seem to stop my heart from giving up. Not sure howto fix this.


  5. Queen says:

    Hi Diane! May I know:
    1) What is the purpose of a custom code? 🙂

    2) Where does the negative energy go while doing healing codes?

    3) How do you know the code has been released to others?

  6. katie says:

    hi dianne, is this scietifically based? i havent read the book. 

    • diane says:


      Heart Rate Variability tests were used to validate that The Healing Codes remove stress from the autonomic nervous system. This is the test that is used to test physicological stress of the autonomic nervous system. I have taken it once myself. It showed that I had “high mental stress” but higher resistance to the stress. My doctor agreed my results were because of my doing Healing Codes regularly. I KNOW I have “high mental stress” and it was nice to get the test results to prove that the physiological stress was also removed.

      With The Healing Codes, Alex Loyd tested many subjects against different modalities, not just The Healing Codes. The results are in the book.

  7. Debby says:

    All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. Infinte love and gratitude.

  8. Pamela says:

    Dear Diane, Perhaps you have already explained it but why have you mixed up the right and left hand gestures, in contrast to the book, which uses both hands at the same place (i.e., both hands on the jaws, the bridge, etc.). What does this accomplish it? And how did it come to be that you do this? Is this something Dr. Lloyd recommends? Thanks so much!!!Pamela

    • diane says:


      This is a CUSTOM Healing Code, meaning that it is taylored to a particular issue (in this case, mother issues). It is what we Pracitioners do. The “universal” or generic Healing Code from the book uses both hands, but custom Healing Codes may split up the positions, have more or less than four, etc. If you have The Healing Codes Manual, you will see that many of those Codes (2 for each of the 12 Healing Codes categories) split up the hand positions.

  9. Joe Farquhar says:

    Any truth focus statement to go with the positions?



    • diane says:


      Good question! My favorite one is, “The life-giving light of the Lord God Almighty shines in all this darkness, and brings complete healing, peace, and right relationshps with God, self and others” (can include, “especially my mother”). More Truth Focus Statements can be downloaded from my site at (on the left-hand column).

  10. deepa says:

    pl help me to do healing with the code..what's process…what do i do

  11. Sarah Hartley says:

    Question:  What do you mean when in the last step you say "strong for one week"?

    I'm sorry if this is a repeat, but my earlier post is not showing up.

    • diane says:

      Sarah, This is a custom Healing Code so it is specific for an issue. As that issue heals, the frequency changes so the code doesn’t match up so well anymore (which is a sign that you’re healing). Sort of “goes out of register” as it were. Part of developing a Code is seeing how long it was be strong for. This one will last a week or so, if you do it as often as suggested.

  12. Sarah Hartley says:

    Question. What do you mean by the last step "Strong for one week after you start"?

    And thank you so much for this code. I can feel it is an will bless my life and others'. I added my siblings and my spouse to my list of who to release the healing to "insofar as these issues affect them". I just love how the Healing Codes energize and maximize my faith and God's grace in my life!

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  14. Neville says:

    Is there a custom code for PSA (Prostrate) value reduction?

    • diane says:

      There is no Healing Code for any specific physical issue. Healing Codes work on the underlying heart issues that we believe are the cause of the stress that ends up making you sick by suppressing or overwhelming the immune system. Heal those “heart issues” (negative images, beliefs, feelings from memories) and you will allow your own body to call on the resevers reduce the PSA value.

      • Neville says:

        My heartfelt thanks to you Diane.

        What I really meant was the availability of a custom code. PSA increase is connected to cancer in the prostrate. Maybe its a forgeiveness issue!  I have purchased the healing Codes book kindel edition from Amazon and is doing the general code, expecting the reason to come up!


  15. Joanna Suzuki says:

    Dear Diane.I was busy and I didnt check my post yesterday.
    When I saw your letter -I was touched by your kindness.
    Since I started to do HC, and meditation, I dont know how to explain- but I think ,I truly become my – good-own -self
    .Whenever I wake up in the morning and I think that God is not some religous people -only-concept – but scientificaly proven Origin-I want to dance from joy
    .If we stick correctly to our Parent-no doubt we will be heald and our children will have better world to live in. 
    That is what I will recognize as a special and true about HC.
    Even if it takes time-true thing will last forever
    and will be pass  on to the next generation-no doubt about it
    And if you Diane, are living and breathing by HC connected to God- I will be  filled with this special feeling of joy and I will look forward to hear from you
    .All this together is our HC- filled with love and kindness and …….everything else.
    So, dear Diane- all my gratefull prayers are with you and Dr,A.Loyd.
    I will pray that we will stay always true and connected to our Parent in a line with His abundant love.
    How happy Parent He will be just to see us careing for each other !! I think  I can go on and on writing about all of this ! 
    This journey becoming so exciting and I am looking forward to see ..the next gift! Thank you again- JoannaSuzuki

  16. Brenda Holder says:

    Thank you so much Diane, it is good you thought of this for all of us. We shall enjoy it, and may God bless you and yours abundantly in Jesus wonderful name.
    Hope you had an awesome Mother's day!

  17. Leah Service says:

    Thanks Diane, this was well needed in so many ways!! I am listening right now to an awesome TV pastor who is reminding his audience to know that God wants to fulfill our destiny, He will not forget His promises, He will fulfill His word, His promise, His best for me and all of us!
    You hit some issues of my heart with this that I did not see or feel. I will continue to do this code for the week like suggested also hoping my dear Mom might experience some freedom too. He is sooooo good!
    Diane, this brother is saying that God is not happy if I fulfill half my destiny, He wants to complete my destiny!! I would have never thought that I would have a defeated spirit, yet I have succumbed to something very negative. I will receive my Poppa's healing and believe He has Great plans to use me and this family for His Glory, in his Power and His Love!!
    Bless you Lady!! you are a blessing to us!

  18. Lisa Parker says:

    Diane, What you said about EFT vs. The Healing Codes, I wholeheartedly agree.  I had used EFT and even gone to EFT practitioners and classes and never had the success that I have had with The Healing Codes.  With EFT, it seemed the same "stuff" came up over and over again.  When I began using The Healing Codes, things TRULY were healed!  My life and health are moving forward by leaps and bounds!  I am very blessed to have found The Healing Codes, you as a Coach and the Custom Guided Codes that Dr. Loyd does.  I have had very deep results with them all.  It is true we all need to find what works for us, but as for me, my results show the proof that The Healing Codes work. 

  19. Neil Campbell says:

    Hi Diane, I emailed you a few months ago and stated that when I was ready, I would purchase the Healing Codes product through you. I found the help of the healing codes remarkable and know it works. I have since discovered Faster EFT by Robert G Smith on You Tube and have started using his method. It is, in my opinion, easily as good as HC's, but it is so much faster – it is also free to watch up to hundreds of You Tubes and if you want his products, they are not expensive. I say this, not as a criticism of you or Dr. Alex – but I have found what works and wanted to tell you and also state that I will not purchase the HC's products through you. I gave you an assurance that I would purchase through you; Now I will not – can you please forgive me for not following through on my word? Wishing you the best. Neil.

  20. Marya says:

    Well, I wrote already a comment, but donot know where it went. So again, what a wonderful way of helping us Diane. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This could not come at a better time. I will use it for sure, for my late mom, my sons and myself. God bless you! Marya.

  21. Thank you Diane for your kindness and generosity. I enjoy reading your letters. 
    Gratitude, joy, peace,
    Beth Hammarström

  22. Sherry says:

    Thank you so much

  23. Lisa Parker says:

    Wow, Diane, thank you!  This was a very thoughtful gift and I, for one, will definitely use it!  Hope you had a blessed Mother's Day!

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