Dealing with Resistance to Healing


Occasionally I hear from clients that they don’t feel like doing their Healing Codes . . . or they feel worse when they do them . . . or that they feel nothing after sensing some kind of sensations before. (Some people can feel the energy as tingling, warmth, or some other sensation.)

These experiences are all a very normal part of the healing process.

But if you don’t know that, you might lose interest and stop doing your Healing Codes or inner prayer work.

And that will definitely halt your healing, and perhaps even set you back to where you were.

So what to do about resistance?

A Normal Part of Healing

First, accept it as a normal part of the process, as I said. Here’s an illustration that may help you.

Picture a clear glass of water with a layer of mud on the bottom. The water at the top of the glass is fairly clear; the mud has been pretty settled at the bottom for some time. If you stuck a straw into just this top part and drank that water, it wouldn’t taste too bad. But, knowing that there is mud in the bottom that is no doubt compromising the purity of that seemingly clear water, you stick the siphon into the mud at the bottom and start sucking it out.

What happens as you get that mud suctioned out? It begins to make the water muddy as well. If you drank the water at that time, it would taste pretty bad.

Before you start using The Healing Codes, your heart is like that glass of water with mud on the bottom. When you start doing Healing Codes, it’s not unusual to see some results. Sometimes they’re dramatic. (Those are the ones that tend to make it to the testimonials page.) You think, “These Healing Codes are great! They really work.” You’re motivated.

Then the straw of the Healing Codes gets down into the mud. Uh-oh—things don’t feel so great now. In fact, it may make you feel as crummy, figuratively, as if you drank that muddy water.

But if you keep on doing the Codes, eventually you will get the mud out, and that glass of water won’t just appear to be clear as it was at first, but it will actually be clear. And when you drink it, it will taste good, it will refresh you, and will cleanse you on deeper and deeper levels.

What To Do about Resistance

Besides recognizing it for what it is–a natural part of healing–get curious about the resistance.

Why is it showing up? Why now? Is there something you’re afraid you’ll lose if you heal completely? (Go here for an article on reasons why people don’t heal for more clues.)

You may need to exert a little willpower at first to get back into it. Remind yourself of why you’re doing it. Remind yourself that the Healing Codes work whether we feel them or not. Resolve to start again–just one time, just for 5 or 6 minutes, perhaps.

When you do the Healing Code, address the resistance itself. Put in the prayer of intention: “ . . . with any connection to this resistance to healing and doing Healing Codes, whatever it may be.”

Sometimes resistance happens because negative things come up when doing the Healing Codes, and that freaks you out. Here you are, trying to concentrate on the positive, but negative things keep coming up. So you push them away.

But those negative things are exactly what your heart wants to heal.

Realizing this is often a big breakthrough for my clients.

When a negative thought, feeling, or memory comes up while you’re doing your Healing Code, don’t push it away.

Instead, welcome it. Figuratively sort of nod to it and say casually, “Oh, thanks for showing up. You’re being healed too.” And then just refocus on the positive.

When I shared this with a client recently, she felt relieved and comforted.

I hope this will help you, too.

The Healing Codes work, if you do them. Remember, you have spent decades accumulating negative images, beliefs, and bad patterns. It won’t take you decades to heal them, but for most things, it does take time.  We all want magic bullets, but in our hearts we know that real results usually require an investment on our part.

If you encounter resistance, try these suggestions.

Let me know what happens!

And if you need personalized help, you can get that at https://healingcodescoaching.com.

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Kellie A Dunne

This is such excellent advice! Very timely and helpful for me right now!! Thank you! 😉


Thank you. Could you please explain the steps of memory finder. I’d really like to learn and do that.


That was just what I needed. I have a break of one month now in doing my HC after over 4 years of doing itregularly, and I didn’t understand myself as on the whole I’m making quite good progress with my physical health. Last year I was so healthy, it was the first year ever I didn’t even have a cold, with 55 years! That’s unbelievable to me. But emotionally I feel drained and exhausted. I’ll start again with doing HC and hope that the emotional side, the mud down in the glass, is being healed, too, in time.So Thank… Read more »

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