Desperate and Critical But …


Two days ago, Dr. Alex Loyd sent a few of us an email about something that had happened to him the day before that he was very excited about.

It so moved me that I asked if I could share it with you. He agreed, though initially he had not intended to tell the world.

What I loved especially about it came at the end. That is what I think will inspire you most. That is what I want you to take away from this.

Here's what Alex Loyd wrote on September 27, 2011:

"Had an incredible experience yesterday that I wanted to share with you.
Some dear friends of our called yesterday and were frantic (truly – had a hard time talking at all). Their Grandson was in Vanderbilt ICU and the doctors had just said they had done all they knew to do, and the baby was continuing to get worse.

The baby boy was born at Vanderbilt on Wednesday. After birth, they noticed that the baby was struggling to breathe. After running tests, they finally found that the baby had an unknown infection. For 4 days they tried to isolate and treat it, without success. The normal numbers for the infection are 0-10, but the baby's numbers were above 30 and rising – critically high according to the doctors. The grandparents give the healing code book away to friends regularly, and asked if I could come and try to help – they said they were desperate.

So, I immediately went yesterday and worked/prayed over the baby for about an hour. I 'felt' the presence of God there strongly. After I was done I felt very strongly that the baby was healed (not by me, of course – by my Father), although I did not tell the mother that – I thought I might be wrong, as I so often am. I did tell her that I would be very surprised if the baby was not fine very soon – I thought I was very much understating.

After I left, they tested the baby again, and the infection was almost completely gone. The numbers were almost normal (no infection), and still dropping. The doctors said that they should be able to go home soon.

I want you to all understand completely – THIS WAS GOD, not me – I could feel Him there. It was a humbling thing to be in the presence of, and be used by, the 'REAL DEAL'! Just wanted to pass along to remind us all that desperate and critical is nothing to God, in the baby's life, or yours.

Praise God!!!

That's what Alex Loyd said.

The thing I want to highlight in Alex's story is: "Just wanted to pass along to remind us all that desperate and critical is nothing to God, in the baby's life, or yours."

You may be thinking, "This doesn't happen to me when I do a Healing Code." But please know this: All Alex Loyd did was to call on God in truth and humility and make himself available to God as an instrument of healing. The same God who responded to this need is available to you and your loved ones. He really is.

You may have heart issues that block you from feeling the love of God that Alex felt, but you know there's a remedy for that.

Miracles happen when we believe and act as if what God says about his power and love is true. That's all Alex Loyd did.

And a baby was saved.

Be encouraged. "Desperate and critical is nothing to God, in the baby's life, or yours."


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Jo Ann Meadows

When we're doing the codes for someone in our presence, such as the baby in the story you just shared with us, do we "point" our fingers at the other person's glands (bridge, temples, adam's apple, jaw) or our own?  It seems to me it would be healthy, as in the case with the baby, to do the code toward the baby herself.   Also:  I feel drawn to point my figners towards my heart after or during the code.  Any comments, Diane?
Thanks again for your hard work helping us all get this –
Jo Ann


Just returned from a Meditrraean tour and read your post on Alex's healing prayer.  What a testimony.  God is so good; and, yes, it is God's desire to heal all of us   Your message is so true and to the point.  I admire you for your faith and love of God.  Your posts ae so inspiring.  Keep up the good work.

Eudora Thornburg

I was blessed to tears with the story that Dr Lloyd and you, Diane, shared with us.  God is so good!! We are still hanging on and doing the codes for my osteoarthritis and my husband's needs. I don't feel that the pain I have has decreased, but we know that God hears us and that we will not give up. Thank you for your encouragement and your blogs and daily devotionals.  They're always good!


    Greetings Diane,
Sending you gratitude for sharing Dr. Loyd's experience with the Divine. Another confirmation to surrender all to God in truth & humility.




Hi Diane – Wow – for God and Dr. Loyd.  I have found the healing code to be the most amazing book I have ever bought and read and used (outside of the Bible).  The number of healings I have experienced, is now over a dozen and climbing.  Heard from my friend in Pentiction and her pain level from nueralgia (severe) is down to half of what it was. My nephew who HAD, LG disease is very slowly starting to turn the corner.  I have faith in God that he is and will be completely healed and restored.  He is… Read more »


This reminds me that God's timing is not always our timing. To all, keep the faith. He delivers


We serve an AWESOME GOD — Diane, thank you for sharing and thank you Alex for being willing.
May God continue to bless you abundantly. 

Carina Knutas

I´m in awe! Thank you Lord!


I don´t doubt your experience Diane, God reveals himself all the time to the receptive persons, and also through them. 

Melody Macaluso

I have a daughter in the hospital right now where she has been for 9 days and they cannot find what is wrong with her legs (they have no feeling and do not move) so they now sent in a psychiatrist and she is so offended!  I am clear accross the country (she is in CO, I am in CT).  They did find that she has deficiency of the B vitamins but … Well, I have been doing the universal code but I am so "blocked" that whenever I try I literally fall asleep or cannot focus.  My daughter wants… Read more »

Laura Rodriguez

I love this!  Thanks so much for sharing it, Diane.  I had a good healing code session this morning for my son and things went smoothly when he woke up.
Praise God!


wonderful story.
by their faith they are healed.


Thank you for your emails, they are always of value.


I have no idea how the parent's feel.  It's unimaginable!
Not to mention the little baby.
Alex, I hope to meet you one day, what a Blessing it would be for me.
Thank you Diane for sharing.

Walter Berten

Thanks  for sharing the story….

Sally Burroughs

Thank you for sharing this with us, Diane.  This gives me more hope to really trust God while I do the codes for my cousin, Margie, who has stage 4 colon cancer.  God Bless you and Alex.

Linda Palmer

I was so blessed by this testimony of God's healing power! Thanks so much for sharing it! I'm still believing for total healing myself! I was diagnosed with Scleroderma (which just came, "out of the blue") back in 2007. Since then, God has been healing me of this disease, and now I am dealing with neopathy in my hands and feet. . .very painful. . and I'm still experiencing pain in my neck and my fingers still can't close into a fist, as they have been affected by the Scleroderma. I have been through the LT3 & 4, but have… Read more »


Thank Thee, Heavenly Father–in the name of Jesus Christ!  And so it is!

Vic Mesco

There is a saying "With God, All Things are possible" and Dr. Loyd proved it
 with his belief that God performed  the miracle, saving the beautiful new born baby.

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