“Do Healing Codes Help with Relationships?”


Q: “Can The Healing Codes help with relationship issues?” 

A: The answer is yes–most definitely. 

The Healing Codes help with relationship issues, because relationship issues are definitely “heart issues.”

When you think about it, every category of The Healing Codes is relational:

  • Unforgiveness is relational. Forgiveness always involves a relationship, even if it’s with yourself or God.
  • Harmful actions never affect only the person doing the action. Inevitably, harmful actions cause relational damage.
  • Unhealthy beliefs can be found in any of the other categories, and thus always affect our relationships.
  • Love is obviously relational.
  • Joy is actually relational. Brain scientists know now that there are “joy centers” in the brain that literally light up when we are with someone who is glad to see us, happy to be with us.
  • Peace is not just something we can feel within ourselves, but it’s the foundation we long for in every relationship. And then of course, there’s world peace we all long for….
  • Patience is also translated “long-suffering.” It’s actually meant to be a relational word. It means being able to put up with the imperfections in ourselves and others.
  • Kindness is relational, as is it’s painful opposite–rejection.
  • Goodness is the hoped-for basis of healthy relationships. We all strive to be “good.” We want to be around good people. And one of the biggest struggles most people have, I find, is they don’t feel “good enough.” One of the main traumas is the Type C trauma, caused by always being compared to another person (and found wanting). Many of my clients struggle with these issues.
  • Trust–obviously a relational word. Trust has no meaning except in the context of relationships.
  • Humility has no meaning except in the context of relationship. People with humility issues always think in terms of being “better than” or “worse than” other people. True humility knows that every person has strengths and weaknesses, and everyone has the same intrinsic value as a human being.
  • Self-control: the lack of this virtue can tremendously damage relationships. Healthy self-control does not seek to control other people, and takes responsibility for one’s own actions, feelings, and words.

As you heal your issues in these categories, you will find your relationships healing.

To start, I suggest you take the heart issues finder with that relationship on mind, to pinpoint specific categories of weakness.  And you might want to consider taking a couple of other assessments on my site on my freebies page, such as the Love Styles quiz.

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If you have a story of how The Healing Codes helped your relationship, share it below!

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