Do Healing Codes Stimulate the Vagus Nerve–and Stem Cells?


I am super excited about the new docuseries, The Healing Miracle, about stem cells and how they can help our own bodies heal themselves.

I’ve written often about my belief that the body can heal itself. Here is yet another possible way it can do that.

Since I haven’t seen this series yet myself–it’s brand new–I can’t say what it’s about yet.

But I will be watching and taking notes, because I’ve long believed that the body can heal itself, if only we can find ways to help it do that.

And I’ve wondered if somehow, The Healing Codes stimulate stem cells, and that’s why so many different maladies heal when people do Healing Codes regularly.

I’ve pondered the possible relationship between stem cells and the vagus nerve, so I did some research on that. More on that below, but first, let’s look at the vagus nerve connection.

The Amazing Vagus Nerve

From my research on the vagus nerve, I found out this:

  • the vagus nerve starts behind the ear (Jaws position?) and winds through just about every organ in the body (except the adrenal and thyroid glands).
  • when the vagus nerve is stimulated, different maladies from Parkinsons to depression to addictions to rheumatoid arthritis tend to resolve.
  • when “vagal tone” improves, everything in a person’s life improves: their health, their mood, their overall sense of well-being (just like with The healing Codes).
  • vagal tone is measured by Heart Rate Variability (the same test Dr. Alex Loyd used to validate The Healing Codes).

So, my theory is that The Healing Codes improve vagal tone–for a whole lot less money and hassle than the vagal tone stimulation provided only by some researchers.

The Vagus Nerve and Stem Cells

What about the stem cell connection? I just Googled “vagus nerve and stem cells” and came up with an abstract called “Vagus Nerve Mediates the Neural Stem Cell Response to Intestinal Injury.”

And this more understandable article on how the nervous system can be repaired with stem cells.

So the nervous system is key to healing, and the vagus nerve and stem cells affect the nervous system. The Healing Codes remove stress from the autonomic nervous system, at the very least, allowing it to work more optimally….

If this fascinates you as it does me, and you would like more answers, make sure you sign up to watch “The Healing Miracle” which starts January 16 and goes through the 24th.

I can’t wait to learn more about stem cells and healing. I hope you’ll join me. Like my Facebook page and we can interact about it.

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