Ebles Christmas 2023


This 2023 Christmas was one of the best. My daughter, who had just moved 2000 miles away, was able to come back for a whole week! My son lives nearby. We don’t have any other family, so for years it’s been just us 4, and we love it.

We did our usual leisurely sleep in (so different from the days when the kids would get us up at the crack of dawn–now we can’t get them up!).

I make the gluten-free blueberry coffee cake and mulled cider for breakfast as we all wrapped last-minute gifts and I got the stuffed turkey in the oven.

Christine made her cheese board, which has been a new recent tradition. David set up the shrimp cocktail ring. (And this year, I was too lazy to make the usual stuffed mushrooms for the appetizers. Part of allowing myself to slow down!)

Once all the presents were finally wrapped, we started opening them. We go from oldest to youngest, and take turns. This year we got clever, to overcome some of the vagaries of packages not arriving in time, despite Amazon Prime membership.

For instance, a new radio I got my husband would not arrive in time. I found an ancient clock radio he had as a youngster in the basement, wrapped that, with a note saying, “How about an update?” He got the joke (and, eventually, the new radio).

Christine gave David a gift card to a sporting store to get a new golf driver. We found an old golf club of his in the garage, and stuck it in a huge TV box which was a bear to wrap. David was stumped, knowing that it didn’t make sense for us to get him a TV, but what could it be? That big box with all the bows was his new “golf club.”


My favorite was a gift for me. I had mentioned I wanted to get new blinds for my living and dining rooms. Here’s what they wrapped:

Fortunately, I got the riddle and have an appointment with Costco soon to measure and pick out my new blinds.

We ended our turkey feast with a gluten-free, from scratch chocolate cake which was easy to make and came out great. Sang “happy birthday” to me and Jesus (yes, my b-day is on Christmas Day; I turned 67 and Jesus turned 2023, more or less).

I hope your Christmas was likewise full of love, joy, laughter, good food and thoughtful gifts.

And . . . the consciousness that the whole point is to celebrate the fact that “the true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.” (John 1:9)

That’s something we can celebrate any time, for indeed the true light has come into the world, and is shining in the deep darkness. The best gift has already been given.



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