Energy Balancing


As I wrote previously, it takes energy to heal (and to suppress emotions, traumas, negative memories).

Now that I’m focusing on recovery from a recent surgery (as well as complex PTSD), I’ve been hyper aware of what takes my energy, and what gives me energy.

Being an introvert who gains energy by solitude and reflection, I have limited my social exposures and upped my reading, sleeping, and walking outside activities. These fill my energy tank.

So does writing! Which is why it’s been a joy to continue these emails and blog posts for you.

The social stuff is tricky, because the right social interactions also fill my tank. I think it’s more the scheduling of outward commitments that pushes me into sort of a time-crunch mode. Time stress and hurrying are not good for my nervous system. I am actively working on “have to” and “should” self-talk, because these activate stress for me.

Filling my tank is one thing. There is also carving out time for simple rest. This is a challenge. I’m the go-go-go person, who wants to suck as much out of life as possible. I’m beginning to see that sometimes, this too is a stress or trauma response.

What about you? What fills your energy tank, and what drains it? What can you do to add more of the “filling” activities and less of the “draining” activities? How can you manage things so that you make sure for every “drain” you add at least one “fill”?

Finding the right balance is different for each person. Part of discovering your Divine Design–and living within it—is to know these basic things about yourself.

If you would like to discover your Divine Design, go here to fill out a questionnaire and get on the waiting list.

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