Fascinating Course on Emotional Development


Emotional Development 101 taught by emotional development expert, Pamela LevinI want to tell you about a wonderful course on emotional development that is taught by a real expert whom I've known for years, Pamela Levin. Her course on "Emotional Development 101" will, I believe, complement your healing of heart issues.

I took her course a couple of years ago and plan to retake it again now (you can revisit it at any time once you have completed the course). It deepened my understanding of my own emotional life and has helped me in countless ways in my relationships and emotional well-being.

You will learn how we cycle through definite emotional stages every 13 years and what the specific emotional tasks of each cycle are. When you know this, you can then use her suggestions along with The Healing Code to heal whatever blocks that may be keeping you from successfully growing and deepening your emotional life in that area.

Other things I believe this course will do for you:

    * lower your stress

    * enable you to feel better about yourself

    * improve your relationships

    * boost your mood

    * provide healthy parenting or grand-parenting that includes emotional needs – your own, and your child's or grandchild's

    * you'll understand others better, including children

    * know what your emotional life tasks are and integrate these tasks effortlessly into your daily activities

    * better your physical health

Each time I revisit the material, I come at it from a different place in my own development. I find it incredibly rich material each time.

I also used it to help me in my parenting. For instance, when we took our last child to college. It was a big transition for all of us. Pamela's course is helping me navigate it, understanding not only my own needs but my children's as well.

Go here for more information and to register for this fascinating course.

You can start the class whenever you want, and go at your own pace. You get one full week to finish each class, then you will be sent the link to the next class. An outline is provided so you can take notes.

Once you graduate, you will have access to all the classes. If you missed a class, you will be able to access that material.

You will also be able to access it whenever you need a "refresher," as I'm doing now with this family transition.

If you choose, you may also receive a certificate for completing the course.

I believe you will be fascinated and personally helped by this relatively inexpensive course. I hope you'll sign up now if it interests you at all.

One more thing: Even if you can't take the course right now, do sign up for Pamela's free stuff: the ebook, "Your Emotional Self," her Better Health Bytes newsletter, and get your free Raise Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)Quiz and followup minicourse with tips to raise your EQ.

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