Finally–Research Validating The Healing Codes


Ever since I helped Dr. Alex Loyd get his book, The Healing Code, published, I have longed to see some real research studies done to prove the efficacy of this process.

I know it works. It healed a hole in my heart, has kept me afloat during various traumas and the “tsunami” of the past five years, and has helped thousands of my clients and subscribers to heal their “heart issues” and more.

But . . . I hadn’t seen any studies on it.

Well, now there are two.

Both studies were done at Payame Noor University in Iran, but each study targeted a different group.

One explored the efficacy of The Healing Codes on the emotional and physical well-being of women recovering from skin cancer. (The studies referred to The Healing Codes as “self-healing training,” which I think is a great description of what it is.)

The second explored its impact on the well-being of women with husbands addicted to something—in the case of this study, opium or “industrial substances.” The researchers of this second study concluded, “The self-healing training had a significant effect on psychological capital and distress tolerance in women with addicted husbands (p < 0.05). The results also remained unchanged at the follow-up stage. In conclusion, self-healing was effective in promoting psychological capital and distress tolerance in women with addicted husbands and can be used as a new approach in the world to increase the mental and physical health of addicts’ families in health centers.

The conclusion of the study on women with skin cancer is,The self-healing is an appropriate intervention method to increase self-compassion and reduce body image concern and thus accelerate the process of skin cancer recovery. Notice that it didn’t say that the skin cancer was healed, but does affirm that more prolonged use might have an effect on the physical symptoms.

This confirms my experience with hundreds of clients over the past 10+ years. The “heart issues” are first to form. If they are not addressed, physical issues likely develop, some of which might have taken years to develop.

The Healing Codes reverse this process, healing first the heart issues, then often (if the physical issues are not too far gone), the body is able to heal itself.

I believe The Healing Codes are best used as a way to bring wholeness to the spirit, soul and mind, then body—in that order. My mental construct is that our human spirit is meant to align with God’s Holy Spirit, and from there Life energy flows from spirit to soul and body.

The Healing Codes heal “cellular memories” which I believe are spirit wounds that get lodged in body and soul. My theory is that the pictures in the heart/spirit are stored as an informational energy pattern, each with a particular frequency. If it’s a negative, painful picture, the frequency will be “lower,” less aligned with God. What The Healing Codes uniquely do, in my opinion, is change the frequency of that “energy information pattern” in the intersection of spirit and body, which must be the DNA because we know now scientifically that there is such a thing as cellular memories that are passed down through the generations.

There is, of course, so much more to discover. For now, we have the theory, we have the results in the lives of people who regularly (and I emphasize regularly) do The Healing Codes, and now we have a couple of studies.

If you would like to see the studies themselves:

Download the study on skin cancer patients.

Download the study on wives of addicts.

Pass this on to your skeptical friends. And keep doing your Healing Codes! It’s the regular practice that produce the best results over time.

The best use of The Healing Codes is before serious physical symptoms arise. Don’t ignore the inner emotional/psychological promptings that signal something isn’t right. Don’t ignore the small physical signals, either. You don’t want to wait until your body is shouting at you with a dire diagnosis.

But even if you do have a dire diagnosis, The Healing Codes will help. I have had, over the years, a couple of clients with ALS who did succumb to the disease (one also had cancer). Their families thanked me for my work with them, saying that my support made their last few months bearable and full of light and hope.

One of the studies emphasized that The Healing Codes definitely enhance the quality of life. Isn’t that what most of us want most? As one of my clients who is battling leukemia has said, “I’m out for quality more than quantity.”

Quality is within your grasp. It just takes the willingness and commitment to spend 15-30 minutes a day attending to your “heart issues.” Heal your heart matters, because healing your heart matters.

And if you would like personalized guidance to help you get all you can from The Healing Codes, check out my coaching packages at

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Very impressive studies , thank you for your work.

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