Finding Your Truth that Shifts . . .


In my last blog post, I talked about a question that can shift everything. I shared about the “tsunami” that hit our family over the last 5 years, and how asking, “Are these things happening TO me or FOR me?” helped me shift my focus and get through it all with lessons learned and even gifts received.

It occurred to me afterward that I could adapt that question into a Truth Focus Statement to use with my Healing Code work, and I did that as I worked on my current issues. (Always seems to be some issue to work on! This healing journey is never over in this life.)

So the “Truth that Shifts” I used was: “God allows difficult things to come into my life for my ultimate good. He is constantly willing and able to work all things together for good as I entrust each difficulty to him. I will look for the gift and the lesson, and respond in gratitude.”

This Truth Focus Statement is something I do believe totally, so it will work to infuse a greater truth than what I might feel (that life is happening TO me and I have no control).

According to High Sensitivity expert Julie Bjelland, any positive input takes at least 20 seconds to register in our brain as a positive, and it takes 8-10 positives to counteract one negative. (The negative goes into the brain automatically.)  This is probably why Truth Focus Statements are so powerful when done with holding a Healing Code position for 30 seconds. Your Truth that Shifts will be negating the lie you’ve believed, actually changing your brain and the frequency of that “cellular belief.”

One of the things we constantly need to look for and heal on our healing journey is the lies we believe. We get to the lies through the feelings. When I felt helpless and overwhelmed, I was believing that life was happening TO me. The Truth that Shifts was to believe that God allowed these things to come into my life because he has a purpose for them. Looking for the lessons learned, gifts received, and valued character traits developed from the challenges of my life made me realize that, indeed, almost if not every challenge did yield a gift.

The trick is to look for it.

We discussed this in my Healing Hearts Circle group coaching this week. One person shared how growing up with alcoholism, while tremendously difficult, developed in her a great ability to see through things, to “read the energy” of people and situations. To me, this is an example of how our experiences can magnify a trait we already have: this person was born a Highly Sensitive empath.

Another member shared how he conquered his fear of heights, then transferred this to a belief that he could conquer his current fear. His Truth that Shifts: “Because I already overcame one fear, I know I can conquer this one, too.”

So I leave you with two things that will enhance your Healing Code work.

One: Identify the lie behind your issue (there almost always is one), and explore what might be the Truth That Shifts. Look for the gift/lesson/character trait that came as a result of whatever challenge you faced in your memory or from something like what you’re facing now, as my client who used overcoming his fear of heights to give him confidence to overcome his current fear.

Two: Fashion a Truth Focus Statement around that exploration, and use that when doing your Healing Code.

Let me know how this works for you!

And if you want personalized help in finding the lies, and/or fashioning your Truth that Shifts Truth Focus Statement, check out my coaching. I also have a free download for Truth Focus Statements you can use any time. Go to HealingCodesCoaching.com and click on the Free Tools link.

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