From Fear to Peace


There’s a lot of fear out there these days.

I have noticed with clients that their own fears have been triggered by what’s going on in the world. The Highly Sensitive among us are especially susceptible to picking up on fear from others, adding to their own fears.

Back in 1933, the U.S. was facing another fearful time: the Great Depression. In President Frnaklin Delano Roosevelt’s Inaugural speech, he uttered the famous words, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” While one may quibble with that sentiment, there is truth, I think, to the idea that fear is a force that itself can bring on no good thing.

As mentioned in The Healing Code, the fear or stress response dumbs us down; makes us sick; drains our energy; suppresses our immune system; increases our pain; raises our blood pressure; destroys relationships; causes anger, depression, shame, and worth and identity issues; and causes us to do everything from a negative perspective.

So how do you resist fear without sticking your head in the sand? Here are my suggestions.

1) Pray. I love the idea of  “turning every negative thought, feeling, worry into a prayer.” When you pray, you remind yourself that “there is a God, I am not God, and that is a very good thing,” as someone has said. Prayer connects us to God,who has the power to change things we cannot. Prayer can replace fear with a “peace that passes understanding.”

2) Release fear from your body. Many people don’t realize that we store fear in our bodies. The theory of cellular memory is that traumas, negative memories and wrong beliefs are actually stored in the DNA and can get passed down. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that this is so. 

Energy medicine also teaches that when fear or other negative emotions are triggered, there is an block in the energy system of the body. There are many ways to release the energy of fear from the body (EFT and other tapping techniques, breathing techniques). They are good.

I always recommend The Healing Codes above everything else for the most lasting (though not always the quickest) form of healing fear on the deepest level. (This article explains the differences between the techniques, as I see it.) If fear gets triggered, I suggest doing both a release technique for the the current, acute feeling, and Healing Codes to truly heal the source of the fear (the negative memories, images and beliefs that feed the fear).

One of my favorite Truth Focus Statements I use with my Healing Codes is: “I do what I comfortably can, and trust God to take care of the tasks, people and events I cannot get to or control.”

3.) Gratitude. One of the key principles and, I believe, reasons the Healing Codes work is because they help you replace the negative with the positive on the deepest level. On the conscious level, when you focus on gratitude, you can’t help but move away from fear and other negative emotions.

When I was in a post-partem depression after my daughter was born, it was consciously focusing on the gifts and blessings of each day that pulled me out of it (along with exercise–this was before The Healing Codes were discovered). Each day, I made it a conscious practice to look for at least three things that felt like gifts. I wrote them down. Eventually those stories became my favorite book I wrote, Abundant Gifts.

Gratitude and fear cannot co-exist in the same space. Gratitude is born of love, and love casts out fear. Which brings me to the fourth thing.

4.) Do something loving. Even if it’s just something loving toward yourself, do something good and loving. Tell someone else how much you love them in a note, text, email. Love yourself by doing some little thing that nourishes your soul. Add love to the world. That vibration of love is stronger than the vibration of fear, and who knows that it can trigger a spiritual butterfly effect that combats evil on levels of existence we can’t comprehend.

So when I’m feeling fearful, here’s what I do.

I pray about whatever is making me fearful. I pray with gratitude that, while I probably can’t do much to fix the problem, God can. I focus on everything for which I’m grateful, big and small. And I ask myself how I can focus on love for the next 30 minutes. Then I do something loving.

I regularly release the fear from my body through identifying anything that was triggered in me, and healing those negative memories, feelings and beliefs with Healing Codes.

These things greatly help me find peace in a world awash with fear. I hope they help you, too.

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Thanks for this, Diane! So right on the point.

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