Getting to Your Transformational Aha!


In Dr. Alex Loyd's book, Beyond Willpower, he asks 3 key questions that most people answer incorrectly.

  1. What do you want right now more than anything else? (No filtering the answer!)
  2. If you got what you most wanted in question 1, what would that do for you and what would it change in your life?
  3. If you got the things that were your answers to both questions 1 and 2, how would you feel?

Question 3 is the life-changing question. The answer to that is what you really want. And it is always an internal state that is what you really want.

When I got ahold of what this actually means, it was life-changing. It is what Dr. Loyd calls "The Greatest Principle." I realized that what I wanted was "love, joy, peace, freedom, and a sense of abundance and security" THAT is what I began to pray for, to pursue.

What it all boils down to, in the end, is what he calls the Greatest Principle:

"Do whatever you do from an inward state of love and truth, focusing on the present moment."

That's it! It may seem simple, but it truly can lead to what Dr. Loyd calls a "transformational aha." Now, the transformation is usually not instant. The whole book goes on to address how to get there. The starting point is first to decide what you really want, then begin to pray for this shift from trying to change external events to change, through willpower, to living each moment in truth and love.

So, with Dr. Loyd's permission, I am sharing with you the truths he suggests you pray about and meditate on.Our hope is that it will lead to a transformational aha for you as well. Rememer, this is a process you're just beginning. Be patient with yourself, relax into the process.

These are the truths to mediate on, one at a time and in this order. Please feel free to share any transformational ahas this leads to in your own life.

  • If you are focused in an external circumstance for your success, you are virtually guaranteeing your own failure–not only about that particular issues, but all issues–because focusing on an external circumstance as a life goal puts you into chronic stress. You are also virtually guaranteeing that you will never find true success for you, because chronic stress will block your success.
  • Looking through the lens of "what's in it for me?" (WIIFM) may get you what you want in the short term, but it will lead to greater pain in the long term an failure every time. Giving up WIIFM, in love, always leads to success and the only feelings that will satisfy you and fulfill you long term.
  • What you have really wanted all along is not external or material. It's internal–specifically, the inward states of love, joy and peace in your heart and mind.
  • If you are basing your success or failure on your own willpower without deprogramming and reprogramming first, you have a one-in-a-million shot at being successful, and a million to one likelihood of failing. Attempting to do something you are fundamentally incapable of doing also causes even more stress, further increasing your likelihood of failure. The opposite of unhealthy control through willpower is giving up the end results in faith, belief, trust, and hope.
  • If you achieve the internal state of love/joy/peace, it will produce positive external circumstances that would be impossible for you to achieve through willpower alone.
  • Living in the present moment in love and truth, giving up external results and circumstances, will produce success and happiness beyond your wildest dreams. (This I can attest to personally.)
  • You must give up using willpower and expectations to get what you really want most.

Dr. Loyd suggests that you pray and meditate on these ideas for as long as it takes for them to really sink into you heart. This gives you the opportunity to receive that transformational aha that can deprogram you and reprogram you in an instant.

Of course, you can also get Beyond Willpower and use all the rest of the tools in the book. But just letting the Greatest Principle sink into your heart can transform you quicker than any of the tools he suggests.

This excerpt is from chapter 1, pp 46-49  of Beyond Willpower by Dr. Alexander Loyd and used by his permission.

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Kristin Sauer

Truth be told I feel frustrated after reading this post.  Of course I want to live in the moment and give up willpower but the big question screaming in my head is HOW!? You say  "Living in the present moment in love and truth, giving up external results and circumstances, will produce success and happiness beyond your wildest dreams". this sounds so wonderful and I want it, but I don't know how to do it and it sounds over simplified.

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