God’s “Yeah Buts”


As you know, one of the things we address with The Healing Codes are lies we have come to believe–what many call Limiting Beliefs.

Limiting beliefs rear their head, we are told, in the “yeah buts” that spring to mind when we want to move toward expansion. Some call it the Ego Mind that seeks to protect you from any kind of change, which is deemed dangerous by that part of our brain.

Say your intention is to finally heal an addiction. Ego Mind immediately bombards you with thoughts like, “How many times have you tried to quit and you didn’t? Why bother? You’re a failure. You can’t do this, and in fact, you can’t do anything right.”

The Limiting Belief gives way to the Harmful Action of beating yourself up. And then you feel you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve good things, etc. etc.

Lots of fodder for Healing Code work.

But what if we turned ‘yeah but” on its head?

Recently I asked how you would fill in the blank: “2020: A year of _____.

I resonated especially with one person’s answer, István from Hungary: “The year of chaos in the world, BUT DEEP (SPIRITUAL) CHANGES FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.”

István captures my experience as well. It’s been a year of contrasts . . . of God’s graces saying “yeah but” to the negatives.

We have all had to deal with changes and losses of all kinds. On top of the collective losses, which I fervently hope will bring us together and help us all grow spiritually, I’m sure everyone has personal challenges to deal with as well.

For me, 2020 was a year of losses: my mother, and even my beloved cat and last pet. Yeah but, God says, your mom did pass just as she wished: at home, never had to go into a nursing home. And you got to pray with her in her last hours, and she said a hearty ‘Amen’ so you know she heard. And she is with Me in glory now, finally her True Self.

Yeah but look how I provided a Grief Recovery Specialist to prepare you ahead of time, so that you can feel a sense of completion about the relationship.

And Joey, your cat? You know you need the simplicity of not having a pet right now, with all you’re dealing with. And you do have David’s dog, Perfect Dog Chester, some of the time.

Yes, Lord, it’s true, and I’m grateful.

2020 began something I’d been dreading: being co-executor of my mother’s estate, which is going to be a very complicated matter. Yeah but I got you a great lawyer to help, and because of Covid you can do it remotely. I will lead you in this.

2020 is also the year I broke my foot, and was unable to do the thing that grounded me most: my daily walks outside. Yeah but, God says, you didn’t need surgery, and didn’t even end up needing crutches for long. It gave Gene a valid reason to quit the job he had just gone back to in good conscience, after receiving all that unemployment that tided you over until you paid off your mortgage. And you now have another way to exercise inside, with that pedaling device. And thankfully, I’m finally recovered and able to take my walks again, often with Chester.

In fact, my daughter said to me, “The timing of your foot issue was exquisite.” This because the day after I was given the word from the doctor that my foot was healed, I was her “guinea pig” for practicing for her physical therapy final practical exam. You see, after being immobilized in the orthopedic boot and shoe for almost three months, my big toe was very stiff and painful. Christine practiced on me as if I were coming to her for PT about what to do to get my toe back to normal function.

And you know what? It worked! Within a few days the pain is largely gone.

But the biggest challenge of 2020 is something I can’t yet talk about. It was my biggest fear come true. Even here, though, God’s “yeah buts” are evident in how he’s prepared me for it (“your whole life has prepared you for this”), and in the resources he’s given and is giving me and my family to deal with it. (Including the Halo and c.Balance.)

He also gave me words, totally out of the blue, that spoke to that deepest fear: I will never let anyone or anything dim your light or derail you from your purpose. Those words are the lifeline of hope I hold onto.

2020 was also a year I had big plans for a whole new program for my dear clients. Yeah, but I gave you a wonderful business mentor and support group that is helping you BE what you need to be to pull those plans off. Be patient, dear one. I am shielding you from overwhelm in the waiting. This project is in the fertile void stage still, but it will emerge, when the time is right.

God’s “yeah buts” are graces that carry us through. I admit, I’d rather escape the “through.” But we are called to go through, and I’m finding God’s graces—his “yeah buts”– do not limit. Rather, they expand into growth.

They also pull me toward curiosity and away from fear. I’ve written about how curiosity and fear share the same brain circuits, so if you’re in curiosity you can’t be in fear. As I face a new challenge, I get curious about what God’s “yeah but” will be for this situation.

And that is grace that strengthens and pulls us through.

“2020 was a tough year, Lord.”

Yeah but wait until you see what I can do in 2021. I’m full of grace, you know.

Yes, as I really look at it, 2020 was a year of grace. And I am curious about what you will do in 2021. I can’t say I can’t wait—I can—but I am curious.

And thankful. Where would we be without grace?

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Jo Ann Matejczyk

. This is a beautiful inspiring and encouraging essay Diane. Thank you.,,
Jo Ann MM.

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