HALO Bonuses

I am so excited about the HALO, and I want you to get the most out of it.

So, if you order a HALO Light System from me, you will get the following from me:

  •  a free Healing Codes coaching session in which I will get you a custom Healing Code for whatever “heart issue” is bothering you most ($300 value). I will also be happy to advise you on how often and for how long you should use the HALO vial(s) to address the body systems that most need strengthening for you, via my testing.)
  • Finally, you will receive HALO tips from me as I study it more, talk to the company principals, and gain experiences from other users. We are all learning together about how to use this and all it does, because this so new.

I am giving these bonuses for two reasons:

  1. I get a commission on the sale and I want to give back.
  2. But more importantly, I want you to get the most out of your HALO Light System by clearing any “heart issues” that could keep you from actually receiving all the goodness the HALO brings into your body.

You see, the “heart issues” such as an unforgiving or resentful attitude, fear, unhealthy beliefs, negative images and memories can all block your cells from taking in the goodness from the HALO botanicals.

Not that you have to heal ALL the heart issues, but a program of both clearing the blocks to receiving, and then taking in the life-giving energy of the HALO botanicals, is what is yielding downright miracles for some of my clients who have gotten the Halo and, like myself, have been doing Healing Codes regularly.

I am all about, as I say in the header of this website, “Healing AT the Source, from the Source.” The HALO itself doesn’t heal. Let me be clear about that. But it does allow your body to heal AT the source by equipping it with what it needs to heal itself, and FROM the Source–God-created botanicals, delivered through light (“God is light . . .”).


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