Heal Yourself, Heal Others


Personal note: When I sit down to write a blog, I always pray for God to guide what I say. Today, what came forth was very surprising to me. A whole new idea, maybe a whole new approach to my work!

And, possibly, a way for you to contribute to the healing of the world!

In my recent series on Learning to See, I’ve been talking about the quantum field and how we are all connected on an energetic level.

Now I want to share something very exciting.

Because we are all connected, what we do for ourselves touches others, and can even help heal others and contribute to healing in the world.

This concept isn’t actually all that new. Many people have had an intuitive sense of it for a long time.

You’ve heard that your level of success will be on a par with that of the five people you’re closest to.

Women’s menstrual cycles tend to synchronize with either the moon or those with whom she lives.

a group of white and grey objects

Photo by Jacek Ulinski

Explanation? We attune to other people energetically, and tend to move toward a collective synchronization. It’s like when you have a bunch of tuning forks in the same room, and you strike one, the others will begin to vibrate at the same frequency.

What is the “tuning fork” for us? The body.

And the “language of the body” is frequency–vibration. Which is why energy medicine works at the source. The Healing Codes in particular change the frequency in the cellular memories you’re trying to heal, which frees up more energy in your body to work on healing whatever is out of balance—which is the body’s main goal.

time lapse photography of water reaction

Photo by Jackson Hendry

When you heal yourself, that healing energy ripples out to others, whether you’re aware of it or not.

And when we get very intentional about our healing helping others, it’s even more powerful.

We can get intentional in two ways.

1. Release your Healing Code to others with a simple prayer at the end. “I release the full effects of this healing to [names], in love, insofar as this issue affects them.” (More on this here.)

2. You can intentionally do Healing Codes for other people. I have published a number of articles on this as well as a video.

Doing Healing Codes for others, or even just releasing your Codes to those closest to you, can be a wonderful ministry. I remember one woman in a church I went to said excitedly, “You can start Healing Codes Circles where the group prays and does Healing Codes for others!”

group of people near bonfire near trees during nighttime

Photo by Tegan Mierlepra

I thought that was an excellent idea. Sadly, she was the only one in that church who had that vision. I now attend another church, and so far I haven’t found anyone in leadership who supports that kind of thing. As I mentioned in my last article, most people in the Christian churches are steeped in the Newtonian view (which is not really biblical), and consider quantum physics off limits (or at least, this application of it).

But if you have people in your circle who both pray and are open to the Healing Codes, what a wonderful ministry that would be! I would also include doing a Healing Code to “push hack the darkness” in the world in general, and send that out.

If you do start a Healing Codes Circle like this, let me know! I’ll get you a custom Healing Code for the general “push back the darkness” intention. Even if you meet with just one other person, it can be very powerful.

And if you’re interested in doing an online version of this together, let me know!

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