Heal Yourself, Unleash a Miracle–for Someone Else?


A client of mine, Mary, told me an incredible story about how she started to feel led to release her own Healing Codes benefits to a young man with Multiple Sclerosis. He was healed! This report came in 2012, after a whole year of Mary doing this, so we gave it time before we reported the results.

Here is her story–what she did (extremely simple), what happened. After you read this, please also read and consider my suggestion at the end. Who knows what healing you may unleash upon the world, just by doing your own healing work!

I only met the young man who had MS one time.  I will call him “Dave” here to protect his privacy.  Dave came to me for help at the suggestion of my daughter.  I was so touched that he reached out to me—a stranger—and I was also so touched by the beauty of his spirit that I was compelled to try to help him on my own with The Healing Codes after he refused my offer of The Healing Code book and refused do it for himself.  I didn’t blame him—it is a “unique” modality, isn’t it!

I had been doing The Healing Codes for about six months when I met him, so I was confident in their effectiveness, although I had not previously tried doing Healing Codes on others who had any serious condition. (My daughter and I had experienced tremendous success on our own emotional and physical issues with the Healing Codes.)

I felt desperate to help Dave and even more determined because he had reached out to me and I felt I had failed him that day we met.  In addition, one of my mother’s best friends died of MS, as did a good friend of mine (years ago), so I felt a strong desire to find a way to help this young man who was clearly deteriorating rapidly.  When we met, the MS was severely affecting him in many ways.  He had what he referred to as “foot drop,” so he was having trouble walking and even stumbled a few times (I noticed that people in the coffee shop were staring skeptically, as though he might be drunk); and he was taking many medications.  He was no longer able to work in his profession and was sleeping most of each day because of the many medications he was taking.  He told me he was getting worse rapidly; that he knew he would soon become completely incapacitated; and that he knew he would soon die of the disease.

I begin adding Dave to every single Healing Code that I did (two or three Codes per day—either Codes from the Healing Codes Manual, or Custom Codes that I received from Diane Eble).  So starting in April 2011, every single time I did a Healing Code (a Code from the manual or a Custom Code I had gotten for myself), I would pray that this young man receive the full benefit of that Code.  In other words, I never purchased a Custom Code expressly for this young man.  I only added him to my Healing Codes.

I had no direct contact with him after the one time we met (other than a couple of e-mails or text messages regarding some books I had loaned him at our meeting).  There were even times that I tried to stop including him in every Code I do, since he and I have no connection other than that one day in April that he asked me for help; but I have felt compelled to continue to ask that he receive the full benefit of every Code I did from April to the present.

So during my initial prayer, prior to starting whatever Healing Code I was doing for myself, I would simply say, “God, I ask that Dave receive the absolute maximum benefit possible that he can receive from this Code.”

And then at the completion of that Code, I would simply say, “and I release the full benefit of this Code to Dave.”

That’s all!  I didn’t really “know” Dave (having met him only once), so I didn’t know anything else to say/pray about it for him!  But I said that prayer and release with utter conviction, determination and with faith that he would, indeed, receive any possible benefit he could receive from whatever Code I did, and accepting whatever outcome there was, knowing there was nothing else that I, personally, could do.  I said the prayer and release with a deep feeling of pure joy—honestly, I don’t know where that came from and it did feel unusual to me as I did it (because I’m not a particularly joyful person—I’m working on that with the Healing Codes!).  That joy seemed to come from somewhere deep inside me and it would spring up with a noticeable little burst each time I released the effects of my Codes to Dave.   I do think that was an important element.  (I know it is difficult to “manufacture” joy, particularly when you are really worried about someone.  In this case, I believe that it was easier for me to feel true joy as I included Dave, because he is not a close friend or relative; so that element of fear and sadness that one might feel with a close relative/friend was not present.)

My daughter only occasionally ran into Dave after I met him in April, and he eventually moved two hundred miles away.

In September of 2011, five months after Dave and I met at that coffee shop, my daughter and I met at a restaurant for lunch.  She informed me that Dave had been in town visiting friends the previous week.  She said he looked fantastic—the picture of health—but not only that, Dave had informed her that he was off almost all of his medications; that his “foot drop” had vanished—that he now not only walks normally, but he runs 8 miles per day; that he had just had his usual round of tests and the doctors found that his liver and kidney enzymes were now normal and that a particular medication he was taking that carried a “50% risk of brain mush and death” (Dave’s words) had come back 100% negative for any side effects; and that he was thinking of going back to work!

Dave had no idea I was doing Healing Codes for him.  His only explanation for his transformation was that he had added some herbs to his diet!

Ecstatic about this news, I decided to contact Dave to get his story first-hand.  Here is the content of the e-mail I received from Dave when I asked him if what my daughter had said was true [identifying details have been removed to protect Dave’s privacy]:

      Your daughter is correct, I am doing very well.  Especially for someone “in my condition.”  So well in fact, I have been able to forget at times that I even have MS.  MS was a constant nagging, persisting thought every day for almost two years.  Now, I just accept it as part of who I am and try to control it, instead of let it control my life.
Spiritually I am doing very well, also. I have come to terms, pretty much, with my Christian beliefs/upbringing, my current beliefs, my disease, etc.
      A few months ago I met a friend that got me back into the study of herbs. I have been doing more natural remedies and cutting out most of my oral medications most of the time.  I still get my monthly infusion for the MS, though. I think the herbs are a huge help and I feel better when using them, instead of prescription medications. I think the results are better, too.

      On the physical side, I am living less than 1/2 a mile from a large park and I joined a running group as part of my therapy program. My foot drop is so much better, I stopped using my brace and walk aid and am now going about 8 miles.
    I think you are a wonderful and inspirational person. I feel like we connected very quickly, have kindred spirits and it downs both of us when someone cannot be helped. But, not everyone can be helped. I had to realize this, also. And some do not want to be helped. I wanted it, prayed about it and God gave me the help and the strength through you.

NOTE:  To protect Dave’s identity, I removed two full paragraphs of his e-mail in which he described, in great detail, some highly personal emotional/spiritual areas in his life that had been or were being resolved.  So although it is not apparent from this excerpt, I would like to point out that, interestingly, although I had only inquired about his physical condition, the bulk of Dave’s e-mail focused on spiritual issues that he felt were being or had been resolved, which is where the Healing Codes come in.  It is my opinion and belief that adding Dave to all of my Codes helped heal those spiritual issues, which reduced the tremendous stress in his life, which then allowed him to  naturally heal physically.  I do not think it was a coincidence that Dave focused on spiritual/emotional issues in his response, when I asked how he was doing.

At some point between September of 2011 and the present, my daughter updated me that Dave had been in town for more tests and the doctors found that all brain lesions were gone. (It was my understanding from my conversation with Dave in April of 2011 that each time he had been tested prior to April 2011, the number of brain lesions had been steadily increasing, so this was wonderful news!)

I contacted Dave again recently (April 2012) and asked if he is still doing well.  Here is his texted response (again, we only met each other one time, so do not know each other well; therefore, this conversation between us was not particularly personal):

Yes, I am doing well.  I did end up putting out a large variety of flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables this year.  Also, I built two raised garden beds.  I had no idea I could build and grow things. I surprised myself.
We shared a few more texts about gardening, but that was all. It was very positive and he made no mention of the MS.

DIANE’S COMMENTS: I believe that an important piece of this remarkable story is the connection that was somehow made between Mary and Dave that one time. Mary was led by God to release all her Codes to Dave. Perhaps because of the connection, they were spiritually on some kind of similar wavelength such that her Codes could heal Dave as well when she released them to Dave.

It’s also telling that Dave said he himself wanted the healing, prayed about it, and was open to help however it came.

SUGGESTION: What if through doing your own Codes you could help another heal like Mary helped Dave? I think it would be very cool if you could try this.

You can always pray about whether to release your Healing Codes to family members, someone from your circle or church that has a need–anyone for whom there is a tug on your heart.

I release my own Codes most every day for all my clients, past, present and future, and everyone on my mailing list, as well as for family members and “anyone this issue affects or this Healing Code can help.”

Who knows what healing we can unleash upon the world?

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Great article, Diane! Good to hear how releasing codes to others is really working. I especially liked how Mary said she felt joy when she released her codes. It convicted me and made me realize that I had been releasing my codes to one family member somewhat reluctantly. I had been aware of this at some level, but thought I ‘should’ include this person. I immediately began working on some Forgiveness issues!

L. T.

Thank you, Diane, for this fabulous and inspiring healing story!!! I’ve always had some confusion about this “releasing of one’s own codes to others.” It seemed to me that all the benefit would then go to the other person and the code would not do much to help my own issues. But apparently Mary also healed her own issues successfully while releasing the benefits to Dave. There was no mention of her own healing success during that time. So I can only assume that the healing worked well for both of them. Thanks again. Truly inspirational and motivating to try… Read more »

[…] about how to do Healing Codes for other people. (And for inspiration, if you haven't read Mary's story of how releasing her Healing Codes helped heal a young man with MS she barely knew, you must read […]

[…] about how to do Healing Codes for other people. (And for inspiration, if you haven’t read Mary’s story of how releasing her Healing Codes helped heal a young man with MS she barely knew, you must read […]


Dear Diane! Thank you so mutch for this story this is fantastic and give me inspiration. I do the codes from the book three times a day to  heal my self and Im interesting to heal my near relatives but  Im little worried to say wrong things  when I do the codes for another person so this is a very good idea to check the healing circel
Thank you again !

Manfred Walter

Hello Dear Diane,
shure I have read a lot about the healing code. Your storys and experience move me a lot. I don´t know how to use it for myself, I have really problems, walk with 2 canes with problems.I received many many massage. I am a very slow englesh reader. Sorry but I cant change.
Greetings Manfred Walter


Dear Diane,
I have read a lot about the Healing Codes, testimonials, articles and interviews with dr. Loyd.
I haven't done the Codes so far (I fear lest I should do something wrong, then it could all go wrong and I will lose hope of recovery), but belive me  – just  reading the stuff about the Healing Codes makes me feel much better.. Thank you very much!!


I'm really moved by this story, since I suffer from foot drop caused by a stroke 7 years ago.  After reading this I listed 8 people from my exercise class who are really in need of healing, so I did the universal code for all of them naming in the prayer of intent and using the truth focus from Diane's documentation. I feel good about this effort but am struggling myself to heal from the stroke. GOD Bless all of you! 


I'm very moved by the testimony and have been doing some of the same thing myself.  I will definately update on the progress in my family and myself. 

Bonnie Lee

What a marvelous inspiring story. God bless you and him and keep up the wonderful work you do.

Fran(cis) Davids

Hi Diane,
What a great trestimony.  I believe God is doing a work in several lives and each is giving God the credit.  It reminds me of the book of Acts where God  moved on several people at the prayers of his people.  You are experiencing God at work.  I.m impressed  with your insight and the way you handle it.  Keep me posted.
All Blessing to you

Brenda Holder

Hello Diane

I have a daughter in South Africa (I live in Australia) she has breast cancer. She had the operation.
Melody has had her third chemo treatment now, she has to have for six months and then after that hormone treatment. She is married and has two son’s Alexander is eight years old and Sebastian is two and a half. How can I do a code on her behalf please Diane?
Thank you for understanding.
Love from Brenda

Laura Rodriguez

This is a fabulous testimony!

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