Healing Lessons From a Splinter


So I noticed something painful about my finger.

Drat, it was a splinter. I worked at it to get it out, but I wasn’t sure I got it all.

Big clue I didn’t: Pain continued.

I shined the HALO on it, using the Pain vial, the SuperSystem vial, and the Facial vial.

Still some pain. Probably the splinter was still there. Very hard to see, though.

I tried to ignore it, aside from shining HALO on it.

Still pain.

Finally, I got my husband to help me, because there was no way I could get this out myself (my little finger on my right hand). A magnifying glass confirmed there was indeed some dark splinter in there.

After much pain gouging the thing out with a needle, we finally got it.

Or so I thought.

The next day, it was still hurting, even after shining the HALO on it. I looked again at it with a magnifying glass, and wouldn’t you know–somehow there was STILL a piece in there.

So I got that out.

Would you believe it: Just today, 3 days after getting that first bit out, it still had some pain. So I looked again, and there was ANOTHER black splinter there!

Is this really the last bit of it? I’ll have to keep checking to see.

That original splinter must have gone very deep. And though I thought I had gotten part of it out, apparently there was a piece that was deeper yet, and it keeps working its way out.

Each time I get another splinter out, I shine the HALO light on it with the above vials. First the Pain vial. Within seconds the pain goes away. I shine the A-V, SS and Facial vials on it. At first the pain and redness go away, but if there’s more there, it seems to come up again, there’s more redness and pain, and I again dig out what I see. Perhaps the HALO is bringing it up and out?

You’ve probably already caught on to the analogy to heart issues.

The heart issues (negative images, memories, wrong beliefs) are inside us, like splinters. They eventually produce pain of one sort or another.

We often try to deal with it on our own, as I did the first time. I got some of the splinter out, but not all of it.

We often don’t want to “dig deep,” so we might try to ignore the pain, as I did after my first attempts to get the splinter out.

Then we try to do something about it to make it go away, as I did with the HALO. That is not what the HALO is designed to do. It won’t get rid of splinters.

Nor will it, or therapy, or nutriceuticals, or medications, or exercise, or any number of great or not-so-great things you can do to distract you, numb you, or address only the symptoms.

You have to get rid of the splinter. You must address the source of the issue.

With heart issues, the source is always one of the above: negative memories and images held in the un- and subconscious, and wrong beliefs formed from those memories.

These are what The Healing Codes and prayer uniquely address. You can use prayer alone, but it needs to be the kind of healing prayer that allows the light of God to shine on that darkness and replace it with love and truth. Often it’s difficult to do this on our own, and trained prayer ministers are hard to come by. (I think the method called Immanuel Prayer/Immanuel Approach provides the best approach.)

The Healing Codes get at the source by utilizing both prayer and the physical technique of pointing to the Healing Centers Alex Loyd discovered. I recommend it to everyone because it so easily and efficiently gets at the heart issues. Sometimes, if you feel stuck, you might want to get some coaching, as a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner can test and find those hidden memories that could be holding you back and you didn’t even know it. But for most people, with most issues, the universal Healing Code addresses the source of heart issues quite nicely.

Note a couple more lessons.

First, I didn’t realize how deep the splinter was. More of it kept resurfacing. This often happens with heart issues. You heal a key memory and feel great. You thinkĀ  the issue is healed. But later, it comes up again. It was deeper than you thought, or had more aspects to heal than you thought.

Second, the HALO did an amazing job of healing my finger AFTER I got rid of the splinter. That’s why I think The Healing Codes are so important to use with HALO. First, you need to “get the splinter out,” then you can use HALO to put the healing energies back into the body. But neither HALO nor the body can do much of anything until that splinter is out.

Here’s to getting those splinters out of your heart! Then the body will know what to do to heal itself.


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Kris Bens

Hi, sorry but I’m really curiou how long did it took your finger to fully heal from the splinter?

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