Healing Over Time


"When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with  you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown!"–Isaiah 43:2

My friend Virginia told me the greatest gift she’s received from God is the gift of healing. “Many times I have been hurt so deeply I think I can never get over this,” she said. She mentioned embarrassments,  humiliations, loneliness, depression, and discouragement. I thought  of such experiences in my own life. Yet despite such feelings, Virginia  says, “over time, the trauma of the experience dims. I look back on  the experience without the feelings I had in the midst of it. I have  the lessons I learned from it. I’m amazed at how resilient I am.”

There is a progression to pain. First the blow. Then the shock. Then  the tidal wave of pain. Here is the critical point. Will we wade through pain all the way to the other side–trusting there is another side? Or will we fight the tide, trying to turn around and escape it? (Futile  thought!) Will we pretend we're sailing through when we're actually drowning? Even if we refuse to wade right in, the pain will lap at our feet. It will pose a threat, keeping us trapped on the shore.

If we don't resist the pain, the current will take us to the other side. Healing is built into creation. The Healing Codes and prayer can greatly speed the healing, which is always a process.

As the moon governs the tide, so grace governs the deep waters that engulf you. Grace will get you to the other side. From that distant shore, a much stronger swimmer, you will look out over the waters and say in wonder, “I came  through. The current of grace did not fail.”

And it never will!

This story was adapted from my book, Abundant Gifts.You can read sample stories at www.abundantgiftsbook.com, plus download a free ebook journal for keeping track of your own "abundant gifts."

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I am feeling waterlogged from all the pain I have experienced. I need to dry out in the peace and comfort of my Father's rest. I am doing this now.

avalon bruce, m.p.h.

i find your words here very real, true and healing ~!  i'm reading 'eat pray love' and the middle segment of the book (i don't watch movies) goes right along w/ what you say — and both great for spiritual growth / peace of mind.  blessings, av

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