Healthier Than I Was 20 Years Ago–How?


I tend to get reflective every September, because it was in September 2007, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, that I had a TIA (mini-stroke) that ended up changing the course of my life–very much for the better, but in an entirely unexpected way.

The full story is told here, but the short version is that as the right side of my body was suddenly paralyzed, I slurred to my husband, “I think I’m having a stroke.” He, my daughter and I hopped into the car and he drove us to the hospital, 4 minutes away (when there’s no train coming). By the time I got to the hospital, I was already recovering.

Somehow I never felt worried; I had a settled peace that I would be fine. And indeed, in less than an hour I seemed to be my normal self.

Of course multiple tests were run. It being Labor Day weekend, not much was done until Monday. I remember being told Monday night I would have to stay up all night so that they could run some brain test. I tried valiantly to do so, but I had never pulled an all-nigher, ever, not even in college.

Come Tuesday, I was told that they were sorry, they couldn’t run that test that day, I would have to stay up all night AGAIN.

I flat out told them, “I am not doing that. You either do the test today, or it won’t get done. I CANNOT do that!” (Honestly, were they CRAZY? Did they know anything about sleep deprivation?)

Next thing I knew, they were wheeling me down to do whatever test required me to be in a sleepless, nearly drunken state.

Anyway, the upshot was that the doctors determined that the TIA was caused by a PFO (hole in the heart) that allowed blood to get to my brain. They said I was a perfect candidate for a clinical trial for a procedure to, in effect, plug up the hole. I agreed, and in January 2008 I had the procedure done. (Anything to get off that medication that made it look like my husband was beating me–bruises everywhere.)

I had started doing The Healing Codes from the Manual in June, 2007. I continued doing them through to the time I underwent the clinical trial.

When I awoke from the procedure, I asked my husband what happened. He said, “Nothing. You were booted out of the study because by the time they got in there, the hole was just about closed up.”

When I had my followup visit with the head of the Heart Hospital at Edwards Hospital, the doctor shrugged and said, “I’ve only heard of 3 or 4 cases of a spontaneous closing of a PFO in my career” (and he was about to retire).

My own physician bought The Healing Codes package after that. “That’s the only explanation for what happened,” she said.

If I hadn’t had that TIA and the clinical trial, I would not have contacted Dr. Alex Loyd, and who knows if The Healing Code book would have been published. I was a publishing coach and editor at the time, you see, and when Alex found that out, he asked if I would work with him to get his book published, which he’d been trying to do for 6 years.

The rest, of course, is history. The world got The Healing Code, I got a new career, and countless people from around the world got healed.

Fast forward to now: I just saw my thyroid doctor. Back in 2001, I had a cold nodule on my thyroid gland, and Dr. Paloyan removed part of my thyroid along with the nodule. I’ve been on medication for the thyroid ever since. Now he’s not only monitoring my thyroid, but also my bones, as apparently the thyroid medication affects bones. Last year I was diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis.

Results of today’s visit? All thyroid panels are in the normal range, ultrasound of my thyroid showed the scars from the surgery were smaller, my spine is perfectly fine, my hip bones are now both out of the osteoporotic range.

“You’ve been taking Prolia, right?” he asked me. That is what he’s been prescribing for the past several years to stave off osteoporosis.

“No, I’m not, and I never have,” I said. I could tell he couldn’t make sense out of my test results because he believes only Prolia could give my results. I told him I was eating an alkaline diet, putting Cypress essential oil on my hips at night, and “using some light therapy” (referring to the Halo, which I did not want to go into).

And, of course, I’m doing Healing Codes and a new Healing Prayer method I’ve developed.

This doctor is really a good thyroid specialist, the best traditional Western medicine has to offer. He is very careful, he explains things, and he listens. I still had to advocate for myself, however. When I asked him if I could use Naturethroid rather than Armour thyroid, because the former was made from grass-fed pigs vs. grain-fed, he acknowledged that gluten could be a factor with the Armour. And he wrote me a prescription for Naturethroid. (Which, of course, the pharmacy has to order, because it’s not as “typical.” But neither am I!)

I am ever so grateful for these results. I am healthier now than I was 20 years ago, when I was on medications for asthma, allergies, hormone replacement, and a couple of other things. Now I use essential oils, food, Halo, exercise, some natural supplements, and healing prayer to stay healthy.

Apparently it’s working!

I don’t know about you, but I hold the view that the body can heal itself. I choose to honor it by supporting it in all the natural, God-given ways I can, removing toxins (including emotional/spiritual toxins), and allowing only good things in.







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