Help for Chronic Pain


A therapist friend heard me talk about how I had strange pains that would come and go in various parts of my body, at various times, for no apparent reason. She suggested I read a book called The Way Out by Alan Gordon

I got the book. And–it’s helping a lot! The premise of the book is that there is something called neuroplastic pain, which is when the brain misinterprets a sensation as pain.

Alan Gordon walks you through just how to reprogram your brain to interpret the signals correctly. I recommend the book.

You might also want to watch this excellent YouTube video in which Mayim Bialik interviews Alan Gordon. I watched this first and then bought the book for further reference.

A note for those who have the trait of High Sensitivity: I think we may be more prone to neuroplastic pain. I say this because I find the flareups with my neuroplastic pain often come after I’ve been overstimulated.

Overstimulation is emotionally painful for HSPs, so it makes sense that we may also feel it as physical pain. 

There are several ways to “train your brain away from pain,” and I’ve written about it from several different angles.  Check out my blog posts here.

Train Your Brain Away from Pain

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