How He Healed His Wife’s Parkinson’s


I received an email from Winston, who lives in South Africa, telling me his experience with The Healing Codes. It's so encouraging, I thought I'd pass it on, with some comments afterward.

Winston wrote:

"I bought The Healing Codes [package] about seven months ago for my wife who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. At the time she was not in a condition to do the codes herself ( she had great trouble walking, hands were very shaky, she had no control over her bladder), so I did them for her. I have just carried on doing them for her four times a day up to date.

"Well, we are now doing a .75km walk every afternoon, the shaking in her hands is gone and she has control of her bladder! So we say thank you for the codes and of course the biggest thanks to God Almighty!!

"Diane, it was your blog that made me decide on the Codes and I saw from the way you presented the Codes that you were not trying push them off onto anybody and of course the praise you gave to God Almighty. So thank you and God bless you."

I remember I had suggested to him a protocol from the Healing Codes Manual. Curious as to what exactly he did, I asked him, and he wrote back this:

"We started off by going back in time as early as my wife could remember and making a list of anyone or anything that had hurt, offended, humiliated or insulted her in any way. We then adressed each issue by doing the unforgiveness code four times a day (one day per issue). We then spent one day each on the rest of the twelve codes (four times a day.

"On your advice we then did the patience code (Parkinson’s) for two days (four times a day) followed by one day of the first code [of the 12 Categories outlined in the Manual]. Then patience for two days followed by the second code [of the 12 Categories] until we reached code twelve [self-control]. We then repeated this format but now using the kindness code which is the second Parkinson’s code [listed under the Problem Reference Guide]. Total 36 days per Parkinson’s code.

"We then did patience for two days (four times a day) then kindness for two days ( four times a day) then trust (bladder)  two  days (four times a day). This we have done up to date."

Winston used The Healing Codes "big package," and here's what he had to say about that:

"Something I would highly recommend to anyone doing the codes is a set of CDs I bought from Dr. Alex where he speaks what hand positions are to be used and at the end of the 30 secs he then gives the next hand position and so on until the total length of the code is completed. This takes away all the hassle of reading what the next hand position is, then watching a stop watch to see when the hand position time is over and then reading what the next hand position is. Now one can close your eyes and relax while doing the codes."

I realize, however, that The Healing Codes "big package" is out of many people's budget. It was worth it to Winston and his wife, but if you can't afford this, don't despair! There is another great (less expensive) option, and I base my recommendation on what Winston said he did.

What strikes me about his approach is that they started by addressing the relationship issues first with the unforgiveness Code (the first of the 12 Healing Code Categories). Relationships are so crucial to our overall health, and unforgiveness is, according to Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson, the biggest blog to healing. Do it makes sense to start here.

This is also why I suggest, if you don't already have The Healing Codes Manual and you want something more robust than The Healing Code book and universal Healing Code, you invest in The Relationship Codes package. In addition to the 12 Categories found in The Healing Codes Manual, you get 10 more Relationship Codes. It is simply a more robust package. So if you don't already have any of the Healing Codes Manuals and you want one, I recommend The Relationship Codes. At present, it is only available here, from my review page.

Winston's final words, which I wholeheartedly echo:

"Don’t give up when you don’t see any improvement, just keep on believing in God Almighty, saying your prayers and doing The Healing Codes. And remember, it's God who does the healing. I was just a link."

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