How Long Does It Take to Heal Heart Issues?


Someone just posed a good question on the Amazon page for The Healing Code, and I answered it. I thought I’d share it with you as well.

Q: I have been using the Healing Codes for a couple of months. I am feeling much better. I have no idea how long I am supposed to keep doing the Codes 3 times a day. Do you ever stop?

A: The “much better” you have experienced can be “much much better” if you continue to do The Healing Code.

I have never stopped after 9 years.

First of all, I never seem to run out of “heart issues” to address. Besides, that, I just enjoy doing the Healing Codes. And I sure appreciate the results! The healing I’ve had in all areas of my life from doing Healing Codes at least twice a day for 9 years now is phenomenal. Physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, financially–every area of my life has improved. (For the medical report tracking my progress in 2012,2014, and 2016, go here.)

When the heart issues are out of the way, I am open to more of God, more of life, I’m finding. Life is just … fuller.

I think of The Healing Codes as more like brushing my teeth, or taking my daily walk: It’s something I do to keep healthy. As opposed to, say, an antibiotic you take to address an infection.

If you run out of “heart issues” to address, you can use The Healing Code to instill more of the positive in your life: more love, more joy, more kindness, etc. Then if something negative pops up, you address the negative. When that goes down to 0 or 1, you go back to instilling the positive.

Hope this helps! There’s lots more at Healing Codes Coaching and this Healing Heart Issues website.

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Barry Mc Carthy

I thought THC would be like the Emotion Codes & The Body Codes by Dr Nelson where you can find causes of ailments, release the trapped emotions and do further checks & removals as the trapped emotions once eliminated allow the body to heal the ailment/disease etc.

Aileen Deaton

What a superb response to this question! I agree completely. I must admit that there are days when I would prefer to skip it, and then I remember how I am changing and my life along with me. I will always be doing The Healing Codes as long as I live.

Thank you for this fabulous explanation.


Dear Sir

Do you have any thing on nerve deafness of the ears? I have a nerve loss of the cochlea and I was wondering if you have anything on this subject?

Leslie Hawkins

Thank you very much! That answers the question!!

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