“How Many People Can I Include in a Healing Code?”


Q: In my Healing Codes, I have been combining myself, my wife and two daughters into two 10 minutes sessions per day using "The life giving light…" Truth Focus Statement for several issues I have, motor neuron disease (wife), spinal cord injury (daughter) and severe allergies (other daughter).  Is that cramming too much in?

A: I will develop custom codes to do for my family at times, but it's usually around an issue I know we all have our own problems with. For instance, recently I did a Code for my husband and children about money issues, after my daughter brought something up. I remembered some memories we have in common, such as one vacation where money issues sort of ruined the whole experience. So I did a custom code for all my family members around those memories and the money issues we each had, and released the effects to each person in the family.

In the case you're mentioning, however, it's generally stronger for each if you can do an individual Healing Code for each, Dr. Loyd says.  Targeted attention seems to matter with The Healing Codes, which makes sense from what I know about quantum physics.

This can be time-consuming, I realize. What I do therefore is use the Q Codes, which is quicker (takes about 2 minutes). I do Q Codes for a number of people every day. Then you can amplify the effects of each person's Code by releasing it to the others.

You can find out more about Q Codes at It is a different way of doing any Healing Code, so you do need a Healing Code to use for it. Dr. Loyd developed that approach after praying about his clients who were not healing the way most of his clients did. So this approach may amplify the effectiveness of a Healing Code. It seems to be true from my experience with it.

(Note: the Truth Focus Statement he's referring to is: "The life-giving light of the Lord God Almighty shines in all the darkness, to bring complete healing, peace, and right relationships with God, self, and others." Other of my personal Truth Focus Statements are available free on my site at Look for the yellow highlighted words on the right, "Download Diane's personal Truth Focus Statements.")

For more FAQs about The Heaing Codes, visit my FAQ page:


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