How She Healed Her Cancer


Can you really heal cancer yourself?

Thirty years ago Yvonne Chamberlain was told she had 6 weeks to live by the doctors who diagnosed black melanoma. They suggested wider incision after the biopsy and possibly taking off her leg to prevent the spread! Yvonne did not give up, nor did she submit to conventional therapies to cut or burn the cancer away. Here are her thoughts on how she healed her cancer, what full healing entails, and what happened when she decided to listen to the disease rather than blindly fighting it.

At first the shock hits you between the eyes and I thought "Why Me?" What have I done to deserve this? I am a mom with 3 little kids. How can I survive and do all that I do with only one leg? Can the medical profession guarantee that if they amputate that I will live, or will they just bury me with one leg missing? I was devastated. 

I didn't like the way things were in my marriage – it seemed that we lived on two different planets. I felt in overwhelm working so hard to support the family financially and I was so out of control emotionally. From my perspective I didn't feel loved by my husband and kids. I was just the one who was supposed to be the servant to keep the whole house functioning and I didn’t feel appreciated. Self pity crept in and I began to play the game "poor little ol' me!" Have you ever heard of it?

I didn't go the medical road and have my leg amputated, nor did I have any chemo etc., but rather decided on a natural healing journey. In the process of the recovery I came across a book by Carl and Stephanie Simonton where they asked the question: “What is the benefit of your sickness?” I was furious to think that someone could even suggest that there could be a benefit to having cancer. But in the darkness of the night when I couldn’t sleep I began to consider if it just could be a possibility.

When that starts to happen the subconscious goes back in time to one's childhood to ask, "As a child how did I get my needs met?" Yes, had to admit: I needed to be sick to get the love and attention that I craved from my very busy parents. It wasn’t that they didn’t love me, it is just they were on their own survival treadmill providing for the family. So the subconscious asks when you are playing the poor little ol' me game,"How can you get this love and attention?" and so it allows your immune system to bring about the disease you subconsciously believe will get you the love and attention that you so desperately crave and need. This all happens in the subconscious – the cancer was really a "heart issue."

 And so the process of healing could begin once I identified what my needs were and how those needs could be met without resorting to sickness. My relationships with husband and family changed as I began to understand our differences in personality and love language. I had just assumed that people should have the same thoughts, perspectives and feelings as me. My faith in God was absolute and I knew that if I ran toward Him, He would be faithful to meet me.

I needed healing in spirit, soul and body. And that is what happened as I learned forgiveness, acceptance, discipline and how to appreciate and love myself as I was loved by God.

Absolutely every person that I have worked with since, if they are not willing to clear the heart issues, no matter what modality of treatment they have followed will not work. Be it medical or a huge variety of alternative concepts and clinics, nothing works if the heart is holding the disease to get the benefits that the heart craves. Realize that the benefit of the sickness is at a subconscious level and the person may not realize in the beginning it is a heart issue. It's always easier to blame something else outside of ourselves, because if I acknowledge I am responsible, then I must also claim the power to change myself through God’s help and guidance. I also believe that some kind of participation in the physical cure must be done to give the discipline of commitment to one’s own health. To get well, a person must have a reason to pay the price of change and personal growth.  

The promise I clung to was from the Gospel of John: "This sickness is not to death but that God's Son would be glorified." I had that written out on text cards all over the house.

In the following years after treating myself, I have had hundreds of phone calls from people who have heard that I had cancer and they wanted to know how I cured myself. I was spending so much time on the phone one on one telling people about what I did naturally to bring about a cure and realizing that they weren’t necessarily capable of taking it all in at once. So I decided to put it in a book where anyone could have access to my journey; it is not just for the cancer patient. That way a person could read some and absorb it, and then pick it up again. The book isn’t just about recovery from cancer and what I did; it is about living successfully – totally happy in all areas of your life…. Living an exciting, successful, energized life! That is my life mission and purpose. To make a difference to all people, not just those who have been told like I had… “Get yourself prepared – you only have 6 weeks to live.”

My book Why Me? Kicking Cancer and Other Life Changing Stuff was the reply to that question… “what did you do…. how did you change your attitudes, your thinking, your relationships, your marriage, your time management, value system, your diet, your exercise, your nutritional supplementation”? The book is about holistic living and being wealthy in every area of your life.

I am not the rising star, the people who pick up the book and do something to change their own destiny, they are the rising stars who, with enough of us, can change the way the world sees sickness and success, medicine and even cancer. It is not a death sentence, it is a learning experience.

Of course, different kinds of "heart issues" can contribute to illness and disease, but Yvonne's point is well taken: it is the unconscious beliefs, unmet needs, and unhealed feelings and memories that can be the source of physical issues. When these are healed, the body can also heal. If you would like help uncovering and healing your hidden heart issues, go to my site at

Yvonne Chamberlain's book, Why Me? Kicking Cancer and Other Life Changing Stuff, can be ordered through her website at

Here's what Dr. John Tickell, known for his role in the top-rated Australian TV show "Celebrity Overhaul" who promotes the eating habits of the longest living, healthiest people on earth (the Okinawans ), says about Yvonne's book:

 "The move towards more natural foods (as nature intended ) as outlined by Yvonne is certainly to be applauded.  Human beings have a lot to answer for, the way they refine, process and totally destroy the nutritious food that nature provides.  GO LOW H.I. (Low Human Interference) The book is inspirational, challenging and helpful, not just in recovery from disease, but for your whole life and in every area of your life." –Dr John Tickell – 

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Greetings! I’ve been following your weblog for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic work!

Jacinda Spruill

Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

Leah Service

I am in awe of using the healing codes for myself, my husband, my children and extended family and friends. First, between the Healing codes and Joyce Meyer's biblical teaching on thinking and forgiving and growing in Heart to be Christlike, there is a complete restructuring of everything. I can feel it and I can breathe it. When I am not in good thoughts I feel the heaviness; I feel the judgement that I will sometimes allow and now i can catch it, and pray through and heal through. Recently one of my favorite Uncles was diagnosed with cancer (lungs,… Read more »


Thank you for sharing this critical information! We create our world. If we don't like what we see we have the power and ability to change it. There is no need to blame, complain, or judge. Just take a deeper look within and take action to change the only thing that we can…..ourselves.
In gratitude,

Francis Harvey Davids

Hi Diane, Teriffic article.  I couldn't help but notice Yvonne's reliance on God to change her heart with Spiritual healing, and doing the rest: nutritian, exercise, livin, g a positive emotional life ie  loving life, forgiving, and mantaining that life. The Healing Codes are great in helping one's knowledge of the core values and how to put them in practice, and, as Solomon wrote in Proverbs 16: 1-2,  "The preparations of the heart in man and the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.  All the ways of man are clean in his own eyes; but the Lord weighs the… Read more »

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