How The Healing Codes Create Miracles


The Healing Codes produce miracles—all the time.

Let me hasten to define miracles, lest you get the wrong impression.

I’m referring to the idea that a miracle is a shift in perspective that can produce transformation, much as a caterpillar is transformed to a butterfly.

If you believe that God‘s perspective is rarely the same as yours, and his perspective is wider, more creative and truer than yours, wouldn’t it make sense that you would want it? And that God would want to give it to you? (If you believe God is love and truth, that is.)

When you have a problem, some issue that’s bothering you, it’s probably a safe bet that your perspective is off in some way. You are likely not seeing the whole picture, or there is a lie connected to the way you perceived a person or situation. You know that memory or relationship needs to heal.

The healing comes from an energy shift, from negative to neutral or positive. That’s why you do The Healing Codes—to change that negative energy pattern. It is a spiritual shift; it does not happen on the physical level, though there often are eventually physical results.

What you’re really wanting is that energy shift—that miracle. You want that wider, more truthful perspective that leads to love, joy, and peace–where true healing originates.

And God wants to give that to you. He wants you to heal.

But how exactly does that shift, that healing occur? Is there a secret ingredient that makes The Healing Code work so well? 

Think about the process.

When you say the Prayer of Intention, aren’t you connecting to God, to the One who knows the true source of your issue? Aren’t you asking God to do something you can’t do for yourself? Aren’t you seeking that wider, truer, more creative perspective than the one you currently have?

Then, you start pointing to the healing positions and infuse more of truth through focusing on a Truth Statement or a Love Picture. (Love and truth go together!) You are connecting with an aspect of God, who is Love and Truth.

Isn’t that, too, prayer?

You are opening up to a different perspective. Isn’t that prayer?

The Healing Codes are built on prayer. Prayer–that connection to God–paves the way for the miracle.

Prayer is meant to be two-way. You open to God, and God, who loves to give you that perspective, produces that shift.

And that, my friend, is the miracle!

To get a miracle, though, something is required of you.


You need to be willing to look at how you are presently perceiving a situation, especially if you have a negative outlook, and ask God to show you his perspective. If you remain open and humble, willing to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, you had a part in the negativity, I believe you will get your miracle.

So when you do a Healing Code, why not ask for and expect a miracle?

Ask God to show you his perspective on the situation. Remain open, and allow the perspective change to take some time, if time is necessary. (Often it is.)

Pay attention to what thoughts or images begin to alight on your mind. Dr. Mark Virkler says that God‘s voice is most often experienced as spontaneous thoughts that alight upon the mind, and/or flowing pictures or feelings. Such insights or shifts in perspective may happen during, or any time after, your Healing Code.

 CC BY-ND by Wendy Longo photography

Let’s keep on healing, and create some miracles!

And if you need some personalized help with that, as well as new prayer approaches I’ve developed, check out my coaching at

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