How the Law of Attraction Can Work against You


The whole Law of Attraction was real big a few years ago with the movie and book, The Secret, and I know many people still believe in it.

I think there is some element of truth in it. What you focus on will tend to increase in your life. And you do “sow what you reap,” by and large. (This by the way is no “secret.” Ancient manuscripts tell of it openly. It’s all over the Bible, for instance.)

Here’s what I observe, though: a strong belief in LOA seems to produce fear. I have clients who are blocked in terms of dealing with their heart issues, because they’re so afraid that acknowledging anything negative at all will attract more of the negative into one’s life.

I maintain that it’s only when we acknowledge the negative–that there are things to be healed–that in fact we can heal those things.

In a Psychology Today article, “Why Optimism Can Be Bad For Your Mental Health,” Clifford N Lazarus,Ph.D, distinguishes between false optimism and realistic optimism: “The difference between false optimism and rational optimism can be captured by two different statements. ( 1 ) ‘There’s nothing to be concerned about, everything will be just grand.’ [Or, the LOA version: “If I just visualize everything being fine, it will be.”] That’s false optimism. The second statement reflects realistic optimism: (2) ‘We’ve got a real mess on our hands, things don’t look too good, but if we tackle it step by step, we can probably do something about it.'”

In terms of healing heart issues, you have to acknowledge that there are some things that need healing. You’re not perfect. The negative things that happened to you, the lies you’re believing, the feelings attached to memories–these things are real, but they don’t have to define you. You don’t have to be afraid to face them.

The only way to heal heart issues is to tell yourself the truth about where you are now, and then heal the heart issues with The Healing Codes and prayer. You replace the lies with truth, the negative with the positive.

Facing the negative and healing it will do the opposite of attracting more negative.

It is the only way to get to the positive you want to attract. It’s a step that can’t be skipped.

If you’d like some help dealing with “heart issues” using The Healing Codes, go to www.HealingCodesCoaching.com to check out how Healing Codes and Healing Codes coaching work.

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