How to Help Loved Ones Heal?


Q: "Can I include a list of loved ones when I do the codes for myself?"

A: There are several ways to help loved ones heal.

One way is to do the Healing Code on yourself, then say at the end, "I release the full effects of this healing to [name of loved ones], in love, insofar as my issue affects them." This is especially good for family members. You are all connected energetically, and your healing can help them heal when you "pass it on" intentionally. I have several clients who are doing this regularly, and seeing wonderful results.

Alternatively, you may do the Universal Healing Code (from the book) for the list. However, according to Dr. Loyd, this is not as effective as doing it for each person.

When I do a Healing Code for someone, since I don't know exactly what their issue is, I pray for God to heal whatever is causing them to resist his grace. This is our biggest problem, in my opinion–we resist God's goodness and grace. So I figure the Lord knows the person's heart best, and will answer this prayer as he knows how.

If you have a question, you may ask it at Visit for more answers to questions, including more on doing a Healing Code by proxy.


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Linda Adair

Hi Diane,  I also had a twinge of doubt about the amount of money charged for the 'extras' after purchasing the book, which is very reasonably priced.  As you said, you are not part of Dr. Loyd's organization, but I suppose you are linked because of your teaching the Codes.  I had viewed Tracey's video on Youtube and clicked on the link. Had I originally heard about the Healing Code via this link I would have written it off as another scam.  The way the advertisement is written is exactly the same as the many miracle cures out 'there'. You… Read more »


I would like to know where the "energy" comes from to heal us when doing the codes?  What keeps us from draining ourselves ?  QiGong  uses the energy of the universe, that you have to plug into before you start.  I have t heard that healers have to plug into a power, or they will use up their own energy and possibly get sick.  If this is an energy medicine, it has to come from somewhere besides ourselves. Does Dr Loyd raise his vibration somehow,  in order to do all those group healing code sessions ?   I feel that something… Read more »


How do you keep your mind from wandering as you're doing the 30 seconds in each phase?  I'm brand new at this


I am doing Healing Code for about two weeks now and didn't see any result yet. I am doing the Code three times a day and usually on my third session I also include a few of the people that I want to heal. So, I pray for myself and for those that I want to include and at the end I say that I release the full effect of this healing to the people that I mentioned at the beginning (I tell the names of the people) and also myself. Is this okay or should I change something?  … Read more »


What do you use as the truth statement when doing the code for others? 

Paul Kirk

I have a wee conflict here. The Healing Codes are undoubtedly a gift of God; & yes I have personally benefited untold. My concern is the fine line you are walking between profiteering from this gift to being of service to Gods children. As your founder said with his Thanks giving e-mail, he & his family have been endowed with the riches of providence through these codes; that being the case, when is enough, in terms of personal gain – or for that matter – company / corporate gain??? Then I find out there is yet to be another great… Read more »

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