“Is This Issue Really Mine?”


I spoke with a client who shared a “heart issue” she was working on. “I’ve had this issue my whole life,” she reported. She also mentioned that her mother had also wrestled all her life with the same problem.

That got me to thinking. How many of our issues are really ours? How many stem from what we may have energetically “absorbed” from a close relationship? Is the real reason physical, psychological, or emotional issues “run in families” because of DNA, or energetic patterns absorbed until they are our own?

Well, I can do my subtle energy testing for those things. In the case of my client, she did have a generational memory from her mother. We now know that traumas at least (and who knows what else) can be passed down in the genes. The famous “mouse study” showed that a trauma in one generation can be passed down to subsequent generations. There have been other studies as well; this one on prisoners of war from the Civil War is fascinating.

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Trauma memories can be passed down somehow in the DNA.

Scientists call this epigenetics. I think of this as an “energy information pattern” encoded in the DNA. We can be born with these generational memories, which can predispose us to interpret certain experiences of our own from the lens of that memory. That provides “evidence” that the interpretation is true, thus leading to negative energy patterns of our own.

It’s not always the case, however, that the negative energy pattern comes from the genes. There’s also environment. In dysfunctional families, for instance, sometimes the dysfunctional person projects negative energy onto another person (usually the Highly Sensitive/empath in the family, who doesn’t even realize what’s going on).

I had a client once who illustrated this clearly. She was a twin, and had that trait of High Sensitivity (the scientific term is Sensory Processing Sensitivity). The family experienced a very traumatic situation surrounding the death of the mother, and subsequent emotional abandonment by the father, when my client was maybe 7 or 8 years old. The funeral was especially traumatic. (And by that, I mean what happened was something no child, sensitive or not, could ever cope with on her own. And the sisters were on their own.)

The day after the funeral, my client was unable to go to school, but her sister blithely went off to school and seemed totally unaffected by what had happened.

My client had not really recovered from that decades later, when she came to me. She struggled with all kinds of relational, success, emotional and physical issues. Meanwhile, her sister seemed to be sailing through life, totally unscathed by anything.

two square blue LED lightsMy client and I unraveled the dynamic. Her sister, with whom my client kept in close contact, was unconsciously projecting onto my client all the things she herself should be dealing with. My client, being a Highly Sensitive empath, was unwittingly absorbing all that energy, and manifesting all the negative consequences.

I gave my client a tool, which is part of my Align with Your Divine DesignTM program, to release the negativity from herself, and to “send back” the energy that was rightfully her sister’s to deal with.

In her book, The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity, Carol A. Brown talks about how she suffered during a time when her husband, David, was at the height of his workaholism. She was the one who felt tired all the time.

cross cutout decor“Relief came only when I asked the Lord to put the Cross [of Christ] between us to filter out the excess, to be a gentle but firm boundary to prevent me from subconsciously trying to carry David in ways He was not asking of me. I wanted to carry what the Lord asked me to carry legitimately, as a helpmate, but to reflect [back] to David the tiredness that came from his excess so that he would feel and understand the damage he was doing to his body and mind. I did not want to enable a harmful addiction.”

When Carol did this, within three days, David was feeling his own tiredness and dealing with the issue which was really his.

We are not meant to carry other people’s negative energy, whether absorbed or generational. Thus it is right to use prayer and energetic means to remove it.

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Some clues you may be carrying something that’s not yours:

  • You’ve been working on an issue for some time, doing all you need to do (Healing Codes, prayer, all the right action steps to change the situation), but nothing seems to work. I worked for several years on some business and personal goals, but just wasn’t gaining traction. When I found a generational memory in both my mother and myself, and we did a custom Healing Code for it, many of those goals were met in one week! (I wrote about “my bamboo week” here.)

  • When you feel or react in a way that’s “not yourself,” take some time to pray and discern: Is this feeling tied to anything you know about in your world right now? If not, where might it be coming from? Were you with someone whose energy you might have absorbed, or in an environment that threw you off? Are you close to someone who is going through a difficult time? (Clue: if they feel OK but you do not, as in the examples above, then perhaps you are carrying their burden.) Use prayer and a Healing Code shift the energy (send it to the Cross, then pray for the person, do a Healing Code for you and them, and release that healing to them.)

  • If, like my client, the issue seems to have been with you “all your life,” and especially if you can see it in a parent, suspect a generational memory. Simply ask God, in your Healing Code prayer of intention, to “find, open and heal the source of [your issue}, including any generational memories that may be at work here.” If the person you suspect the memory comes from is still alive, release the healing to them. (I always release my healing to others with the following prayer: “I release the effects of this healing to [names], in love, insofar as this issue affects them.”) Miracles sometimes happen then.

You don’t need to be burdened by other people’s energy, whether inherited or absorbed. Release the burden to God. God desires you to be free. He has taken care of everything already through what Jesus did on the cross. Appropriate that gift for yourself.

Why Your Energetic Healing Is So Important

I just want to add that healing your heart matters is so important not only for you, but for the generations to follow you.

If generational memories can affect you, your traumas and “issues” can and do affect your children and their children, down through the generations. In my clients I sometimes find generational memories from many generations prior. And my own opinion is, they get worse the more they’re passed down, because each new generation adds their own negativity to the memories, which then get encoded and passed down.

Here’s the good news: As you heal your own heart issues and generational memories, you can release that healing to those close to you, including your children and grandchildren.

I’ve seen it over and over again: when you release your own energetic healing to others who are energetically connected to you, it produces changes in their lives.

You can be the change agent in your generational line! How exciting is that?

Healing your heart matters, matters.

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Your healing can affect all those you are energetically connected to!

If you need extra help in discerning and healing energetic patterns in your life, check out my Align with Your Divine DesignTM program and fill out a Clarity Questionnaire. Return it to me and we’ll explore your issue further and discern your next best step.

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