Live Within YOUR Biorhythm


Do you know when the best time is for you to sleep, eat, do your Healing Codes?

the Power of When by Dr. Michael Breus, PhDTurns out we are all born with a particular “chronotype”–an inborn “clock” that governs our biorhythms.

Last week I took a quiz to find out what my “chronotype” is. Perhaps you saw the link on my Facebook page and have already taken it.

If not, I encourage you to take the “power of when quiz” and learn when is the best time for you to sleep, etc.

If you get Dr. Breus’s book, The Power of When, you will know when to do just about everything according to your chronotype.

This book actually set me free from guilt.

You see, I had sort of drifted into a later bedtime. And hearing so many people tell me how important it is to get to bed early, that the hours before midnight “count as double” and all that, I was constantly trying to get to bed earlier and beating myself up for constantly failing.

Turns out my chronotype is OK with a later bedtime. (Although I still think getting to bed before 11 is optimal–for ME.) And he was exactly right; as a Bear, I do have a slump at a certain time in the afternoon.

[Sidenote: Now that I have the HALO Blue Light System, I just use the EN (Energy) vial along with the Emotional-Neurological-Mental combo vial, and guess what–slump averted!]

Our bodies DO know best, as I’m finding. (And with the HALO Light System, I seem to be more and more in tune with my body.)

So take the “power of when quiz” and find out what’s right for YOU. And if you end up getting his book, he has times for each chronotype when meditation is especially helpful. That would be at least one ideal time for you to do your Healing Code.


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