MORE Visual Proof: Allergies Healed without Even Trying


I hope you saw my last post and clicked to view the pictures of little Dalton that show what happened when his mother did Healing Codes for his eye condition.

You can see for yourself what Healing Codes can do, and read the pediatric optometrist's assessment.

I hope you also read the P.S. about how Heather realized that Dalton's allergies have also cleared up! She was so focused on the eye condition, that it wasn't until later that she noticed that his allergies (and there were many), also apparently healed.

So she sent me more pictures showing what happened to Dalton's skin when he was exposed to allergens such as dog and cat fur, or the many foods he was tested as allergic to.

Dalton-A2Seeing is believing, so even if you saw the eye pictures, go back and take a peek at the pictures of his skin and what Heather has to say about that.

What is so exciting about this aspect of Dalton's healing is that Heather didn't even mention his allergies, to me or in her prayer of intention when doing the Codes.

Yet Dalton's allergies were resolved.

The explanation seems to be:

Because we didn't know exactly which issues were causing the eye problem, we took a comprehensive approach, going several times through the 12 Healing Codes categories (found in chapter 11 of The Healing Code or in the Heart Issues Finder). I also suggested a rather comprehensive prayer of intention, and we found some hidden memories along the way to pinpoint.

Takeway for you: Don't hesitate to do Healing Codes for other people. At some point, for yourself or another person, go through all 12 categories.. It's especially important to do so when you have a big or persistent issue.

So, you could say in your prayer, "… related to any unforgiveness issues causing or contributing to [your issue].' In Dalton's case, it was "Dalton's eye issue'."

That would be your prayer on Day 1. On Day 2, you would say, "… any harmful actions connected with [issue].” Day 3, “… any unhealthy beliefs causing or contributing to [issue]." And so forth, through the other 9 categories, one category per day.

Also note how often Heather did the Healing Codes. If you aren't getting the results you desire, step up the duration and/or frequency with which you do your Healing Codes.

I hope this encourages you to keep at it!

Feel free to share this post to anyone who may be skeptical of The Healing Codes. One woman did so, and between these pictures and her own healing (a whole week without seizures–for the first time in years!), her family's objections were gone.


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