Music to Awaken the Mind


It’s interesting how things sometimes come to your attention repeatedly over a short period of time.

I always pay great attention to when this happens.

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For some time, I have been fascinated by, and using, music and sound as I do my healing work.

Lately, though, various aspects of how sound and music can affect healing have come up again and again, from different sources.

That’s when I really pay attention.

In a recent post I shared some music that moves me and relaxes me before bedtime.

A few days ago, a friend that I haven’t heard from in years contacted me to ask if I still do editing.

I do not, but was able to refer her friend to someone who can help her. And in the back and forth, my friend ended up sharing a video about how music helps people living with dementia to come alive in amazing ways.

It is quite an inspiring video, and I encourage you to watch it. The healing power of music is not limited to people with dementia. It applies to all of us, because, as the documentary points out, music gets encoded in us very early in the womb.

In my Healing Hearts Circle coaching group (which will be made available again soon; sign up here to be on the waitlist), I have always used music in the background.

Now I’m exploring other ways to use sound for healing. As usual, I have been my first guinea pig, I and my husband and a few willing clients.

If you would like to be part of the test group for a whole new approach to healing that utilizes sound and can be done with The Healing Codes, email me for details.

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