Music to Heal By


 Can music heal?

Most assuredly.  Music therapy has been around for a long time (even in biblical times, David played the harp to calm King Saul’s depression and rages). More recently, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ family credits her getting her voice back after her gunshot in 2011 to music therapy.

While research on the neurological effects of music therapy is in its infancy, what is known is that a number of regions in the brain are activated by listening to music. Scientists say the brain responds to music by creating new pathways around damaged areas

A PBS report on music therapy cited a recent scientific paper out of Harvard that showed music therapy helped stroke patients regain speech. Other studies found music may improve heart and respiratory rates and blood pressure, as well as anxiety and pain in cancer and leukemia patients.

These studies are very exciting, especially in light of a new product that I have been using and testing for several weeks. I believe it will enhance your healing, especially if you use it with healing prayer and meditation, such as the Healing Codes procedure.

A talented composer from Australia name Elio Pagliarulo has created 12 pieces of beautiful instrumental music to go along with each of the 12 Healing Code categories. It comes with or without the 30-second prompts for changing hand positions, so it can be used with The Healing Code.

How This Music Helped Baby Jake Recover Quickly

After His Liver Transplant

I believe if you hooked someone up to a Heart Rate Variable machine (which measures autonomic nervous system stress) while they were listening to this music, you would find evidence of the stress leaving the body. It would be most interesting to try this with just The Healing Code, just the music, and The Healing Code plus music. (Anyone with an HRV machine game to document this? Contact me if so!)

In fact, perhaps such a test was already done by Stephanie Pena, whose young son, Jake, recently had a liver transplant. Here is what she reported, 9 days after Jake’s surgery (her exact words):

“I have been playing the [Healing Code] music for Jake during his recovery and noticed something very cool…. Jake had a rough time coming off the breathing tube and when he did he needed extra oxygen for a few days. His breathing was hard and fast into the 60’s on the machine (it should be in the 20’s/early30’s). I started playing Elio’s music and in less than a minute his breathing went into the 20’s and Jake looked so much more relaxed. This was not a fluke because every time I played the music his breathing would return to a normal pattern. The nurses were amazed at how it would drop into normal zones so fast. I wish I took a video…it was so amazing. =)

Baby Jake“This is a picture of Jake waking up from general anesthesia today after a procedure. I played Elio Pagliarulo’s music for an hour before he woke up. If you have ever been under general anesthesia you know how horrible it is to wake up. We usually have to hold Jake down and work hard to keep him calm. Not the case today! See how calm and chill he is..and he had perfect vitals too. Not sure what we would do with out our healing music.”

I commend The Healing Code music to you. Elio is a classically-trained composer who has always had a passion for creating music to heal the heart. When he came across The Healing Code, he quickly got inspired to create unique music for each of the 12 Healing Code categories. You can use it with or without the 30-second prompts, and you can either download the MP3 version or order a CD. I listen to it often, not just when doing my Healing Codes. I firmly believe it accelerates healing. Try it!  (You can also listen to samples here. Click on Healing Code at the top of the page, then you can listen to samples.)

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karen mary becker

To all of you out there. My name is Karen Mary Becker. I have come up with an idea to further the funding of music for healing. I am forming a group of children Kindergarten through High school to meet me on May18, 2019 at a Friedens Church in New Melle Mo. I am forming a group who have had cancer or other blood related diseases, or have them now, to sing a song with me. My dream is for the song to go viral, and to bring funds to our group, Karen Mary “N’Kids. I want us to go… Read more »



I already purchased the HEALING CODE BOOK. Please tell me the practice schedule and  guide me to achive full benefit from this book to me and help others through this divine knowledge

Thanking you





My cat is 13yrs and has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I am not ready to lose this animal who has been my source of joy for so long. Any suggestions on Healing  Codes for him? Play the healing music.?

I pray regularly to the Almighty and have asked that if Harley will not be healed that He will take him in his sleep.



I have HeartMath's HRV tools and could measure this for you if you do not hear from any one else. I have not yet purchased the CD or MP3 but do really like the music. Also have gotten away from doing the Healing Codes due to lack of response but have been meaning to get back to it. Maybe this is the push I need.

[…] If you have the Healing Code music, use the Peace Code music for this code. (For more on how music can enhance healing, and this music in particular, read my article on "Music to Heal By." […]

[…] If you have the Healing Code music, use the Peace Code music for this code. (For more on how music can enhance healing, and this music in particular, read my article on "Music to Heal By." […]

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